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  1. Really? Well, i guess.. Yeah today really will be the end of the shows.. I feel disapponting somehow
  2. No preview or something? So, tomorrow will be no drama in this time? Cause the next drama aired next week
  3. Is it really only 31 eps? Or the next episodes (eps 32) will be aired tommorrow?
  4. It's not only 30 minute right? Why the clip from youtube only written 31 (final)? It must be 31-32, isn't it?
  5. Oh no please spare his live... I've gotten tired of SWH.. She is so evil
  6. Yeah i hope DI'spirit can back to his body and have a happy life with YW
  7. I'm kinda sad, KG was die anw, anybody knows where i can see the preview with the eng sub?
  8. Oh noo please let SWH die alone... HSS please don't die... He already die in WYAS, plase not again in here... DI got intensive care, oh good.. The way YW cares his face... I hope romance scene will appeared in every scene in this remain episodes
  9. But the lyrics showed that the girl can't live without him, hope it can be meaning something good.. But, i can't make a hope that high
  10. The others poster also like that isn't it? DI alone or YW alone Please not sad ending
  11. Thats my fave scene too, beside the hand over suit and the shoe lace scene
  12. Hooraaayy finally ... I've been waiting for the ost Why JD pointing the gun to the scooby team?? Is he being possessed again?
  13. No, not cutting the episode The date scene seems like a goodbaye date, it's so heartbreaking I can't take it anymore if it's going to be sad ending Maybe SWH stole the coat again like she did before Just kidding
  14. I'm really into the drama.. I even had a dream about DI dan YW be together and happy.. Hope it's really come true
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