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  1. I literally don't know what to say. What a car crash of an ending. Can someone shoot the writers. I'm just gonna crawl in the corner and cry and wallow in self pity for spending 2 whole months on this drama, with no closure. Actually can somone just shoot me now instead lol
  2. Fingers cross for final tmw. Just reading through comments and think its funny how we have now got nicknames for the characters: Wang Zuri: Lady boss/boss Lady/ snake lol Liu yang: cheating husband/wife beater Zhizhi wife: The wife/Zizi GXT: office brat/little lamb LH: Judas/sell out GX: gold digger (actually not sure what nickname we have given her) CYM: douch bag/snakes b!+(# LSY: (not sue we have one for her so I suggest ....) miss unlucky (failure in buisness) Professor: prof Rich guy : Mr Robot I'm gonna miss them all
  3. Tell me about it @roli. When is this all going to end. I feel like banging against a brick wall with these episodes. Still no character growth for CYM and all the other characters are just being dragged into this (slightly ridiculous IMHO) plot line of inventing battery (? I haven't got a clue what they r trying to do in the lab). Even if they crack it surely it would still take years to actually manufacture it as it would have to go through rigorous testing!? Its not gonna be a money making venture over night. Also feel Zizi going straight to manager level felt a little forced. She bar
  4. I felt the same as you @cuplik at the beginning. I really liked CYM but was annoyed with LSY as she was not a likable character. Now the writers have done a 360 degree turn and we r all hating CYM. I really do hope that maybe he is planning to bring Lady boss down. There was a scene of CYM saying nice things to Lady boss before she went into the big room, than he seemed to go all stern and stood back contemplating. Was that a hint he was just acting infront of her? I actually hadn't been able to watch these new episodes all the way through, due to fear of what might happen to CYM. I kno
  5. @brooksmom Your comment made me laugh so much. I needed that after these depressing episodes. I've decided now that as much as I want to route for CYM, he is actually a douch bag and I want him to die with boss Lady lol
  6. Can anyone tell me why everyone is hating on CYM. I know he is in a relationship with Lady boss and that she is not a nice woman. But at the end of the day we the viewers are pivy to this information but CYM is not. In font of him she seems, loving and supportive of him. Its not his fault Love/lust is blind. Everyone is saying he is a weak man. I just see him as wearing his heart on his sleeves and is just a bit gullible, that doesn't make him a bad man. I am so confused now. On one hand my head is telling me that CYM and LSY should call it quits and just start fresh (obviously that rela
  7. Its been really interesting reading everyone's else views. I was just wondering if anyone has any predictions on how this drama is going to play Out? I really can't call it. Its quite interesting that the writers have had both CYL and LSY have potential love interest with big gap differences/reverse age differences. I know Boss lady is older than CYM but not sure how old she is suppose to be. My guess would be 40ish or late 30s. Is CYM the same age as LSY around about 32? The lad I think is about 10 years younger than LSY so about 22/23 years old. Not that age matters when you love somon
  8. I agree with everyone on here, absolutely disgusted with Husband. There is no excuse for slapping wife. But also agree there was problems in that marriage right from the beginning. The wife also didn't respect herself enough, trying too hard to get in with the snobbish rich mums in the first place, and being a walk over just like inbher marriage. On the other hand I am now really worried for CYM and LSY relationship. We also see right from the beginning that they never seem to agree on anything/have different views on the matter. It feels like CYM is always the one to apologise w
  9. There must be somone out there watching this Drama?! I'm episode 15 following the English subs
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