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  1. Not gonna lie, I'm really enjoying how much extra content we're getting with their individual accounts. Especially all the throwback/nostalgia photos. Mimi: Nayoung: Soyee:
  2. And Nayoung: Mimi: And Soyee: I didn't know Soyee had a dog... is this even her dog? I'm gonna assume it is until someone who understands Korean tells me otherwise xD It's adorable.
  3. Yay!!! Mina's account is back. @_happisness_o And Nayoung has posted too @kny_951123 And an update from Mimi ^^
  4. And most exciting... individual insta accounts!!! Not for all of them, presumably just those who wanted control of one... so that's Mimi, Haebin, Soyee and Mina!!! I'm so excited, I'm hoping we'll get to see more posts from them now ^^ It also looks like Nayoung has opened one but she hasn't posted anything yet so we'll come back to that ^^ Mimi: @mimi01o1 Haebin @haebeeni_ Soyee, who has already posted twice!!! @imsoyee And finally Mina @_happiness_o Unfortunately her page is already gone, I assume she got to many followers at once and instagram freaked out (or maybe something else, the question is how many is too many at once. If we knew the answer to that we'd know if that's what happened). Whatever happened, hopefully it will be back soon. But here's the repost/announcement from the gugudan page:
  5. And Mina of course. Darn it... just saw a spoiler for last nights episode which I haven't seen yet!!! stupid timezones and promo clips >.< not to worry though, I've decided to leave these posts all detail free when it comes to drama plots.
  6. And of course there are a lot of Sejeong updates but they're mostly clips from her show (which I haven't started so I'm avoiding right now >.<)
  7. So much happened over the last week. It was Haebins Birthday!!! And of course, Hana was there ^^
  8. Still loving Hotel del Luna, super excited to watch last nights episode this evening. Some lovely Mina photos ^^ And Mina promoting WekiMeki on gugudan insta, love that they support each other ^^
  9. And guess whos birthday was recently. Hyeyeon is looking amazing, I'm really glad she stayed with Jelpi and I hope we get to see more of her soon ^^
  10. To be honest, I can only handle watching one incomplete drama at a time so I haven't been keeping track of Sejeong's. But judging by the number of clips on twitter I suspect it's started and am very tempted to check it out already. On the other hand, guess what's now on Netflix... School 2017! I just binged the whole thing over the weekend... no regrets xD I really enjoyed it and it can now go on my list of fully watched dramas (which is embarrassingly short). But anyways, Sejeong updates..
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