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  1. https://m.weibo.cn/7095332085/4416000403019554 LGX new drama poster for mid autumn festival. Do you find him awkward? Or its just me.
  2. Yes i like Si ming a lot too. In fact more than YF. His best part for me was when he imitates the fortune teller and the woman trying to lead Lingmo the direction to the village. Very cute guy right.
  3. Nini is absolutely gorgeous. Used to like her a lot with Jing Boran. They were perfectly matched in terms of style and look. Too bad..now i can only switch attention to JC and LX
  4. Wu Wan at the background of the mother-daughter conversation is so cute.
  5. Not sure if this bts has been shared before. Both CC and NN laughing non stop as they cant stand the cheesy script. https://youtu.be/xAFVtBvU2p8
  6. I m finally done with the last episode. It is so touching i absolute love the ending and that rare smile from Jiuchen at the end is killing me.
  7. Absolutely agree on your view on JC. Love the way Chang Chen portraying JC. Subtle yet feeling it so much. So funny when an 'senior' god taking on the childish punishment recommendation from LX. Somehow it didnt sound that childish when coming out from JC lol. Cute couple
  8. Hi everyone, i m a new fan of Zhu Yilong. He is nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category in the Annual Magnolia Award for his role in Minglan. All the best to him for the event today.
  9. Why is this thread so quiet? I m now hooked to this drama. Up to episode 30, i do not mind all the side stories and fully enjoying the main story. I like both the male leads so much esp. ZYL. Knowing the flaws of his character here but i m still so attracted by his look, his eyes and his every little expression. As for DL fans, if you find him in similar roles again, you can try watching him in Ode to Joy 2 and 15 years to Migratory Bird. He is more reserved in these drama but equally good. As for AB, nothing to shout about but acceptable and quite likeable here.
  10. Trailer for episode 42 looks interesting. https://m.weibo.cn/6524418191/4380303223016805
  11. @BreezeC yes i understand what he has in mind ...most important is to survive. i just dont like his choice for now, at the expense of RL's reputation and happiness. Like he said along the game, she was fortunate to have met Wuyou. Well time will explain for his action. If i m not wrong, the 3 things RQ mentioned are not choices. All 3 things will happen.
  12. Sorry i cant agree with you on the last 2 episodes. As of now, i still cant understand the theory of RQ. What he did to RL is far more worst than FC. Acting in the name of LOVE but he made RL suffered the most. I do not feel angry at FC at all. But right now angry at RQ for exchanging the girls and putting RL on the spot.
  13. Ya some shots are so fake lol. Some have real skills too. https://m.weibo.cn/2782682084/4375581208910041
  14. Ya i do not know what to say about the incident yet maybe until the full episode is released. I think she is supposed to be an imposer on the bed. Cos in another trailer : https://m.weibo.cn/6998573162/4377766088719376
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