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  1. GTY wants MLs weakness. He wants her to surrender completely to him. But for a person like ML who has been scarred by her birth mothers death, it took a very long time to patch her heart back up. The conversation about her being afraid that she couldn’t recognize her mother anymore it’s foretelling that her wounds are almost healed... But, merely handing that patch up heart to someone especially to someone like GTY who seems to be hot and cold all the time, it’ll take a lot of courage and willingness on her part to be opened to the possibility of her heart breaking and being hurt badly once again. GTY says he wants ML to be herself, yet he doesn’t give her a room to breath to be her own woman.
  2. Couldn’t have said better.... Honestly, when they were fighting on the way home I was just rolling my eyes and laughing like what? GTY was trifling.... His trust issues and insecurity he needs to face and not channel it onto ML. Like I said before, he is blaming ML for not meeting his standards rather than taking the time to understand where she’s coming from. Than again his character is the forceful type, it’ll take a lot of MLs patience to understand and figure out his problems and what he wants from her. But from his convo with CB, it really shows that the problem did lie within himself. I was feeling bad for ML when he was playing his game of cold shoulders after the incident with meeting of QH, that when she had enough of it during their fight and played cold shoulder as well I was like good for her. Lol Exactly. I hope people don’t hate on the actor just because they hate QH character. LOL But like you said ZYL plays well as QH, I can’t see him as GTY. Likewise I can’t see FSF as QH. They all did their part terrifically. Maybe if it were a different drama with different characters, I also don’t mind to see ZYL as male lead for ZLY. I don’t know, maybe I’m biased towards ZLY because she’s one of my fav actress but she has a way that compels me to find her male leads charms. I guess the only male lead she played with that I wasnt convince with was her partner in Best Get Going. As for the power struggles with ED and Emperor reminds me of the drama The Imperial Doctress. LOL But unlike in that drama, in the power struggle with the Emperor it’s obvious the emperor can hold on his own by now so it’s only the right thing that the ED step down after all woman don’t belong in court and it will always be that way by standards of their time. The people who're forming alliance with ED have ulterior motives they could care less about ED or they are just biased towards late Emperor. As for the issue with Emperor recognizing his birth parents. If I were a politician I would probably remain neutral in that topic. Lol Because I see from both sides, the fact of the matter is he was adopted by late emperor, it’s not his fault nor QH that the ED turned out to be malicious and wants to use Emperor as a mere puppet while she reigns supreme but still he must show respect towards her and should recognize her as his stepmom or mother whatever, not necessarily because I favor one over the other. But at the end of the day even if he recognize ED as mother, the officials should always be loyal to the emperor.
  3. I think so too, although she still holds some prejudice and still old fashion. She is not like the old Madam Qi anymore. As long as her son is happy now that’s all that matters, because she regretted what happened before. I don’t see why people are triggered by it. Linhlinh doesn’t just post biased about GTY, she also makes a lot of insightful post on the novel... And last time I checked everyone was bashing QH. All the characters in the story got their fair share of hate/complaints. If you don’t like what people post about your favs then skip it. No need to get butt hurt here. We are here for friendly debates.
  4. He did come back with bruise on his face, poor baby.... Its on episode 37. He was punched by uncle cause he told them they would adopt cousin and would be like siblings. QH as ML husband. If it were the old QH, I might worry because he is a mamas boy. But back then when his parents talked about ML and they saw that he overheard. They were like oops, the old Madam Qi would be like so what... QH then defended her without a second thought. So perhaps, he will defend ML if warranted. And his father seems like a nice person he would definitely dote on ML after all they only have one son no daughter. I’m sure he will see ML for who she is. The only problem I might have with QH is that he may not see ML as equal to him, like when he told his current wife woman have no place to talk about politics. But than it could be because she brought up GTY and ML so he got angry. Who knows. GTY as ML husband. Well, at least she could put all granny’s teaching to use. They are ying and yang. They are best pairing as they compliment each other. GTY is a family man, and loves his kid. He also treats ML as his equal. He’s the knight in shining armor. He wont be like Dr He come back with a black eye. He would fight... Lol The only bad thing about him is his short temper and impatience. Dr He as ML husband. Based on their conversations he will treat ML as equal and I can see ML opening up to him as well.. He doesn’t think lowly of woman. Even though he made a mistake with the cousin, he told granny that he was guilty and admit his mistakes and tried to fix it. He’s gentle and kind maybe too much for his own good. The only danger I could think of is that all of ML personal maid were smitten by him. Errr I think GTY is right. ML can be and do well as anyone’s wife. LOL sorry GTY, at least be happy you’re the husband...
  5. Where, who, LOL all he does is climb mountains find herbs.... I don’t think he will do charity work on woman bring them home. He is a gentleman but he is not a ladies man. And he listens to ML. But I also think ML wasn’t that interested in him. Maybe it was just me. Ok if I time travel in the era I’ll be Dr He main wife... I can handle the cousin and her richard simmons mom. Everyday we go hiking for herbs...
  6. I think that was after the granny told him the truth that cousin couldn’t give birth anymore and ML also agreed too. Dr He although he doesn’t have a backbone unless you push him, he has a good heart...
  7. Honestly, if all these woman stop schemin/killing each other and agree to not fight over the masters attention, it’d be a great life. Lol Yass, I liked Dr He too... That man is more concern and excited when he finds rare herbs. It’s quite cute. He is very down to earth... His cousin was indeed quite pitiful though it’s just too bad her family are greedy. But that’s probably an easier problem to handle like when ML asked cousins mom what position should they be in/addressed as so there is no confusions in the future, comparing to the problem ML has now in the Gu household. Dr He was a little combination of QH and GTY.
  8. Honestly, if I were in their era, I’d wish I were like in Mengfei comes across. Living off the emperor, just live my days trying to be an unnoticed concubine. Enjoy eating and gossiping with the other unfavored concubines and reading manhuas all day all night. What a great life.
  9. So true, this is why I like historical dramas the most. Whether we can blame it on fate or circumstances ultimately we know the world we live in especially in historical dramas is unfair. That’s why I find the stories so much more interesting because my modernist views goes out the door and we can really look at the characters for who they are and not put upon our preconceived notions. The human nature knows no name, gender, status, nor age. This is why even the most fortunate people (rich) compared to the unfortunate (poor) can also live a miserable life. Have a messed up broken family/household. Living a life on someone else foot path. Being used as a tool for political marriage. Having to follow the career path of the parents/inheriting the parents business/household... There is barely any room for someone to truly discover/know who they are. Or have a dream of their own... That’s why they can only blame it on fate and karma for being born low or high status. This is like the conversation ML had with Madam Zhang. Because we can’t change our fate, we can only learn to accept ones fate and live our days and make the most of it.
  10. Yes agree. I believe it’s partly his parents mostly mothers fault for sheltering him all his life. That he doesn’t even have a single friend he can cry on their shoulder. It would’ve done him good to sit down to talk with some drinks like GTY and that Shen guy having some therapy sessions lol. The last thing QH needs or anyone for that matter is the person he hates to see the most confront him and the woman who is the reason for his pain to scold him... I really hope he opens up to his wife, and find comfort in her. Since she seems level headed enough to not hold any unfounded grudge on ML. EPISODE 53: I don’t know why I can’t take it seriously and laugh whenever GTY and ML bicker like old married couple. if I were ML personal maid I would’ve busted my richard simmons off laughing at ML retorts to GTY. She is very clear minded but also very simple. GTY face in disbelief cracks me up. Maybe their attennas are not working because they can’t channel into each other’s mind anymore like before when they weren’t married. Lol ML wins again in winning people over. It’s refreshing to see ML encouraging woman instead of plotting against each other. I see now how she climbs up to be the woman amongst woman. They will surely admire her in the end...
  11. It’s actually sad, because their society taught them inequality. Even though some of the philosophies /teachings they learn hold high moral values and worldly views of life. It’s embedded to them the difference and treatment of high and low birth.
  12. Some people just get too heated when their biased are talked about. That’s why I steer clear from playing favorites in dramas and look from a perspective of every angle of their circumstances that shapes their character, and how each character affects the choices that are made. I know they all have faults and not a saint that does no wrong. Even our heroine has her moments too. EPISODE 53: I can’t stop laughing at GTY. He is so childish making the defenseless sleeping beauty ML smell his dirty socks. I’m literally dying. I thought he would draw on her face next as well. And when ML woke up to GTY her smile was so cute I was awed that she was very pleased to wake up with hubby by her side and didn’t sleep with the concubine. I was grinning. That’s how you do it GTY. In fact I think that concubine brought them closer. ML getting the taste of what it’s like giving her man to another woman. ML wakes up and asked GTY why he’s in her room? My my ML were you dreaming last night? I am really surprised Ml opened up to QH wife. She had a heart to heart conversation with her. But I see her motives because she sees QH wife have her motives too. She doesn’t want anymore unnecessary fights with those who were just used to wrongly accused and trouble ML and GTY. Even though QH wife understands, one thing though that I feel ML shouldn’t have done was to confront QH. Even though all things have been said and done, she really doesn’t need to tell QH, to stop loving her. Even if she’s doing it to reassure his wife and for QH benefit... You can’t force someone to stop loving you just as no one can force ML to forget the grudge on her mother. QH may never forget ML in his lifetime just as ML won’t forget her mother in her lifetime. Whether it’s ML, GTY, QH wife, or his parents no one has the right to take away what he holds in his heart. He is after all the one who has to confront his inner demons and his broken heart.. It’s unfortunate though that he doesn’t have his trusted aid any longer nor a CB in his life that’ll be there to listen to him, to guide him, and to comfort him without ridiculing him nor judging him. Thus, he could only find solace in his work and face his inner demons alone. ZYLs explosive reaction was really spot on of someone who has been holding it in during the confrontation with GTY and with ML. I think he needs a few chopsticks and pottery to smash, that’ll do him a little good. GTY also had his predicaments. He rose above it but like ML said every man wants to live his life in peace and when they have hatred and grudges it is like blade slicing through the heart everyday of their life. GTY and ML should know first hand that it takes time to heal, forgive, and forget. That’s why I’m glad our girl ML, understands that it takes QH time as well... She was only pissed when QH tried to hug her, that’s why I believe she really didn’t need to confront him anymore and let time do all the healing and his own self reflecting. When QH yelled he regret everyday and shouted all the things he regretted rings a bell to my head. These exact words were the knife that GTY sliced through his heart... I feel that if only GTY would have not disregarded QH feelings, perhaps if I were in his shoes I would totally be the first to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I also fell in love with ML. You can hate me, curse me, punch me. Let it out but I assure you that your love for her, I will pay it double and taking her from you wouldn’t be in vain. I’m sure if GTY had confronted QH in that manner as heart to heart man to man brother to brother. Possibly they would’ve come to an understanding. And ML wouldn’t need to confront QH. But I guess ML is the voice of reason who to do a better job to let QH know what’s up. Just like when ML was frank with QH wife... I think she did a good job. She really knows how to win someone. Firtstly you don’t accuse them of something whether they are guilty or not... Second, you don’t retaliate with scornful words. Third, you get them to sympathize with you. And last, show that you have a common goal and is beneficial to both. I could not sit through the scenes of Aunty Kang and stepmom. Stepmom really knows how to borrow someone’s knife without dirtying her hands. Aunty Kang looks like she can murder someone with her hands and wouldn’t flinch.
  13. I think it’s supposed to show she is dainty, weak, and elegant. Someone like that can’t possibly be so evil?! Lol
  14. Well yeah, that’s what his performance was all about in that scene. Its not to convince the viewers that he didn’t do anything wrong. Lol It’s not rocket science to see how petty he was and was doing things for personal reason. This story showcases all human emotions. All characters here have their faults and reasonings.. It’s up to us viewers whether we sympathize with the characters or see from their POV or not. Im with @linhlinh111 GTY and QH both have their rights and wrongs. GTY is also a hyprocrite, because QH will be the very reason ML and him have a big fight. He is also very much insecure and petty. But it seems like you mentioned they toned down that part of novel in drama. Probably they don’t want to make it complicated so we know going forward GTY is the knight in shining armor for ML. Because I was talking about episode 51 and how I was mesmerized by ZYL scene with GTY. That in that moment I felt pity for his character. This aroused a debate this and that about QH was wrong like I shouldn’t pity him. Like I get it and know it LOL I’m not biased to any characters except for Molan and her mother straight up detest them won’t even try look at their POV. But other characters, I can see from each one point of view and if only their acting sparks an emotion in me whether they are good or bad characters, I am able to sympathize with them. Plain and simple.
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