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  1. It was an interesting chain of events coming along. I remember the time before somin came to running man that the fortune teller warned jong kook to drop the mindset of overanalysing, and let it be so he could find his true love that will lead him to get married to woman of his dream. In other words, it does seem like the fortune teller is telling him that he shouldn’t over analyse and let it go. His heart will guide him towards his goal. I remember he tend to say that he will prefer a woman who will let him exercise or understand him to do so. But the way I see it, and understood what fortune
  2. Jessi popularity has heighten especially this year to next. She is getting more recognised and popular. Her different personality and western mindset have brought up curiosity and uniqueness about her. Her pattern is quite similar to Hong Jin-young when she joined the MUD due to her love interest with Jong kook. She was a guest at first then became full time member when her mom agreed to come. Variety shows especially MUD will always expect a change in lineup due to old age, member getting married, schedule conflict, or scandal. Even before Hong Jin young's scandal, t
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