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  1. awww Lu Feis crying scene when he witnessed her getting proposed too and then drinking with He Xin....his heartbreak was so beautiful...and yes, just absolutely depressing to see. That question DYY asked Ai Rouman at the hospital and she sorta tried to brush it off....If Lu fei and I were drowning at the same time, who would you save first? As I thought about this question, I thought about her impulsive nature, shes had a huge crush on DYY for the longest, I believe she would save him first. If in the process Lu Fei dies from drowning, she would die from a broken heart. As for her saving Lu Fei first and in the process DYY dies, she will be very sad indeed and cry and mourn him, but as time passes on, she will be able to heal...why? Because with Lu Fei alive, he will be the one to love her unconditionally. Its just some random thinking about this question.
  2. @yitiantulong. I dont think DYY is clueless, I rather think he is arrogant and wants to rub it in Lu Feis face that he got the girl. I am still holding onto a thread of hope that He Xin and Lu Fei can be together. Ai Rouman as others have said does not deserve Lu Fei...he really is too good for her. She is struggling so bad and yet in the next instant she goes against her inner voice...shes on a new level of irritation!!
  3. Well I am glad someone finally told Ai Ruoman about Lu Fei's feelings for her. Then in the next instant she goes and emphatically declares her love for DY...Im like, umm okay. See what I mean? Emotional confusion this one. Im still hoping for that curveball that Lu Fei and He Xin will be together. They both deserve each other! ONLY if Ai Rouman fights for Lu Fei when she realizes she loves him, gets out of her comfort zone, do small things for him, maybe encourage his relationship with He Xin, then maybe I will root for her. I want to see her fight for her right to be with Lu Fei....we all know he would go to her in heartbeat but I want her yo actually EARN that right. I think only then will I be satisfied.
  4. Ive only watched a few mins of episode 31 and the 2nd lead female is talking about her decisions to venture out on her own against her parents wishes....and Lu Fei is actively listening because he is thinking of his situation with his parents....he needs courage and this lady will give him that. Man Man doesnt deserve Lu Fei.....if he said something to hurt her in the past...so what? She should know her best friend loves her the most and would never intentionally hurt her. It doesnt warrant for her to rebuff him and constantly remind him that she does this and that for him....blah blah!! Thats why I am rooting for the 2nd female lead....She's successful, she understands him... that one episode when Man Man called him to let him know that she and DY are now dating, his heart sank, and you can feel the sadness in his tone, He Xin caught on and without saying anything she catered to his brokenheart by staying with him. Man Man doesnt have the depth of love that Lu Fei has for her. Even if she realizes she loves him....she still doesn't deserve him. That is why I hope the writers throws us a curveball and lets Lu Fei and He Xin be together in the end...Like relocate to America and start their family there. He needs a clean break from his past. And He Xin is steady, stable, solid etc... whereas Man Man seems more like a rollercoaster...all over the place.
  5. I find this show abit ridiculous simply because I am wondering how close to reality does this show depict? However, I still like it. Thematic emphasis on womens role in todays society. I did not watch other version. so I cannot compare Lu Fei would be the more ideal type of guy for any society because of his character. Whereas Man Man in most society she would be a "turn off" because of her personality. She doesnt know how to display any warmth. I hope Lu Fei ends up with the 2nd female lead simply because she is more compatible with him. With Man Man she simply takes him for granted, she hasnt felt that angst or threatened of losing Lu Fei to any female yet. She doesnt appreciate all the big and small things he does for her, the sacrifices on his part. She is selfish and self absorbed. Lu Fei said it right when he said, " putting too much importance on DY, and putting aside her principles". For a woman who revels in her career accomplishments, she sure does a 180 degree when it comes to DY. Its like she would give up all her hardwork just to appease DY and fear of disappointing him. In that sense to me, her core self is lacking. This is the first time Im actually rooting for the 2nd female lead. Lu Feis parents are abusive, his deep seated fear of marriage stems from his parents. Its like he is left to babysit two immature and vicious individuals that resent each other.
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