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  1. soo uri Hyunnie updates IG with a selfie after Oppa updates his with a selfie too? Yup, it has no connection so shut up you delulus! oh well Que sera sera! so wait I forgot to decipher uri Hyunnie's caption emoji Hyunnie captions: She is going to enjoy pizza and chicken and milkshake, under the tree on a sunny day (?) LOL!
  2. soo wait does this mean that since he accepted this, its Hyunnie approved? So are we getting hot kisses or steamy bed scenes, or NOT? Or maybe there will be none of those, and its back to fish kisses? That's why it was approved by the Hyunnie script committee??
  3. Now see this one, to me I think the future projects that Wookie will accept would have us all thinking, did Hyunnie help him pick this? Or for every script he turned down, we are gonna wonder why it didn't pass LOL. Or if he gets a new project, we are gonna watch it and remember that it could possibly be Hyunnie approved, so we are gonna check out the kiss scenes or bed scenes if there are any, and see how he will perform on this. Roflmao! The reporters could also do that, ask him at his every project if he has checked out the script with Hyunnie this interview will haunt him for his entire career! LOL!
  4. sssssooo if he was briefed by Bang, uhmm wookie? What exactly were you briefed about? LOL!!!! Did you mess it up a bit?
  5. My two cents on this recent 'nuclear bomb' that we have received. It has literally blown my mind out into space! And believe it or not, I am still gathering my thoughts. My boy Wookie was calm and collected as he stood at the gates of Cheorwon. I have seen that his hiatus from the K-biz gave him some respite. He looked like some confident military man who is out to conquer the world. Suddenly, this reporter asks him this hanging question, that was left when he entered into service, will Hyunnie visit him at Cheorwon? And BOOM! This confident and collected military man was reduced to a flustered, almost giddy persona who rambled off his answer without considering the repercussions of his response. LOL! His demeanour was like a guy who was asked about a very special person in his life that his entire aura has changed. He smiled so much that his eyes crinkled. He may have shown some nervousness but all it all, it didn't seem as if he was in any way uncomfortable about the topic at hand. Now here is the dilemma that I cannot wrap my head around in. His statements were so jumbled up together that it was obviously clear that he was talking about two different scenarios. He (Wookie) didn't consider it visiting per se, he said that they saw each other at the musical and talked briefly after. Okay granted that, the next question was, did he tell his army pals about it. He said no, because the system only allowed the visitor to see who they want to visit (?). I got lost in translation here. But moving on, I was like huh? What the heck is he talking about? He mentioned a system, I didn't know there was a system that existed in meet and greet at musicals. Then he continued to ramble on about her helping him with scripts, was this the musical scripts (?) but he himself debunked it and said it was for future projects. . I didn't even know when they had time to study scripts if they only met briefly, so there was another time for them when they studied it? One cannot say you studied something if the meeting was very brief was it? Chincha, this boy! I dunno what to think, and say except that he is literally gone, the moment her name was mentioned, he was like a star that shined and blinked so bright in the sky that it was undeniable. Was he subtly, wait erase the subtleness, openly telling us that Hyunnie had and will have a bit of a hand in deciding which dramas he will take or accept? And amidst all these, I cannot wrap it around my head, if this was how their relationship goes, be it as friends or more than friends, it certainly is off to a good start. I can see that he trusts her judgement and despite the age gap, her opinion seem to rank high on his list. I was way too excited to see where the road takes them. I can delulu that I wish they would be marching down the aisle *sshhh you delulus* but I cannot really say what is in their future. Only that it looks promising. We the Namji shippers don't have to do anything at all but wait and see. They are the ones steering this ship. It seems that they need no help from us!
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