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  1. Our Angel will be holding a fanmeeting in Taiwan on 1.9.19, anyone going... advice: best to grab the tickets fast when it goes on sale. I think some lucky fans will probably get to act the part of "LYS" in the fanmeeting games segment. And best is fans will get to hear him sing "The Nights That I Miss You" live. His last fanmeeting in Seoul was on 14.7.2018, also held after he finished his previous drama. I think he'll definitely hold one in Seoul, perhaps he'll invite his co-stars in ALML to watch. cr. owners
  2. The final episode made me cry, most times it's so tragic even when they are supposed to be happy. I had one eye nervously on the clock too since run time was running out. Yeon soo was still pining for Dan who is following her around invisibly. I feared she'll go mad. I'm actually fine with a tragic ending but the last few seconds of Dan becoming human was so touching. I felt so happy, cheering like mad too in my heart, I was holding my breathe. That last scene was achingly beautiful and so right. I love this drama so much. BTW did I mention how especially gorgeous HS looks in this scene. The writer is a tease too, in referencing L with superman, for L did actually don a superman suit before in a variety show. I wish I know how to post the photo.
  3. So tonight's the final episode I'm looking forward yet sad. It's such a good drama for me, I enjoyed the angst and the villains, makes our OTP's love story so heart wrenching so beautiful. Thanks to all the friends here who appreciated this casts and their hard work. Hopefully, will get to meet in the 'horse' aka L's next drama forum. L is maybe folding paper crane when HS was speaking, in the video. He loves to fold paper cranes.
  4. Thank you for the welcome... @jakey09 @Ni Wen @mylovekge @iffy21 I did follow the "interesting" perspectives, wild guesses, debates, conflicts and theories in this thread thus far. KMS and SHS chemistry is daebak I really wanted to join in to talk more but I'm neither eloquent nor observant, I'm just a simple fangirl, driven by the cast's good acting, crying at the sad scenes, laughing at their comedic timing. I absolutely love the "chaste" kisses, hugs and dances between the leads. I'm amazed by SHS and Bomi' s ballet dancing. SHS can even do a leg lift over her head, how amazing! And Bomi dancing at the cemetery at night....really!!!?? Bomi's audition dance gives me a strangling painful feeling. Btw I didn't notice Dan's butts either lol. IMO, KMS is a good actor but a very handsome one, so that's why people would focus/notice his face first. A good and well received drama cannot depend on an actor's face alone, it all boils down to the story line, for the masses. I hope that fans of KMS, like me, won't see remarks that throw rocks at him, please. I like the other casts too, KW, Hoo, evil aunt even Ru Na she's pretty
  5. Hello.... I just had to come in to join the fun here. I'm fan of Infinite especially the adorable angel L. I just love ALML, it's totally my cup of tea. L is doing great in this role, totally loving him As for SHS, this is the first first time I know of her and she got me captivated by her portrayal of yeonseo. I feel excited and eager to watch her with L. SHS can act with her eyes, her body and her voice...wow.
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