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  1. "Extraordinary You" made me come back to the group soompi. Wow this drama is very interesting (yesterday I lost a bit of interest in Korean dramas because I didn't find anything interesting to follow), this month is like the revival of Korean Drama because there are so many interesting dramas to follow. Alright this drama makes my feelings separate. While watching the drama, Baek Kyung stole my focus. I understand people who hate Kyung, because on stage he is very rude to others and in his shadow he starts to waver with his identity. But let's understand Kyung's character which is actually very sad. Since childhood, Kyung has to be engaged with a sick girl, his father is very greedy, his stepmother is very cruel, his step sister likes his fiance, and her biological mother dies of illness. Maybe that's why he always ready to be an ambulance and nurse when Dan Oh was sick, because basically Kyung was afraid of being alone and no one loved him. But he doesn't have people who understand his conflict, so he makes Dan Oh his emotional place But when I'm in this group, Dan Oh and Haru's relationship really stole my attention, with the possibility of them being connected to other comics. And dried squid that is not much noticed in the drama, actually holds a lot of code that can be read as a hint of the drama's storyline
  2. I agree, it could be a romantic comedy with various self-contradictions to understand the true feelings between the stage or the shadow
  3. I've seen the last episode completely, I'm quite satisfied even though I'm honestly sad. A memorable moment for me in the last episode: 1. I was very satisfied when LCY realized Sese's position. I was satisfied when LCY was injured and he called XF and broke Sese's heart. But Sese isn't self-conscious and helps XF go with the thought that LCY's heart will come back to her (Oh girl from the beginning you are nothing). I'm not surprised to see Sese turning greedy, this is also because LCY is too real in showing her fake love to Sese so she is above the wind and thinks she can exceed XF position. 2. When XF kissed LCY, I began to be moved to see LCY's happiness expression. I hope XF returns to LCY, but I understand it is very unlikely because of the regrettable reality of XF that the person he loved killed his family, destroyed his country, and became greedy for the throne 3. I cried when XF said goodbye to Yongnian, she was like a mother to XF 4. Cry again during the XF scene in the fort. GPei tried to give way to XF but it was too late. Ohhh, I know your heart is lusting, maybe there is a sense of guilt for not revealing what happened to XF and LCY from the beginning and maybe also because GPei has feelings for XF more than friends. Crying when XF tried to explain what she felt to LCY but LCY did not understand it and in the end XF jumped 5. Crying again when Adu died, remembering all that Adu did with XF made Adu indirectly like XF's sister. I really understand the emptiness of XF after Adu wasn't there 6. Crying loudly in the battlefield scene, I read the translation of what XF said to LCY on several IG accounts. Just like what I thought, the reason why XF had to commit suicide and could not stay on LCY's side. My heart was cut for XF's despair and LCY's cry because he was abandoned by someone he loved. Actually I hope when XF talk with LCY there is one of the troops catching XF from behind so that she cannot commit suicide hehehe (only imagination) Over all I really like this drama, during the past few months Cdrama has caught my attention. First Well Intended Love, CEO Ling and Xia Lin's partner made my heart mixed and cheerful. Both Good Bye My Princess, LCY / GXW and XF make my heart happy and sad because their way of life is very extraordinary. In essence, I don't regret joining this drama, the GBMP has a neat storyline with actors and actresses who play it so well that this is a drama that I agree to to end sadly. If I may wish I wanted to have the second season of this drama with the same cast but in the modern era and Happy Ending #note : GJ has been reincarnated hehe
  4. Monday night will be a flood of tears . even now if I look back when they will get married for the first time I always cry. Hoping that LCY will realize his statement that he will not fight with XF and will always treat Xf well. more crying if I remember LCY also said that to Sese , LCY my heart was broken for XF
  5. Hmmm, next week more tears will mean, LCY is very obsessed with XF. He could not think of another way to seduce XF back in a good way, he actually still had the key to expressing love. XF also loves LCY, that's why she's still sad even though she's beside fake GXW. But until the end LCY only expressed love in a rude manner and added to XF's hatred for him
  6. I agree with you, LCY loves XF so much, but all of his actions are very stupid. Not only did he not say love to XF, but he played too much with fake love with Sese. Do you think XF will die while plunging from the fort? If She die how about XF scene of suicide in the desert
  7. starting this scene I cry. Here it is seen that XF has a love for LCY so she is heavy to leave. But when she saw LCY and Sese, I cried because XF looked hurt. Seeing that XF realized that she was not worthy of LCY, even LCY had never said love for XF. For people who blame XF ignorance and hate XF because of her relationship with GJ, please think about how many scenes of LCY and Sese are painful for the XF side seeing this scene, I don't feel sad or sorry for LCY. All because of his own stupidity. GPei reminded LCY that the XF was very clever and helped them a lot, but LCY whined that XF didn't need to do anything and just always was by his side waiting for him (maybe like a fool waiting for her husband to be happy with concubines). Hello LCY, how can XF love and stay by your side while you always boast of your fake love to Sese and never say love to XF. You can even sleep with Sese when the XF is gone, you don't deserve XF. Please remain in the palace with your Sese I am very satisfied to see this scene, Sese see your LCY is crazy because of XF to push you ^^ This scene is very full of emotions. Crying saw the sadness of XF. Angered by the crazy LCY, he even doesn't care that there is Adu who is one of the important people for XF. Sad to see GPei's regret, he was very hurt when XF pushed him . Somehow the XF attitude towards LCY next week. XF remembers everything, LCY / GCW is the person she loves has killed all the important people in her life (Grandfather, Father, Mother, and Teacher GJ) and even has an evil concubine Sese that he always defends. LCY next week you will reap all sadness
  8. I've also seen ep 45-48. I cry very much, but sorry I can't like LCY. I think XF is very good from the start. The plan for her departure was the culmination of her patience. How she didn't want to go, LCY was with Sese. LCY never said love to XF, of course XF felt it was only an obstacle that was not expected. Is it true that LCY loves XF, even LCY comes and sleeps with Sese. LCY was only obsessed with XF, as I said from the beginning that all the plans carried out by LCY only pushed XF on suffering TT
  9. At first it was a political goal, but LCY and XF's first marriage was purely because of LCY's love for XF. That's why LCY did not directly attack XF's grandfather's headquarters. He plans to marry XF first and kill Grandfather XF without knowing XF so LCY can still have XF. This is different from their second marriage, which was purely because of political encouragement. And you are right he is a god level Playboy hahahha
  10. ohh I really agree with you. it was annoying to see many people angry at XF because of the scene with GJ last night. That's because the author managed to make LCY characters different from the novel so the audience loved LCY in the drama. I have read the summary of the novel and I think the character of LCY who has many sins and XF is very suffering. XF only wants to meet her parents, XF is still married to LCY even though LCY killed her Grandfather, XF doesn't even bother LCY and Sese. XF is a sincere woman both before memory loss and after memory loss. But what about LCY, he is still crafty both before he lost his memory or afterwards. All LCY ways to protect XF actually make XF in trouble. His fake love for Sese was too much to make Sese become evil and disturb XF. LCY's order to GPei to protect the XF actually encouraged GPei's feelings to grow and become a gossip of love scandals in the palace. And in the next episode LCY will kill GJ in front of Xfs eyes , XF has get her memory back and I can imagine how much XF hates LCY for killing 2 important people in her life (her grandfather and teacher). LCY deserves Sese because they same cunning, XF is too good for LCY. So I think XF's death is the happy ending of this drama because she free from LCY
  11. I don't know when Sese and LCY met, but the first person who got married to LCY was XF hehe. I don't know he is sincere with Sese or not at the beginning, because he also uses the same word to seduce Sese "I will never fight with you, I will always treat you well" isn't LCY also saying that to XF the night before marriage. But LCY really fell in love with XF
  12. That's why I gave permission to General Pei to like XF too. So far G'Pei has take care XF well and has never hurt XF (the G'Pei scene looked at the XF sincerely and to be embarrassed when XF touched him it was very good), even though he also sinned hiding the past of LCY and XF
  13. indeed it is very difficult to say that LCY is wrong. Maybe he was just a wrong strategy and it was already fate in the kingdom (Love and the Throne very rarely can be together). Perhaps one of the worst mistakes is that LCY did not say love to XF, if only he expressed his love for XF then I thought XF was smart enough to help LCY. They could have pretended to hate outside but were romantic in the room, so LCY didn't need to be too deep in Sese .
  14. In my mind right now, I'm tired of LCY and Sese. So far I like this drama, but I'm very sad for XF. Poor XF, why can't any man who loves her treat her well. LCY betrayed in the past, in the present time LCY cannot express love and actually shows fake love for Sese (This will add the more disappointment for XF after his memory returns). GJ also betrayed XF in the past, but sorry XF doesn't love him now. G-Pei treated XF very well, G-Pei looks like XF but can't express it. Authors, please give happiness to XF
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