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  1. Only 1 day left and its really a goodbye to minglan.. I will be back to my lonely shell again after this, at the same time no more show to our lyI will just be patiently w8ting for her givingbirth and wedding ceremony and a comeback in the future... Congratulations to all; well done and well deserved
  2. Happy chinese new year to our lovely couple soon to be parents; may you have a blissfull and prosperous new year; and also to each and everyone here.
  3. Home is the starting place of love,hope and dreams, The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. I'm so happy for both of them, most specially li ying who never stops working for the past years,glad that she's sharing with us how happy and blessed she is now, (And just my wishfull thinking, I hope I can also find a man who is responsible and know how to live his life in the future ) more power to this lovely couple
  4. I only watch ZLY's drama though, tried watching others but ended up dropping them all, I even dropped ashes of love,maybe I'll try watching NIF since a lot are saying its a good show
  5. Wahh..thats a good news then, my mind at ease already for now, since I've been thinking lately if they can still cover all the unsolved probs..since there are only few eps left...its really a great news yeyyy...and I will be a lonely soul again after TSoM will come to an end...nothing to watch anymore
  6. I know right; Im just glad that Ml is so clever that she imd8tly find out the true colors of that evil stepmom, how I wish GTY/ML will expose her/how evil she is infront of many people.
  7. Wahhthat was really a priceless reaction of GTY's face,knowing ML is preggy..congratulations you've worked hard...well thats a good news for them, but more problems and scheming are comming on the way,, Stepmom, are you going to take off your masked now? You've been wearing that too long,..show your true evilness already lahh... ( Im imagining stepmom close up scene face without eyebrows, thats more suited to her.lol.)
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