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  1. It is really weird hint that drove everyone to think it is Jong kook. The hint seems to be easy too be true but came with a twist. It is very cute way of talking about somin and even kookmin together. I thought Kook-min moments would be inconsistent and natural. I expect them to mention Somin but relating to Jong Kook is rather cute but strange. The two always hit off together on and off including Jaesuk's suspicious kook-min jokes and annoyance when he seems together like the two aren't in their work mind. They are so distracted with each other. Sometimes you can tell that it is not scripted when Jaesuk look lost, annoyed, or exasperated. It was quite suspicious arrangement when you see the bigger picture. Haha. Somin is quite similar to Kwangsoo since they are both actors. And it is really funny to frame Kwangsoo around when he is not even the one. He would try every step of the way to prove his innocence. Everyone suspecting Jong Kook is cute. Somin gets sick a lot and I wonder why they mention she is interested in health. It could be he or she is interested in dancing and drinking with friends: Kwangsoo, Sechan, and HaHa. Jihyo is only drinking part. Even though Somin didn't appear in episode 500. There is so many kook-min moments. =) When Sechan won the game, it is just like another one chan-min moment. There is a lot of ChanHyo (Sechan-Jihyo) moments. They were funny and very affectionate with each other. Looking forward for another episode and Somin's return. I really miss kook-min moments but I don't expect too much. =) Hehehe Cheer up Somin, Somin's fans, Kook-min fans, and RM fans.
  2. With jeon somin’s absence, there is something that is always missing. Everyone is working hard and sometimes get torn in between. It wasn’t an easy job for all of them. They had to be 100 percent even though somin is not there. The concept had changed a lot from one director to another. I think they lessen the banter part or introduction because members don’t feel like talking or making banters or taking away the attention or shortening the time. Everyone talks less or shy or felt awkward. it is sort of somin’s speciality. Jaesuk always look for somin to add the spice in introduction. It allows more attention on guests perform or the guest will observe somin’s antics to give them idea to create something out from their persona. Somin also tends to be a very good conservationist. She is always challenging jaesuk. You see Kwangsoo tried to challenge jaesuk, jaesuk was able to tease him to stop. It kind of stopped the whole thing and move on. Somin sometimes will keep talking and acting out to give the guests more ideas and impression to promote themselves with ease. Somin is always full of stories and wits. A lot of people enjoyed it. I usually like members’ banters. i felt very strange about jong kook’s role supporting somin. He was so protective, filled with empathy, love, and sensitivity towards somin and her role and her own persona. Without him, gosh, I don’t know how somin will feel welcome again without his additional words. He is like somin’s own happy virus. He wants to make her happy. Jaesuk always felt emotional about somin. He doesn’t express it much. He couldn’t be too biased as nation’s Mc. He has to balance things out. As somin’s fan, I am very very thankful for jong kook. He has such kindness and understanding that he knows what he is doing. Yes, he felt bad for her but he has gone through it before. Something has to be said. He made sure of it. He is so tender hearted and open minded. He has soft side with tough exterior. It is the real jong kook. People think of him like a bully but it is actually he is protecting the weak to fight off bullies. His tough persona is often misunderstood. He stands up and spoke up when there is injustice or anything that wronged him or others. It was more than kookmin love. It was full of kindness and compassion between them that somin and jong kook tends to bring the best out from each other. I have came across IG jumping out via hashtag that they act like they hope somin will recover and get better. But they accused wookmin for making things worse that he should keep it to himself. The IG wrote long message preaching that all celebrities have to face and accept all the hates because of the price they pay for. They praised their idol for being so strong in time or hates or etc. And called somin a drama queen and also weak. They felt sorry for her. They said she could have accept the fact she has to have hate and keep quiet. She should have blocked some hate messages and sender. All kind of things. All price for fame like haters are not at fault. They blamed wookmin for dragging their idol’s name. They made my blood boil. What kind of bull is that trying to justify themselves. it has been ongoing justification for themselves and still blame others. Should I argue? No. They kept on erasing the arguments and only have they want to read. It was sprouting more nonsense and self justification. It is so bad that they kept on saying that celebrities should accept bullies and hates. And that is so easy to ignore hate. Even it is okay to send hate to families. It is getting out of kookmin topic, but to imagine how jong kook have to deal with haters in the past. And looking at jong kook trying to speak about somin and how he is proud of her made me realise that he has gone through same thing before. He is very protective of people he cares about that he never want to lose them from his life. Somin is one of them. The haters didn’t know how it hurts to receive the hate. They can pretend it doesn’t hurt them since it is the price of fame. It still cuts them and hurt them personally. It is very dark world that celebrity has to pretend that none of that hurts them. Jong kook looks more matured with scars remain but he was able to overcome it. However, it is still an ongoing battle. there is also another reason that others couldn’t stand up for somin much because it does hurt another female member. Korean netizens know who is it and whose fanbase is it. It is something that members have to be careful with it. Jong kook probably felt it has to be said, and pd and members even allow it but don’t go further into it too much to keep another member off topic. In sbs fanpage, there are a lot of comments praising for everyone to have more screentime. They can have it. I really don’t care. We can help with somin’s branding by continuing to support her constructively and always full of love. Here in kookmin, shall we all be grateful for jong kook and somin’s great personalities. She wasn’t weak. Her body gave out for some reason. She is still talkative and have been surrounded by wonderful family and friends. Jong kook linking her arm’s standee felling that he should protect her. It is screaming for kookmin loveline but everyone pretends to ignore it. Heheh. belated happy birthday kim Jong kook. Thank you for all kookmin moments!
  3. The MUD segment about Jong Kook on divorce vs running away wife is so funny. It is more of his RM and MUD persona. Let me tell you in details I picked out in between his RM and MUD persona that contributed to his real persona. There is an article of his friends telling about real Jong Kook. Here is the list: Real Jong kook articles- revelation from his friends Kim SooRo said Jong Kook is a guy he would let his sister date. Jang Hyuk said Jong Kook will change 360 degrees when he falls in love. One said he will turn into a fool in love with the woman he loves. He is actually very softie according to Tae hyun. He likes to say cheesy stuff. It all hidden in his tough persona. He likes to take care of his wife and even blow dry her hair. He is even more endearing and romantic with woman he loves or future wife more than HaHa. Fortune teller- 2020 Fortune teller said Jihyo's husband should not have big energy. Every one said not Jong Kook, but the fortune teller said Jong Kook actually have yin (small) energy making him a devoted husband along with Jaesuk, Sukjin, and Sechan. Kwangsoo and HaHa have yang energy. It means Jong Kook is devoted and endearing with his wife. MUD Jong kook often said he'll give his all to his wife and love her tenderly. He often shared his painful memories and pain his dad has given his mom. And how he never want to be like that making his mom sad. He spoiled his mom and travel with her. He has soft spot for the woman he loves. He revealed to be more romantic and cheesy. He was able to open it up to Somin few times. In Hong Sun Young's tarot reading- she was actually thinking of Jong kook. One card said she has to knock several times to get his attention. If he chose her, he will treat her like a queen. It means Jong Kook in general will be good to his wife. Somin is looking into his RM and MUD persona too much. I was reminded of Somin's 2018 fortune telling forecast that her husband will care and devote to her like his child. That was same episode the fortune put Jong Kook and Somin as best pair for each other. Everyone thought they were worst kind which turned out later that they have become very close. Somin may find it hard to be his wife, but once she got to know his ways and his heart, she could get use to it and enjoy it. She smiles like she likes being coddled. Jong Kook nags because he loves his friends. It just if you know him better, it would be endearing for you. It depends on a girl who prefers a guy like him. Somin seems to like it. and.... I am reminded in 2018 after fortune telling session, Kwangsoo said Kook-min is like a couple who kiss passionately after the fight.
  4. I was thinking of relationship-friendship wise. If he is in relationship, he is a kind of person who will take action. He seems to be kind of person who likes to be in action when he is interested in someone. He said when he was dating his ex, he would write letters to her and hide in hidden places. He would take her out to eat and let her eat anything she wants. He would do something for someone he is interested just to make her happy. He wanted do treat his wife like queen and give all the love she needs. That's a man of action. It is quite different from making a move before relationship. He is always been considerate, gentlemanly, and kind. He could go out to reach you out. If the girl is lucky to get his heart, he will be the one to take action to take care of her. That was what I meant. With Jinyoung, he wasn't taking in action because she has beautiful and big personality. He is very courteous. I think he's bit wary of her unpredictability sometimes like hitting him and nagging him. It gives quite nice siblings vibes. It could lead to romance. He would like to take action is quite different from making a move. JinYoung and Jong Kook have been friends already. They are comfortable with each other. We don't know what's in real life. Both Somin and JinYoung made move and took action. But it is Jinyoung's role to be close to Jong Kook, and Somin work with Sechan. Jin young does look like she had fun teasing Jong kOok. It could be she seems to like him. It really help with his screentime with her. I found kook-min heart fluttering. And Jong Kook was always there for Somin as his close friend. His acts for her are so sweet and subtle. More subtle, the sweeter it is because it has some mystery around it.
  5. About shipping Spartace and HJY.. As a fan of Kook-min, we do have doubts, but help us all to prove us wrong sometime. It is better to share positive aspects in other shipping forum. However, I am going to talk a little about HJY and Spartace a little not to ruin your mood. There should be some comparison or etc. This is what I think. It is opinion mostly for kook-min. Just to be warned that I'll mention about them. Sparsely as possible. I didn't watch the whole episodes yet. I watch clips. Here is what I saw from my limited point of view for now. Look closely at Jong Kook and his body language. Did he pursue HJY? Silently or natural moments? To me, HJY is more aggressive. She is the one who initiate. She tells him and order him or nag him. She is the one who creates skinship. Jong Kook naturally gives skinship to opposite sex when it comes to cheering or giving encouragement. There is one thing I am not fan of Jong Kook and Jin Young's ship because they don't have equal aspect of contribution to chemistry. It is one sided. Not like she is interested in him, but more like to push him to perform. So he could have screentime. She hits him a lot. It a big act. It was cute, but I don't think it applies to real Jong Kook. When Jong kook tease her, she hits him or cover his mouth. It is quite similar to Kwangmin or Kwangmong. Jin Young's wits is not very similar to Jong kook's. She is more similar to HaHa. Sometimes Jong Kook gets bit annoyed with HaHa's wits rather than a knockout. When Jin Young asked Jong Kook to do aeygo, she is teaching him down rather than trying to liven the mood. Jong Kook seems trying hard not to be annoyed. He has improved to go along with it. He has improved his dynamics with Jin Young better than before, but I notice that he is not forward. He hesitate to wait for her to do something for him. He had to be mentally prepared. However, it was better than before but Jong Kook is holding a bit. He didn't reveal too much. I wasn't sure whether he is hiding that he likes it or not. To me, he is trying to be more respectful and play along. He seems to be doing his job. And more like at the same time getting know his female colleagues. He is not married yet. So he is reconsidering his feelings on and off. In overall, I am not quite fan of JK and JYs chemistry because for me, it doesn't look balanced. Jong KOok is kind of person who wanted to take action and take care of someone he loves. We don't know what's like in real life. Jin young is a very ideal woman for many men, not just Jong Kook. Even though I am kook min shipper, it had not convinced me ever since they were coupled in the beginning. When they were coupled first time, I wasn't even Kook-min fan. I didn't see Jong Kook's sense of attraction towards her too much. People think of his RM persona too much than real Jong Kook. Spartace has been shown little by little but it is pretty much very platonic in RM. Not sure about real life. I am not here to compare but I have seen posts popping up with hashtag that Spartace shippers were so excited with them being in same team. I was just rethinking of Kook-min. I have seen so far lately that Jong Kook was the on who takes action more quietly or loudly with Somin. That is what makes the natural chemistry ideal to me. It goes both ways. Somin always talk to him and try to make him laugh. She does silly things to ask him if it is all right to share with others or etc. She always try to make him smile. She jokes with him. She did manage to make him do aeygo. Not the one when she asked him to do in the car. It is the one when Jong Kook wants to avoid to be chosen not to eat carbonara. He did cute act without asking to gain their vote but backfired. It was funny but he tried. He doesn't look uncomfortable. He even asked kwangsoo to do it. Kwangsoo is actually the one who hates it the most. Jong Kook and Somin goes back and forth being there for each other. They even cheer each other up. I think their wits and humour are quite similar. I lost the count how she knock him out with her wits. Forehead vs Height. Married HaHa vs Single Jong Kook for most handsome, and many others. Even though Somin's humour got out of hand, he sometimes look at her that she is crazy. But he started to open up leaving his RM persona to his own, he has become more of himself later on. He has opened up that he finds female comedian charming. He does cheesy lines. And.... these are something that points at Somin. He said earlier in same episode that he called Somin a comedian like the way they label Kwangsoo. And same episode, he said these cheesy lines he often do. How many times Jaesuk and RM said Somin likes these stuff. Food truck- it is supposed to be about Chan-min, but Jong Kook is there. He answered her SNS accounts. He may feel sorry for her but I think he did it not out of obligation but honour to tease her, support her, and care for her. He even put his arms around her to let her put her weight on him. He could feel bad about her going through some stuff, but Somin often looked at him with her tender eyes and smile. He promoted her book. Maybe feeling bad or sorry is an excuse. His gunho attitude to mention her book is so sweet. He even mentioned the bookmark. Jaesuk even tried to stop him or getting annoyed with him. He even reads during the shoot. When Somin give him explanation, she looks at him with confidence. She is probably feeling more confident with Jong Kook now. It seems like she trusts him, and felt more comfortable with him. His teasing that he couldn't understand her poem calls for her to talk to him more often. When Jong Kook said he wants everyone to have afternoon reading section with Somin's book. Everyone got annoyed. if it is sechan, everyone would call him Somin's boyfriend because of that kind of act. Jong Kook is close to Sechan, but after being close to Somin, even fortune teller said Somin and Sechan have a close and taffy like relationship or friendship, Jong Kook sticks to Sechan like a taffy. It was cute. Somin-Jong Kook-Sechan trio have brought interesting dynamics for RM. I think Somin and Jong kook chemistry is ideal because of their equal contribution to their partnership like they really enjoy and respect each other. Somin's humour and wits fits with Jong Kook well. He didn't really look annoyed when she teased him. it is like, even though he is speechless or defeated, her wits wow him. He is bit annoyed that he lost. A little smile shows that he was wowed. It wasn't love line chemistry. It is like the two are quite similar. Often times Jong Kook tease Somin, she will give him a collar, and he returned with secret squeeze on her arm and pat her back. That is why I felt Kook-min chemistry is more ideal. It depends on Jong kook's choice whether he prefers someone who is more aggressive or someone who is more equal to him that he also want to act as her protector. Someone who can cheer him up or etc. It depends on what he wants. He did want to have a woman who is willing to be a mother of his children and raise them well. He seems to want to give his all to his wife. So it depends on his type. Wishing him the best of the luck!
  6. The problem has arose because there are anti Somin fans pretending to be Kook-min fans posting very obnoxious posts. Before it was a few but after the expose by wookmin, there is a rise in fake Kook-min IG. It does make Kook-min community look bad. There is a need to stop it with brake before it get worse. That is why it is necessary to talk about to be aware of what is going on. Fake Kook-min fans may try to destroy the kookmin shipping as whole. It can become into the level of severe delusional spartace fandoms. I don't think and most of us don't think this person is real fan of Kook-min. It is just trying to get us in trouble. It has been going on that it does not only applies to Somin, but to Jong Kook, Jihyo, Spartace, and Kook-min dragged into fan war and misunderstanding. It will make us look bad because they are very aggressive. It would make it like very severe and delusional Kook-min fanbase that would reach the ears of RM members. They would say Kook-min fanship is getting too protective. You can always ignore these posts or skip to kook-min posts. I know it is depressing. Somin fans have to deal with it and we are trying to come up with to stabilize with any shipping and fake ones. It does affect Kook-min too. And fake kook-min IGs are on rise. There is something we need to be careful. We will try remember to post more of kookmin posts. Sorry, just bear with it for a while. It will die down, but it is better than too late that we should be aware that this will happen. Anti Somin fans are working on their new attack soon. It is not like we don't want to stop. There is a need to help and suggestions.. And the problem here is that there are not many somin fans here. Just Kook-min. Just be aware and skip it if you want. We actually don't like to talk about it. Lets not point fingers on any of RM members. Pls don't accuse because we don't know what is going on behind the scenes or real life. Just take caution that as fandom-- it comes with a price. If you guys are not interested, just skip it and continue to post our favorite old kook-min moments. Going though memory lane? Since Somin is on her break. Hope comes back soon and give us bits of Kook-min moment soon. =)
  7. Remember, this is Kook-min clan page. it also involved Jong Kook. Jihyo and Somin are very dear to him as his closest friends. The thing is that, I felt the cycle of revenge kept on ongoing and would not stop. It would be better if we put our pride on the side and try to support Somin and Jong Kook by supporting Jihyo. I have seen the fans turned 360 degrees that they asked others not to hurt somin. They did it too late but they knew something is out of control that hurts Jihyo even more. But I have seen their indifferent message that ends like I don't care about her. Just leave her alone. Sometimes little things can be transparent to tick you off. Let them be. They are in denial trying so hard to justify their behavior. Some of them put Somin as scapegoat. Jihyo and Somin correlate each other. If it hurts Somin, it hurts Jihyo. And vice versa. You can omit Jihyo from hashtag. We don't have to use her name to justify ourselves for Somin. We can leave it to Jihyo's fans. Jihyo is a wonderful and nice lady personally. She is introverted. She doesn't open up herself too much. If anyone wants to push her or help her, she will bring whatever she needs to do. She has made her mark and contribution in her own way. She was also criticised several times by K-netisens in the past. After wook-min's expose on haters on Somin, Jihyo is dragged into the spotlight. The things is that, no matter how rational and criticism it is for any celebrities, it is stressful. I believe Jihyo knows it. She was almost fired in the past, and gotten herself into scandal that she had to break up with CEO of agency. Netisens have been so caught up with MC couple scold at her for dating someone else. She had been through a lot. It is not a fault of Jihyo. It was Jihyo's fans that caused a lot of problem. It could be fault of Jihyo's agency feeling that Jihyo shouldn't say anything because it could help Jihyo's popularity in international fanbase. She got a lot of sponsors and treated well. They don't care about others and even Somin. It is responsibility for Somin's agency. Jihyo gets to have airport photo while somin disappeared for security reason. When she arrived in Vietnam, she wore hat and hid her face down like she did something wrong to hide from the fans. Jihyo may felt the burden on her own. I can tell she let Somin who knows her job to thrive her own right. Jihyo does things quietly as much as possible. She doesn't listen to her fans wanting her act out more to get more screentime. She knows she if just act it out randomly, she may get critised. We don't know what is behind the scenes and the real relationship. They seem to be close and good terms with each other. Somin is very sensitive person. She didn't want anyone to suffer because of her. So it means to stand by Jihyo, not her fans. Sometimes, the best revenge is to always be better than them. If we are supportive and happier, it makes their blood boil. How could they attack us if we support both Somin and Jihyo? You can ignore jihyo and let it be. We don't know real Jihyo though. Her agency controls most of her IG, CFs, and etc. When you see her reality shows- she is often close to her team. Her agency once cause problem to her health in the past. Her agency fought with RM to squeeze her schedule. They even overwhelmed her with CFs and other promotions beside her acting gigs. You make more commission and money from CFs and promotions. Jihyo had several fainting spells that they had to put IVs on her in hospital. One of RM episode said that she has a condition that she needs to sleep more than normal human do so her brain and health can function more. Doctor encourages others not to wake her up. She actually sleeps for 48 hours. Her mom would be worried and put sweet potatoes under her nose to wake her up. Or check if she breathing. It has been a long time she had been through criticism and having a fans hurting her colleague and friends. Her agency may told her to restrict her relationship with Somin for a reason to give more fans and save her place in RM. There are a lot of strategies that can be cut throat. Somin is on her own with her own agency. It is very competitive world. Jihyo may know that other members will take care of Somin on the own right. Just saying that, it is better to put end in fan war in sake of Jeon Somin and even Kim Jong Kook. They are his friends. And we as a fan of Somin can show we are so much bigger and better and kinder and respectful fanbase that reflects Somin's personality and best interest in her heart. Not to drag Jong Kook's name here, but he would happy if we just put end to this. The only person who can put stop to this is actually us. If Jihyo fans kept on justifying Jihyo or being in denial.... they will stop and know it is too late. It will eventually die down I hope. It is time for RM to see healthy Somin, and happy Jihyo. It my opinion, but you are right that we don't need to show our support in hashtag for her. But we just need to end three years war and painful wounds. Wookmin decided to take action is put the painful journey to the end. There is a need of healing. Look how politics deal with coronavirus. They are too much. Put politics on aside and work to beat the disease. We don't want to lose one or another. Jihyo may want to leave or something will happen. It will hurt Kook-min deeply that we wont be able to witness their chemistry. Losing one another could break up anyone. Lets try to save both and everyone. Somin thrives so well that she did It on her own merit. Lets not point fingers that Somin's fans didn't do much. They get hate comments daily. Even threats in their DM. One of Somin's Korean fan IG was removed. She had to make a new one. There was a mass reporting against Somin and her fan IG as well. We had a private group chat to support her. A lot of IG were lost or covered ugly comments. It was hard to be her fan, but worth it. Just us work together to make her happy and make people around her happy. It would do so much for Jong Kook and everyone too. I hope we all figure out to deal with fan war and negative and self justifying comments. Just ignore them. Korean netizens can see through them. I know it is hard. It is a crazy world. =)
  8. Remember MUD episode that Jong kook said he prefers meeting someone he likes in a group of friends like platonic meeting. I think he gets quite shy to be alone. It could mean that with a group of friends could consider as dating in Jong Kook's dating book. It seems like if you find a potential wife for Jong Kook, it is better to mix her with group of friends. It probably give more openness to express themselves. I think he called Kwangsoo because he is the one who can make Somin feel comfortable and break the ice since he knows both Jong Kook and Somin well to handle the situation I think. Kwangsoo is probably playing along like adlib to make it look like it is not a date to put off rumours. Kwangsoo is a kind of guy who wishes to protect his friends' secret. This is just my opinion and observation. Because they kept on going back and forth whether it is a date or note. Sechan said it is a date. Jong Kook didn't deny. Somin said no. Jong kook played along. Kwangsoo said no. Jong Kook wanted to give him flying kicks. Jaesuk and Sechan called him flirty Kook. More flying kicks. I mean they are trying to cool down the rumour but why is he acting like he didn't want Somin to think of it as a wrong way. Kwangsoo and Jaesuk is trying to say that it is not a date. I don't know if they are trying to show Jong Kook tends to be flirty and it doesn't mean he is interested. Jong Kook's reaction is bit strange but cute. He seems to want Somin not to get all hurt or wrong idea. It is quite ambiguous. It goes same thing when he tried to set Somin up with Jong Min. But Jong Kook just showed his closeness with Somin rather than setting up with Jong min in first place. Jong Min asked if there is something between Kookmin. Jong Kook sort of looked bit shaken and his eyes looked away. He didn't say no, I am too old for her. Or we have very different personality. Or say I am not her type. She likes a guy who is and that HaHa had to answer for him. He didn't brief Jong Min or etc before calling Somin. HaHa had to do the work. It was cute and sweet..... quite strange. =)
  9. It is hard to know what Somin's fans is trying to do. Lets not point faults. Sometimes it backfired. Some of them are not very good English or Korean speakers. They tried very hard using their broken English to express the situation. It is three years. Some celebrities had to deal with hate for a long time even closer to home. Jong Kook had it longer and far worse. He had overcame it so well and so much that he give us a lot of respect and awe of his character and maturity to handle the situation. He treats somin so well with all of his heart with kindness and support. He is a really a great guy for me to join Kook-min clan for supporting their chemistry and friendship that could go beyond. They have a wonderful chemistry that really complement each other despite their differences. If there is suggestion to expose the fact manipulation, it would be good. Just to let you know that we have tried our best and hardest we can. Her fanbase may be small but it is growing. She was attacked at the moment she joined Running Man. The fanbase grew fast but slow down. There may be silent Somin fans. But the thing is that, Somin preserve and kept moving forward despite it all. She earned her place with her talents and wits. Not because of her fans. The fanbase grew slowly, and everyone didn't know her too well beyond RM. RM is not very popular in Korea anymore. It is quite small comparing to international fanbase. The time around gary left, the viewership lowered due to lack of direction and high competition. When Somin got the hate, she didn't have too many fans yet. The hate came in surprise. We started to fight the fire. And it leading to a fanwar causing more problem. Fanwar became hate. It was a domino effect. Some of us are new to IG. Somin attracts new fans. Some old fans of 7012 started not to be very welcoming. They hate it so much but later on they started to accept her eventually. Not everyone knows how to set up the post that would create a lot of hate comments and complains. The fans probably didn't want to wake up to see their IG filled with negative comments. Some will be senseless. I see some of haters and fans got so bold that it got out of topic and out of hand. Some haters would try to go off topic in comments, and try to make it worse with more boldness. It drove us crazy. I think the fast way we can get is Korean netizens. There can be two side of coin to help one another towards one goal. I think Somin's fans have been well behaved, rational, and trying their best. They have made posts but not as hard you expect. There are downside as a international fans. Korean netizens have noticed it before, and put blame on one of the fanbase. But they let it go. After finding out that Wookmin is getting a lot of threat and hate that put toll on their families. We could have failed on protecting Somin and her family. I have seen the fans trying to report her agency, and even to one of the staffs. It seems like their hands were tied until Wook-min spoke it up. I also think that Wook-min and Somin were not kind of people to share what really happen to them until it went overboard. It is a possibility that members didn't know how severe it is. There is also some language barriers. You can also do dual language- English and Korean to expose the haters' manipulation of facts and trying to put Somin in a shameful light as if it is true about her. It help if you need Korean netizens attention. They will bring it up and express it how it could be done. It will reach to the ears that is close to Somin to give them comfort. We just could show the fact that fact manipulation is very wrong trying so hard to build such a bad image on someone that she was never that kind of person in her life. I have seen how they tried to paint her something that is I cannot describe something so awful to call a woman. I have seen how they tried to create a rumour that she was having an affair to get a job or screentime. I have seen replies that cause painful fanwar and denial. I just hope you will be able to help clear up the situation and bring this to light to bring them to justice. Please continue to give overwhelming support and love to Somin and her family. I was wrong to suggest to tag to Jong Kook's post drag him with this situation. Jong Kook had enough of pain of these things. So do other members. I thought it is only way to clear up misunderstanding. But I think Korean netizens taking notice of Wook-min's message has taken up explanation that they know what is going on, and the haters have crossed the line. The Knetizens gave voice to the fans, and members who couldn't speak up for Somin as much as they could. I don't know what's wrong with her agency for not taking action after her fans trying to ask them to take up the bully report against Somin. I'll back you up with this one. It is not going to be an easy road, but hopefully you can prove me wrong. Lets work as two sides of the coin to move forward and resolve these hates. I hope they wont ever deal with that pain ever again.
  10. Sorry I have offended you. I think you are right in many ways that you have seen Jong Kook for a long time to see how he carries his role over the time. I may be mistaken that he became inactive during later running man days when he was faced with health problems. And you are right that Kwangsoo came little later. I think Jong kook has taken his role very seriously over these years. And he has been the most loved character for being strong and tough man which made him look more serious and quiet. He has changed a lot when his persona started to change. His persona has changed a lot over the duration of RM. Everyone has their own role. I pointed out that Jaesuk has a long experience to bring things out at the last minute or out of blue. They have to come up with the things very fast and carry along without any mishaps. Kwangsoo came little later founding his pabo image that is perfect for RM. I think RM restricted Jong kook's persona that he stood opposite of the others to bring colour to the show. It was not because of Jong kook, but his persona kind of limit his role that he couldn't go beyond. He has worked around and was able to get a lot of love from all ages. I think later on he has become open up and his persona opened up to see real side of him. He is more than tough and strong but very soft inside. He is sweet with sweet voice. You may be right that Somin is not yet a pillar or at all. She wasn't the in the beginning. She came in between. She brings up spice to everyone to change the chemistry the RM has been waiting for a long time after Gary left. Somin adds to something to carve the pillar to bring one out. She is more of a tool that try to work with everyone depending on their needs. Her role is small, but it made quite a difference. Again, sorry to offend you. Please excuse me for my ignorance.
  11. You can do that, but be very careful. Because exposing the matter would get Jihyo involved. Even Jihyo's fans is trying to deal with the problem. I have seen the bold approach before and the fans have become scary. That is why Somin's fans gave up that approach. They go quietly. Jihyo wasn't at fault but she involved in it because the posts have her in it. Somin's fans have send a lot samples and pictures to her agency. They finally said the agency is not helping at all. So please be careful because it will continue the cycle of revenge. It will also make Somin a scapegoat again. It gets quite ugly and confusing. There is a rise on anti Jihyo fan IG and it became worse. To expose them could bring misunderstanding that there are a Somin fans hating on someone. This is the path I am afraid of though. If I wanted to be positive, we can try. If you want to take more bold action, you can try. Lets not get into hate and revenge territory. Just be careful when taking bold approach. Tread this path carefully and don't let it get to your mind and nerves. If you truly can make it work, you can.
  12. It comes in both ways. I don't think Somin's fans are being passive, but it wasn't easy to deal with this for past three years. We tried to be reasonable with them, but some times it is not worth it to be so critical of them because it makes us more mad when they tick us off even more. So be careful when you do something very drastic. I think in my opinion, Somin's fans are very well behave, rational, and have their lives of their own. I hope their positive manner will continue to bring substance not to let hate shape their mindset. we can do mass reporting quietly. Expose them if you like, but we did try that way, but it would end up hurting Somin more if she founds out that there are more and more. We didn't want to put too much attention to it. It makes Jihyo look bad too. somin's fans didn't want to hurt Jihyo and her image. It is better to end cycle of revenge. Now, wookmin brought it to light, our painful journey has come to end. We will keep Somin's positivity as an example to move forward. Somin's fans didn't fail her and themselves. They were consistent and rational in some ways. They have been trying to deal with fake Somin's fans. Fake Jihyo's fans is actually the problem of real Jihyo fans. I think we should be careful. And try to fill our mindset with positivity. We don't know Somin or Jihyo that well. They would like us to treat others nicely. They even admire each other. Lets not try to make them into scapegoats. The issue came to light because the haters started to threat her family member, too close to her home. That is step over the boundary that wookmin had to take action. I have seem Somin's fan taking bold approach but often ignored. Koreans took notice of it because Wookmin is Korean citizen. He wrote in Korean. The content is very Korean. The IG posts in public is quite different. That is why Wookmin was given attention. It wasn't the fault of Somin's fans. They have given so much effort and love for Somin. They post wonderful and beautiful things about her. They send her thoughtful gifts and all to make her happy. It makes her happy. It is very Somin. She wouldn't want anyone to be negative because of her. Sometimes we get too bold, it gets worse. Some of Somin's fans got bolder when they talked about jihyo's frozen flower and even post the scenes in IG. Be careful! Let the haters spread the hate. Let us spread love and make it louder.
  13. She really did. She was so much fun! Before it was Jaesuk and Kwangsoo. Why not to have a female presence in leadership too! Somin give a lot of girl power to the world of variety.
  14. Sechan wasn't given too much hate because he wasn't too active earlier. He was also seen taking care of Jihyo a lot. He does get some hate but he is not very active. He is observing and I think he had a hard time because of his role as beloved comedian. That is a big burden to carry. It is also because there are so many comedians. It is hard to stand out. Sechan actually did well later that he is good with words and wits to create comedy. Some kind of comedian version of Gary. Gary is more romantic kind and Sechan is more of comedic side, and both of them are very good with words and skits. Jihyo is a very beautiful and introverted. She has a nice personality. She is good with reality shows like about beauty or daily life or etc with friends who can talk about her when she cant express herself. She is good with some kind of gangster image but RM made it for her, and she carries it. RM did a lot of image for her. She is very well loved by the staff and members. She comes forward when she is ready. She is not always consistent. It goes same to Jong Kook, HaHa, Sechan and Sukjin. They come and go randomly. Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, and Somin were more of leaders and consistent. They carry the show consistently and whole a lot of work. The trio had to throw their image out to perform with comedy, humour, skits, or etc. that would help the PD and staff to create countless of to show to make everyone laugh with delight. Jihyo as cavewoman along with Sechan being male version of blank-- it is a good way bring up but doing it over and over again in a same way could bore anyone out. You need to bring wits out of it. Kwangsoo and Sechan works really well together as rivals when it comes to pabo when it comes to name the celebrity game. Sechan has improved because he has good experience with skits and wits. Jihyo will have to show her unlikely side of her one day. It is not Jihyo's fault. She comes when she is ready. Jong Kook, HaHa and Sukjin weren't always consistent. They come forward when they come up with something. This team needs someone who constantly can bring wits, humour, and thinking outside of box in every last minute. First Jaesuk, then Kwangsoo, then came along Somin. Jaesuk and Kwangsoo were losing their battery because it became repetitive losing their interest. When Somin came, she gave them a wild ride. She works so well with Kwangsoo. Even Nation's Mc was being challenged by her. She is truly an Ace in her own way. She is so consistent and hard working. She smiles and very witty for being an actress. She also has a great personality. Somin and Jihyo are very cooperative like yin and yang. Jihyo learn from Somin and everyone else. I think Jong kook is trying to make somin comfortable or is comfortable with her because she is very accommodating. I saw her treat Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, Sukjin, Jong Kook, Haha, Jihyo, and Sechan- she treats them differently depending on their needs. She is like a chameleon that she wanted to make everyone happy. Among them, I think she likes Jong Kook with respect and bits of romance. He is her type. Remember the witchhunt interview- a lot said Somin's type is Jong Kook. Her eyes widen when she is with him. I think Jong Kook is somehow infamous for being slow to react when someone is interested in him. He even admitted it that it takes several attempts to get him to notice. Knock ten times, he'll notice it. Hehehe. Didn't we see how many times Somin wanted to cheer him up and poke him several times with her wits. If I were him, there is a lot of awe and impression on her caliber and personality that is so pleasant and funny. I can say she makes him smile more and even more talkative that she bought out old Jong Kook who is actually very soft and talkative. In early Jeju episode, he was so sweet with her. He was so talkative. They kept on admiring each other. Somin also never let anyone forget that Jong Kook is a singer. She would often go around telling how much she loves his song and sang it. I think Jong kook felt that there is something special about her that he likes. Lately in MUD, he said he likes to be with someone he can talk to emotionally. Somin's book of poems are full of emotions dripping like honey. He wanted to talk about it and read about, and promoting her. I think he did it more than he is sorry for her. I don't think he would promote her book if it is not very interesting. If it is good, he'll make it happen. He wanted to tell how good it is. If he really cares about her and think the book is weird. He wouldn't do it too often. He wanted to show how incredible Somin is, and knew she will do well. He read one of her poem and she explained it. It is actually very insightful. I think Jong Kook wanted to comfort her at first, but couldn't help to keep from falling for her charms. She gets more adorable than ever. Even Jaesuk and HaHa cares for her so much. Sukjin admires her. Jihyo even loves her little sister and let her hug and hide her back. Jihyo often learned from Somin by example and look at her as proud sister. I don't think Jihyo has never been jealous. Sechan and Kwangsoo became her best friend instantly that they hangout constantly. Even before Somin joined, Jihyo was given criticism from netizens for not being active or etc. That is a lot of pressure on Jihyo who is not a professional comedian or variety star. With Somin along, Jihyo's burden has lifted. She can move forward when she is ready. Jong Kook, Haha, Sechan, and Sukjin already had Jaesuk and Kwangsoo to be more consistent. Netizens wanted something with quality and concept. If it is not good, they move on. A lot of variety shows change the members.
  15. Hey guys, reading what Jong Kook said about hate comments and how to deal with it. He said to respond to it in a most positive manner like telling them just to be strong. We can put ourselves in a more positive manner. I also notice that there is some haters decided to pretend to be somin fans putting up anti Jihyo's posts and said Jihyo Out. He or she is trying to make Somin a scapegoat after seeing Knetizens being angry at so called Jihyo fans. It is tiresome to deal with fake Somin and Kook-min shipper fans. To take heed on Jong Kook's advice, we can try to help Jihyo fans to protect her as well. We can make LOUD and positive hashtag on their comment posts that we love both Somin and Jihyo. Even Somin fans love Jihyo. It is some ways to prove that Somin's true fans are respectful to Jihyo. We don't want to cause another fan wars. Mass reporting is like a wildfire that would never end. The haters will keep making new ones over and over again. But to reach the ears of Somin, Jihyo, and Knetizens, we stand for Somin and Jihyo and the rest of RM. How about creating hashtag and spam like crazy on hater's fanpage and always have cheerful and positive voice! #weloveJeonSominandSongJiyHoRM #WeloveMongDolRM #WeloveSongJihyo! #BestrongSominandJihyo #AmazingwomenofRM #welove7012and9012RM #StayStrongRM #SominsfanforJihyo anything anything.. spread the word to Somin and Jihyo real fans to hashtag more positive message to overcome this fan war!!!
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