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  1. Some of the things you say are true This sentence I disagree a little "Naeun just like with the flow (dont mention variety shows) i think she needs to be more passionate abt her work" As far as I know, it's not easy to get a lot of work if the artist from a small agency. But Apink and Naeun can be said to be successful in their careers, they don't skyrocket but grow. Artists will easy to get a job if they are at a large agency such as YG and SM, they practice and promote without financial constraints. Big agencies make successful Artists, but APINK makes Agencies successful. I'm grateful to see Naeun, she still works at the debut age of 9 years (MV, Variety shows, drama, music, advertising models and art). If you see other artists of the same debut age, only a few still work in the entertainment industry even though it's from a large agency. More thankful when Apink's comeback this year was a success and Naeun got a new drama
  2. Is this news true? last night I suddenly missed TAEUN and watched the replay of WGM This morning reading this news, my heart is broken I hope this news isn't true
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