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  1. Finally LGX's new drama is confirmed https://m.weibo.cn/7095332085/4372869431744649
  2. I would love to see him again in a drama esp. a romance drama. Hope the rumour is true or else he will be forgotten soon :p
  3. Anyone watching this show? I know there is no eng sub yet but i wanna say that this drama is worth watching despite critics on angelababy's acting. But i have a question. Does anyone know what era is this drama supposed to be? It shd be an era before whatsapp or wechat time.
  4. Just came across new version of this beautiful song. Still cant get over this drama
  5. @UnniSarah QL or FH ships already been discussed in earlier pages and I m absolutely on QL ship. But somehow i felt that due to YL's characters and circumstances with no turning back, she can only keep FH in her heart. She will not let anyone knows that FH remains in her heart and that she refused to answer Hai Lancha on Fuheng's question if she is willing to protect him in next life. But eventually she answer to herself that she is willing. What is your guess? Just my personal opinion.
  6. I liked wallace and janine in best times but not the rest and the dubbing irritates me. Ma tianyu reminds me of the boring Jia nailiang in there. Perhaps you can watch for wallace. His character really stood out. Not to worry about ending because there are 2 versions up to you to choose lol.
  7. Really!!! I have been waiting for the sequel. I love Wang Lichuan i love Xiao qiu. Will just check it out to see how bad lol... Tqvm!
  8. Surprisingly i quite like xiao wu and xiao jiu couple, up to the point they found out that her mother and his father are lovers, which i felt a bit too dramatic lol... but i still like them. The other thing i enjoyed about this drama is the original voice recording. The actors sound super natural to me. Any idea if all are using own voice?
  9. Ya cant agree more. I felt the siblings liking from jiangshen but not from him.
  10. I m up to 15, i cant wait for tianyou and jiangshen to hook up. I love the way wallace revealing that he didnt lose the phone but he lost her...i melted. Never a fan of Ma tianyu but i think his acting totally lost when he was in france. I know he lost his memory but he is so bland and blank.
  11. I m up to epi 7 and it wasnt explained yet. Still waiting for the back story. By the way, she is Tianyou's nanny not grandmother.
  12. Yes such talented and adorable young actors. And they soon grown up, Ma Tianyu and Sun yi are as adorable too.
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