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  1. I’m very sorry, @euphoenix! I have not been on soompi for a while ~ it was a deliberate break from all the ‘drama’! I will check my messages and send you Ye Hua’s Epilogue. Hi everyone! I’m back again! Hopefully to stay around for longer this time. It looks like i last posted in mid-January. While i’ll go back and read the posts i missed, would anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be able to quickly tell me what are the most important things i should know from between mid-January to now?! My son started school and my daughter became a threenager! That’s enough to drive me crazy plus some more. I also needed a break from this forum in general because i love it too much! Doesn’t make sense, i know! But it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day today, and after seeing that candy fox on Facebook, i knew i had to jump back on the forum to catch up. I LOVED that candy fox scene and the Maiden Festival afterwards!
  2. I actually felt the film, despite being so short, captured the feel and essence of the books a lot more, and the characters were more true to character, both visually and personality-wise. And accordingly, i felt it was the drama that tried to change things up way too much and added way too much. First things first, i did NOT use the word ‘tranny’ to describe ‘ugly cross dresser’. How did you jump to this and how/why are cross-dressers ugly? I used the word ‘tranny’ (in the ‘drag queen’ sense) to describe Ye Hua’s wig. I said I laughed at his hair. I said his crying face was ugly. So i didn’t say it before, but i’ll say it now: his hair was ugly too. I’ve said it many times and i’ll happily say it again: I think the way they styled Mark Chao as Ye Hua in Eternal Love was in every way UGLY from head to toe - hair, robes, underwear, swamp monster jacket - ALL UGLY. In behind-the-scenes footage, even the (female) director kept laughing and telling him he looked too ugly to be Ye Hua! But Yang Mi said she loved his wig! I hate getting overly politically correct though, for the very reason that this has already highlighted: terms are used differently in different countries and cultures. The term ‘tranny’ originated here in Sydney, Australia, and you can read more about it here and here, but i was using it in the more recent ‘drag queen’/‘Tranny Bingo’ sense. So while ‘tranny’ is offensive in your mind because of its usage and connotations in the US, all i thought was ‘he looks like a drag queen’. Yes, i thought Ye Hua’s hair down was ugly. But i also think men in drag are downright ugly. I don’t consider ‘drag queens’ to be a ‘group of people’ but rather a ‘style’ - a style/look/fashion expression for entertainment purposes that i happen to think is ugly (entertaining, but ugly). Since you work in fashion, surely, you must find some fashion ugly and some not, right? It’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with LGBTQIA. In fact, transgender persons would be the first to want to distinguish themselves from drag queen entertainers. I also want to speak up for those who are not on the same page with LGBT+ issues - it’s absolutely okay to have a different opinion, and it’s absolutely okay to laugh at the fact that Ye Hua looked like a drag queen. Considering perhaps many of you are in Asian countries, maybe you didn’t think of drag queens, but you thought of the ‘ladyboy’ entertainers in Thailand - that, to me, is also a very iconic ‘look’ for entertainment purposes, and I see no problem with thinking that is ugly either. Or maybe you think Thai ladyboys are gorgeous (I certainly do and boy am I envious - pun intended), but Ye Hua with ladyboy hair - not so much! There’s something about his really, really long, straight, rigid, obvious, fake-as wig that is so incredibly unsettling, that distinctly reminds me of the kind of over-the-top (pun intended) fake-as wigs drag queens and ladyboys use, that looks so particularly terrible on Mark Chao in combination with all his terrible Eternal Love costumes, especially that final scene’s peach blossom robe! Funnily enough, when Mo Yuan woke up and was wearing that same wig with a simple white robe, i thought he looked... sexy... So what is it??? Maybe his beard balanced it out?! Yang Yang had his hair down in that Divine Fungal Grass Monster fight scene and i thought his long, flowing, windswept hair (wig) looked amazing! And his pretty face was as smooth and clean-shaven as a baby’s bum! Hypothetically speaking, I don’t think it even makes any sense to call trans persons (transgender, transexual, transvestite) - as a supposed group of people - ‘ugly’, when their looks are as diverse as their gender identities, and I’m not sure there’s any aesthetic commonality that distinguishes them or can be used to generalise their appearances. I have a transgender cousin. Born female, he now looks just like any other balding, overweight middle-aged blokey bloke. So what? But I digress... I will say no more. Back to DH & FJ! Dare i say, i actually thought Vengo’s white wig in Eternal Love was rigid and boring. It was exactly like Liang Song’s hair but in white. It was a far cry from how I imagined those beautiful flowing silver tresses when reading the book and looking at the official pictorial album art. I am so thankful to see what looks to be a huge improvement in his white wig in the upcoming drama.
  3. I read the books first, then watched the film, then watched the drama. Yes, I thought no. 2 was a good and clever change, but unfortunately it could have been better executed so that people weren’t so confused. I totally agree that the drama dragged - especially the extended Li Jing/Xuan Nu/dead baby and the older brother plot which I felt was boring and unnecessary. While Zhi Lan & Yan Zhi were cute, their story also dragged. And 100% agree Su Jin had too much air time, especially in the first arc when they extended the plot to say she was useful in pacifying the Elders, went travelling with Ye Hua, and even went to war against the mermaid clan (LOL does she even know how to wield a weapon?! Ridiculous!) - again, I felt it was so boring, unnecessary and overinflated her importance. Really the best thing to come out of the drama was the visuals and chemistry created by Reba & Vengo, setting them up to be the perfect REAL FJ & DH in this upcoming drama...
  4. Hmm, I think they did a pretty good job, considering it’s an artistic film adaption with its own interpretation of the story, which means it wouldn’t have been reasonable anyway to expect that they flesh out the whole story like a drama, albeit in 1 hour & 40 minutes. In many ways, I thought the film was better than the drama - it felt a lot less soapy, its cinematography, CGI & SFX was amazing, the entire cast was truer to the book’s descriptions, Ah Li was super cute & chubby, and the simplified storyline made a lot of people’s wishes come true by: While it’s perfectly fine to have preferences, I think many of the ways people compare the drama & the film, then bash the film because they expect it to be like the drama rather than appreciating it for what it is, is not really fair. I hope you get to watch the film some time and enjoy it for what it is, because it’s really beautiful. Its storytelling wasn’t great because it left many people confused, but I also think that people didn’t really try to understand how it wanted to differentiate itself. The interesting consensus is that people who didn’t know the story before watching the film actually had no problem understanding it. It’s the people who expect it to be just like the drama who couldn’t interpret and appreciate it with a fresh and unbiased mind.
  5. & I’m a cradle-snatcher... Ok, in his defense, Vic is 180cm. That’s pretty tall for a chinese man, and that’s Mark Chao and Yang Yang’s height too. It’s just that our man Vengo is 191cm - he is not of this world! And that’s one of many things that makes Vengo a ‘cut above the rest’ (pun intended) to be Dong Hua. Btw Vic has put on weight. He was so skinny and therefore a lot more chiselled around the jawline back in his heyday almost 2 decades ago (Meteor Garden, God Mars).
  6. Yes, i get what you mean. However, Yang Yang is 26, but Vengo is 35 and sometimes i feel he looks even older than that... i also read the book without the influence of Eternal Love’s Vengo in mind. I kind of imagined a bit of a Twilight vampire situation (hehe @jimmylyne) so young face but old soul. Really? You’ve written it off already without knowing anything about it? Not going to even give it a chance? I’m passionate about the story and characters, not necessarily the celebrity actors. So i’m really looking forward to the film version too and seeing their take on it. It is still our beloved DongFeng. All adaptations are unique so there’s more to look forward to if you keep your options open.
  7. I was obsessed with hong kong and taiwanese dramas most of my life, and more recently, chinese dramas. My family was traditional. So yes, fluent in speaking cantonese and mandarin. Reading is not so good though, and writing is abysmal haha. I have tried to read 10MPB & The Pillow Book in chinese, but only could manage to understand it because i read it in english first. Thanks for explaining the top post thingy ~ i will keep it in mind! I look forward to your posts too! Love your sense of humour and how familiar you are with the details of the book! Yes... vengo’s beard... i couldn’t believe how different he looked as Dong Hua and the beardy Emperor! Haha thankyou - my cutie boy knows he’s cute and gets away with everything... Oh i LOVED SEXY shifu Mo Yuan!!! Sigh... but Ye Hua... no thanks. I know i know... i’m nuts... how can the same person give me such different feeeeeels?!?! YES YES, that’s exactly my thoughts! Xiao Nai from Love O2O is modern-day Dong Hua! That’s why i couldn’t help but imagine him as Dong Hua. His game character outfit just needed white hair and voila! I’m all for my pretty boy Yang Yang, he’s my eye candy... So i’m very ok with him maintaining his prettiness! Mark’s acting felt overblown for me, especially considering how reserved the book described Ye Hua to be. But i know many appreciated his acting and portrayal of emotions. I felt he was a bit too theatrical for my liking, and maybe that’s why i liked Mo Yuan - oh, and his topknot! Thanks for the kind reminder about my choice of term. I’m sorry if i offended or hurt anyone here. I meant no malice. I merely meant that Mark Chao’s long wig, when let down, made him look like a drag queen. Here in Australia, the term ‘tranny’ is mostly used interchangeably by the drag queen community and probably isn’t as sensitive as it is in other parts of the world - we love our drag queens. ‘Trans’ is more commonly used by the LGBTQIA community in general. I guess it’s all just part of life here, and i’m from Sydney - the home of Mardi Gras - and we are proud.
  8. Bai Zhen is like so pretty he looks like a girl (and might as well be a girl ). Ye Hua is the ultimate pretty BOY - super duper handsome but NOT effeminate! Dong Hua is too. And Dong Hua’s supposed to look only 23. Vengo does portray a more mature Dong Hua but i like him too. Aww thankyou. He is 5 years old now. Still my adorable prince. And his little princess sister is 3 now. They keep me busy but i come on here to live my alternate life hahaha! Thankyou! My background is Chinese. I was born in Australia and grew up in Australia and never left Australia LOL. What does that make me? Also - please explain, what is this ‘top post’ thing???
  9. I’m not kidding!!! Here’s a pic for comparison: https://ibb.co/jR3bPpH LEFT is Peng Zisu , RIGHT is my son!!!
  10. Luo Jin is HOTTT but why oh why on earth did they dress this hundreds-of-thousand-years-old phoenix god like a bleepin’ MALE PEACOCK?!?! I mean, seriously... PHOENIX = PEACOCK?!?!?!?!
  11. OMG MARK CHAO IS THE SWAMP MONSTER!!! He is sooo yuck hahaha! His costumes in Eternal Love were DISGUSTING!!! And he is anything but pretty!!! Can’t believe you don’t like Yang Yang as Ye Hua, who according to the book is the ultimate pretty boy - and no, he doesn’t dress like a swamp monster! - OK you need to go watch Love O2O like right about NOW!!!
  12. They were perfect as BQ & YH!!! They both have perfect faces, beautiful celestial aura & i’ve loved them both individually for years! I just think they would have made just as perfect a Feng Jiu & Dong Hua couple - just as i had imagined, though it’ll never happen. But i’m not complaining - Reba & Vengo reprising their roles was the best thing of 2018!!! Actually, Liu Yuxin & Jiro Wang NOT being FJ & DH was equally the best thing of 2018!!! Also looking forward to seeing who will star in the film! OH AND I AGREE WITH YOUR FRIEND - MARK CHAO REUINED YE HUA FOR ME... lost count of how many times i burst out laughing at his tranny hair and ugly crying face!
  13. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!!!!!!!! It’s also because Ah Li in the movie looks EXACTLY LIKE MY (then) 3-YEAR OLD SON so it was really funny & special watching him! Actually, long before any of this, Liu Yifei & Yang Yang were the Feng Jiu & Dong Hua in my imagination when i read The Pillow Book. It was like a SEMI-dream-come-true in Once Upon a Time watching them play Bai Qian & Ye Hua - like YAY but also wrong couple hahaha!
  14. HELLO EVERYONE!!! I just want to say - I don’t mind my inbox being bombarded constantly with requests for Ye Hua’s Epilogue. But please only ask if you’ve paid for the book already (you can buy it here). On principle, it is important to me that people receive their dues, especially considering how much enjoyment you’re getting out of this. Pm me your email address. Then after you’re done, please continue to support the author Tang Qi, the production companies, the cast you love, the 3L3W series and Chinese dramas in general BY JOINING US ON THE PILLOW BOOK THREAD!!! —> CLICK HERE I am also very happy to send The Pillow Book English Translation if you cannot find it. Pm me your email address.This is a free fan-translation authorised by Tang Qi. The Pillow Book is about Feng Jiu & Dong Hua - see below for explanation. Come join the DongFeng family because we are on fire! For those who need a bit of explanation: • 3 Lives 3 Worlds is a series of 4 books: - Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Bai Qian & Yeh Hua) - The Pillow Book (Feng Jiu & Dong Hua) - Lotus Steps (Liang Song & Cheng Yu) in progress - Bodhi Fate (Mo Yuan & Shao Wan) in progress • Eternal Love (the drama) was based on Book 1 and its main characters: Bai Qian & Ye Hua. The upcoming drama is based on Book 2 and its main characters: Feng Jiu & Dong Hua. • But Eternal Love’s scriptwriters borrowed Book 2’s main characters and put them in the drama as the secondary couple, but basically wrote their own spinoff story for the drama. So if you’ve seen Eternal Love, you’ll know Feng Jiu & Dong Hua, but their love story is entirely made up by the scriptwriters - all that stuff about her mucking around in the palace, and their romance in the mortal realm, are all a spinoff. • Their REAL story in Book 2 is what this upcoming drama is about and it’s entirely different. They actually don’t even meet each other until Bai Qian & Ye Hua’s wedding, which takes place about 300 years after Mo Yuan wakes up. This is where Book 2 begins. So it’s not considered a direct sequel to Eternal Love, but rather a faithful adaptation of Book 2. It does happen after Bai Qian & Ye Hua’s story, though it’s like as if Feng Jiu & Dong Hua didn’t exist at all in Eternal Love, but everything else happened and this does follow. • The production company of Eternal Love (Jaywalk) is partnering with the main studio (Penguin) producing this upcoming drama, that’s why many of the cast came back to play their roles again, but some were replaced by new actors. It has been confirmed that Yang Mi will have a cameo as Bai Qian. • The Pillow Book drama is slated for release in the 4th quarter of 2019.
  15. Aw you’re so kind & funny! I’m certainly far from being a genius, but my problem is i remember books i like really, really well - which is exactly why i forbid myself from re-reading Pillow Book for 2 years (evidently, it’s still not long enough because i can still regurgitate so much ). It’s only fun to me the first time. So i need to wait long enough for my memory to clear so that it feels like first time again. I wish i had good memory and knowledge for something more useful... then i wouldn’t have failed every single maths test/exam in my entire life! @Sisca_TVXQ I LOVE the first pic with Feng Jiu dancing and Dong Hua playing the harp! Thanks for always finding sweet things to share here! @Leslie Mtz C Thanks for that update on our little sticky rice ball! I’m still a bit weirded out that a girl is playing Ah Li. It’s just not the same. I don’t expect them to bring back Hummer Zhang, but surely a BOY can’t be too much to ask!
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