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  1. From what i read in twitter his wife says "about to cry" then with a laugh .. Indeed Mr. Sunshine is one heck of a roller coaster ride of emotion
  2. @rubie LBH still has a Mr. Sunshine hangover hahaha , his wife commented the video, too bad im like EC cant read Korean
  3. Its safe to say that Mr. Sunshine got the whole world reeling, I for one is so glad that ive watched this Amazing drama, even with that tragic, and heartbreaking ending, no regrets here.. SALUTE to all involved with this drama, Jod well done
  4. @seabysea18 After asking around about MS ending, some says that as Jarhead EC is train to neutralized hostiles with less casualties esp with civies, thats why out of 2000 or more options he had he chooses the better one, where there only be one casualty, and thats him. Sad but true, On lighter note some one indeed wrote a fanfic about MS its title a "The better ending" its on tumbler and in twitter, please do read, it will help lessen the pain, the author says that she will post it soon on ff, hope that helps Sorry i dont know how to post a link P.S she posted it on ff already
  5. Thank you @rubie I think you are right, HS had a premonition of him dying that is why he left the seamstress and her brother to his parents to buffer the grief of losing a son and still continuing the Kim line through adoption.. About the OST not doing well in Melon Chart, IMO its kinda sad and melancholic, and sometimes it reminds you of the drama too much, but for me I super love it, all of it its on my replay playlist, except for the BGM rise again by Elaine still not available on spotify
  6. Ok hEres my 2cents about the last episode which i might add ive watched it for nth time(still crying a bucket thou) 1. Im still in denial that EC died on that train, I mean He is a Marine for pete sake and an intelligent one, he can come up like 200 options in getting out there alive. 2. AS in Manchuria, i mean come on, she could have go with EC when he offered her to go in America where they could get better opportunities in helping their cause 3. But sadly our writter is a big fan of Russo Bros. And f*** us up big time like IW, at least IW had a part 2, while MS none 4. Why did she choose to introduced the seamstress in the first place and killed HS after, no sense with that one Sorry for the long post sunshiners just want to express my disatisfaction of the ending for this amazing drama, now excuse me gonna for im gonna cry again
  7. Now im crying again reading your comments while listening to OST no. 15, it is so heartbreaking.. Sorry just cant help it
  8. As this amazing drama comes to end i just wanna thank you guys , for the news update, ig pictures and etc.. And what an ending it is. ..See you.. See you again,
  9. Ok after seeing episode 23 in raw btw and seeing the preview.. I will say it again if they die, they should die together.. No infinity war like BS ending or if they go to that route they should make season 2 pls or so help me I'm banning KES drama in my life
  10. Wow still cant believe that this amazing drama is about to end, hopeful that our OT5 have a satisfaying ending..
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