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  1. Hi everyone, i m a new fan of Zhu Yilong. He is nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category in the Annual Magnolia Award for his role in Minglan. All the best to him for the event today.
  2. Why is this thread so quiet? I m now hooked to this drama. Up to episode 30, i do not mind all the side stories and fully enjoying the main story. I like both the male leads so much esp. ZYL. Knowing the flaws of his character here but i m still so attracted by his look, his eyes and his every little expression. As for DL fans, if you find him in similar roles again, you can try watching him in Ode to Joy 2 and 15 years to Migratory Bird. He is more reserved in these drama but equally good. As for AB, nothing to shout about but acceptable and quite likeable here.
  3. Trailer for episode 42 looks interesting. https://m.weibo.cn/6524418191/4380303223016805
  4. @BreezeC yes i understand what he has in mind ...most important is to survive. i just dont like his choice for now, at the expense of RL's reputation and happiness. Like he said along the game, she was fortunate to have met Wuyou. Well time will explain for his action. If i m not wrong, the 3 things RQ mentioned are not choices. All 3 things will happen.
  5. Sorry i cant agree with you on the last 2 episodes. As of now, i still cant understand the theory of RQ. What he did to RL is far more worst than FC. Acting in the name of LOVE but he made RL suffered the most. I do not feel angry at FC at all. But right now angry at RQ for exchanging the girls and putting RL on the spot.
  6. Ya some shots are so fake lol. Some have real skills too. https://m.weibo.cn/2782682084/4375581208910041
  7. Ya i do not know what to say about the incident yet maybe until the full episode is released. I think she is supposed to be an imposer on the bed. Cos in another trailer : https://m.weibo.cn/6998573162/4377766088719376
  8. trailers for episode 35 and 36 https://m.weibo.cn/2126763481/4377742776486365 https://m.weibo.cn/2126763481/4377743825110908
  9. Gosh 2 weeks is really a long wait. How could that happen even with the leak of 8 episodes? Btw I came across Jing Chou in Hear to Heart. Again he was the 2nd male lead that could only stay as the best friend to the FL. What a pity but i do like him a lot in that drama lol. LoRD is too fantasy for me.
  10. @Alila Nguyen sad that we cant enjoy this series together like TFD. But i do get surprises at some point. Maybe i started the drama with no expectation as there is no big stars in it. I did not even bother to read the synopsis lol. I m now at the story of Zhen Bei Wang and enjoying the sub story as well. The only character i dislike so far is the Beilin crown prince. I can totally understand how you feel if you dont like main leads. Lets switch focus to the general for now. Jing Chao is the great actor. I like him a lot
  11. Ya i totally agree with you. I absolutely love the pacing of the drama so far. Hope it can keep up til the end. Wonder how the drama fares in China. Up to episode 24, i feel for the general so much esp. in the bath pool scene as Jing Chao did so well in expressing his disappointment, hurt and anger at the same time. Its really heartbreaking. But that doesnt stop me from shipping the main CP as they really love each other so much.
  12. Up to episode 20, i appreciate how the plot moving on. Not too political and draggy. I like both Wu You and Fu Chou at the moment.
  13. I can understand Wuyou as he cant simply touch any woman. But I wonder why Manyao didnt tell him she is the princess before its too late. Cant wait to reach there
  14. Hi everyone, have been following this thread but could not catch up the episodes yet. Still i m looking forward to reading the reviews and spoilers. Please keep this thread moving Up to episode 8, i enjoyed the story and the pace of the drama. On the leads performances, both Sophie and Aarif are not bad (for me) and i enjoyed all the Wuyou +Manyao moments. As contrary to most here, i do not know Leo before this. So i am more incline to Sophie, Aarif and Jing Chao story. Hope to catch up more over the weekends. Happy weekends!
  15. Finally LGX's new drama is confirmed https://m.weibo.cn/7095332085/4372869431744649
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