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  1. @jackieusa Have I ever mentioned that YOU ROCK? I must have right?? In case for some strange reason I haven't, YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND. (ok, I just realized that I simply assume you are a she.. sorry if I got this wrong.)
  2. Ha Ha - He's just not that into you. There should be a list of all gifs showing this!! Who's doing it?
  3. Guys, I just watched the subbed Episode 36 and I'm bloody mad at ZR: "Zhaomin did it" "You need to swear to kill ZM" "Swear using ZM's name" "I'm afraid you can't kill her when you see her" That engagement is doomed from the start. If she has to do so many convincings, chances are, dude doesn't want to get hitched to you. (BTW - I got mad coz I understand what's going on, so to subbers - THANK YOU.)
  4. I wonder what WJ was doing while she was eating those? Just sat there and gaze at her?
  5. You got that right!! He's a case study in irony. He makes me laugh in one episode then, so angry in another. So frustrating lah........
  6. Just watched subbed Episode 40 - oh my goodness - WJ in this scene made me LOL real loud! WJ (to ZR) - you know, we are going to be married, so I want to be honest with you. Blah, blah, blah about being angry when I want to.... WJ - I met up with my Min-Min but if he really wants to be truthful, what he should have said is: WJ - I met up with my Min-Min. I have every intention of being angry at her - but I was so worried about her safety, so I tried to get her to leave, but she's stubborn, My Min-Min. She told me to leave, but I followed her, coz I was so angry at her... then, I gave her water, coz she had to be thirsty, then, I carried her, coz she had to be tired, then I built her a fire, coz she had to be cold, then, I gave my shoulders for her to sleep, coz she had to be sleepy.. but I was really, really angry at her... Oh, and of course, I had to keep her safe from all my Wudang uncles. He's really a case study. I should do a paper on him.
  7. Is that the episode right after the break up? Yeah, I was so furious with WJ in this episode. He was just so lovey-dovey with ZR at Wudang. URGH. And ZR was so two faced here too. That's why, I still insist that she got away too easy. She lied and lied and lied to everyone about what happened and everyone is so okie-dokie about it. Such hypocrites. One scene that stood out for me in this episode (if I got it right) is the ZM and her father scene. That is so heart wrenching. Yukee did a good job here. I look forward to seeing more of her acting in the future.
  8. I didn't see this scene either. Well, I actually started watching properly from start till probably 12 then back again from 23 onwards. I more or less fast forward many of the in between scenes.
  9. Thank you for subbing Episode 35. That's one of my favorite and I actually just watched it last night. My husband was going, "haven't you watched this already?" Well, not with the Eng Subtitle. Now, I know what's going on! I love the way WJ looks CONSTANTLY at Min-Min in the episode. That boy is hopelessly in love with her - he probably didn't realize it then.
  10. That's true. I kinda like our scene better coz he prepared food specially for her. Awwww... That whole suicide thingy is so fake and dumb. Oh my goodness - but all those Ming people just believed it. It's so frustrating. ZR must have felt that she's losing WJ fast and the suicide act will get him back to her.
  11. You mean there is a clip of Min-Min crying alone in the restaurant waiting for a no-show WJ? I'm glad I didn't watch that - that will be heartbreaking and I'll be upset for days.
  12. I hear ya! That's why I think she got away too easy after she was forced to confess. She lied about it and framed someone else. And even after all that, the entire crowd still believe her, including Ming members. URGH!! I was looking forward to ZR vs Yellow Dress Lady fight. It would be the ultimate bad martial arts vs good.
  13. Well of course! Our MinMin is so purrrrrrtyyyyyy and so smart. I love her!
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