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  1. Agree..this is such a brilliant show. Great story with fab cast. My salute to Luojin and Sunli performance and chemistry. Hope more will tune in.
  2. Stella is so cool at the break off scene. Mature and realistic though it hurts. Its a waste that the drama didnt focus on her talent at work.
  3. Stella is gorgeous and classy. I think she wont end up with the young bf. Both Stella's bf and the cute Lincoln are too simple and immature for their ladies. Wonder what is the story behind the Xie yi, the rich guy for bonnie?
  4. Yes Da Ling character development is not too bad and quite enjoy her chemistry with WZ. I m at episode 40 can see DL is very concern of WZ now. @cheekychipmunk_stv agree bonnie is too materialistic for our cute lincoln but he truly loves her. The biggest secret now is Su Ching's identity and plan. I pity this couple.
  5. Me too cant wait for the Da Ling to get over her crush. Her character is too naive and created lots of hates. I think DL is not meant to be an outstanding character. She is just plain and nice person. It was so funny when Louis jokes to WZ saying "how can you bring yourself to kiss her?" Lol. I like all the couples except Stella. Age aside, they just cant match in all other aspects. I hope Stella ends up with the lawyer instead. Su Ching-Ying Jie couple is great. I hope Bunny wont give up her cutie boyfriend. The drama is ending next Monday.
  6. Hmm..only the cast? How do you find the storyline? I started bcos of Huangxuan but their plot caught my attention too. Not sure if its realistic enough but i really enjoy their chemistry esp Hx with his assistant Louis.
  7. Hi, i ve been enjoying the drama. Tight plot and good casting too. Anyone else watching?
  8. @kokodus im rewatching Boss & Me, and falling all over again for your bae. He is so so gentle and sweet
  9. Omg feng en also committed suicide. The writer is very cruel @bluehibiscus can tell the story behind it, if you hv the time. Tq.