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  1. there are fans seeing Jiwon being in Vietnam ... Jiwon is eating with her family in the Nha Trang area ... and in my opinion she was stayed at Vinpearl Nha Trang and resorts ....
  2. Haiiiiiiii ......i'm back from hiatusss ....hihihi *Mbc Award 2018 and Jiwon so pretty ...red dress ..
  3. Hajiwon today ...hanbook exhibition for bride to-be ...hihihihi ..oh my delulu hihihi
  4. Ah long time it's not here ....hihihihi ...and Jiwon update ...ah christmas tree ...and Jiwon so happy ...christmas bunny rabit decorations...crown and keys ..hihihi and the backsound ...."the christmas song by gregory porter" awwww
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