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  1. Im rewatching and reached ep 15 and was wondering if that was just me. Probably the only time I couldn't with my actual favourite Character. I really dislike how Yunlan suddenly gets incredibly insensitive and intervenes when the regent tells Shen Wei he lost the booklet. Shen Wei rebukes the regent, and also represents his position as his direct superior as the Black Robe. As theyve shown us hirarchy in Dixing is very important. Yunlan tries to calm the situation at first, but his words ridicule Shen Wei in a very unfitting situation, in front of his subordinate. Wei makes clear that he wants to keep the situation as it is, for a reason. (He knows what he is doing after all.) Yunlan then only laughs and says he was so confused with Shen Wei switching from Professor to Black Robe, which I find was extremely inappropriate. Logically seen Wei gets his status lowered and credibilty taken away. It disappoints me a bit because it doesn't really seem like Yunlan and thats also rude.
  2. @ylywells1 He probably curls the pages because its yunlan on the phone, which as we notice is quite a hot topic for him in all aspects. Since so much should be going on in his head this time Im pretty sure it stands for unrest, excitement, all these things.
  3. Hai so Ive been stalking this threat for a while. I was suprised Bai Yu isnt mentioned more often. Admitting that Ive only read pages randomly though. I mean hot damn Bai Yu with beard is probably the best thing that happened to me. Such a man. Im sensing that in asia its more about soft features and probably less facial hair for males. But HOT DAMN Im from Germany and I kind of felt like Bai Yu was born to have a beard. What a handsome man. And oh the scenes y lan roars full anger, sometimes in despair. It was such a ride! Im almost taken aback by his authentic acting. He doesnt seem to deliver only an image, but a whole identity that you can hold on to, feel his flaws or relate to him. Stereotype-ish scenes make want to drop many dramas out there but those two managed to circumvent these completely.
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