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  1. Jessi popularity has heighten especially this year to next. She is getting more recognised and popular. Her different personality and western mindset have brought up curiosity and uniqueness about her. Her pattern is quite similar to Hong Jin-young when she joined the MUD due to her love interest with Jong kook. She was a guest at first then became full time member when her mom agreed to come. Variety shows especially MUD will always expect a change in lineup due to old age, member getting married, schedule conflict, or scandal. Even before Hong Jin young's scandal, t
  2. Some of you guys may think the ship is sinking. I do feel so. But lets not despair and be happy for their decisions. And the interview is really funny and cute. I do also felt the observation of Somin's co-star and Janghoon mention about Jong kook, their expression and comments are quite interesting that they are like us finding Kookmin chemistry very charming that there is something special between the two. People do forget that Somin has best compatibility with jong kOok among running man members. Jong Kook's rating with Jihyo is around 98 percent. So I suspect that
  3. The latest episode is rather interesting. Here is a thing about shaping and protecting the image of Jihyo and Somin. It is not really popularity contest. Jihyo has give Running Man more popularity based on making loveline with Gary then Jong Kook. She has gangster Jihyo and sibling chemistry with Kwangsoo which is rather rough and tough with comedic antics. Jihyo in a way has a persona that you have to please her otherwise she will smack you. The members are trying to build around her to bring comedy and skits to RM. Her most famous was loveline with Gary and Jong Kook. With male guests, she f
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