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  1. As I said, they, the writers went out splendidly, yup they made azzes of themselves. The last episode turned everything a very large plothole! I am sure that CJ is wondering where his arrogant, trashtalking queen of his has gone. He loves that in SB. He knows that it is inherent in her personality, surely the writers didn't think it would last like that. LOL! Have they never experienced true love? When you love a person, minute changes in their personality will be the first thing you will notice. I don't know if it was justified that HJ was pretending to be the savior gets kicked
  2. I cannot even imagine SY punching CJ lights out if he annoys her. Remember when CJ was asking advice from Director Hong, he said that Director Hong's advice will likely end up with SB killing him. Can anyone imagine now CJ being afraid of SY or knowing that SY will not be above hitting him in the face if she is annoyed? Like I said, palace dynamics will change, since it was SB's social sphere. The palace maids, eunuchs, the concubines and even the cooks. Writer should have the consideration on how to stay true to the plot before even penning in ending a story. N
  3. The entire thing is all mucked up, grrr! I am so upset with it. SY deserved to live (?), the writers never gave us a chance to invest in SY's emotions and personality, while going all out on SB, so how can they expect us to empathize with a character that was never really there in the first place. The spin offs were saving graces for the writers, hoping they could trick the watchers to go into this bubble wherein SY deserved to be beloved by the king because of their history from the well upto the bamboo forest. But like what CJ told HJ, he did not love her just becaus
  4. I think the King did realize that it was no longer the woman he loved, remember, he does remember all the things that SB says to him. I bet he also remembered what SB told him that he was a man from the future. Hence, the scene of him pondering on whether or not he lost something very precious while looking at the Queen's dictionary.
  5. A propos to all who bore down upto till the shitty end. It sucks, all throughout it, no indication of it being SY except in moments he went girly and screamed her head off after that hot night with the king. Let's just agree to disagree. I say ending was RickRoll'D crap. but thats me, I am not close minded to consider a heterosexual man can develop feelings for another heterosexual man. It does happen. I believe the writers had to bow down to the SK conservatives that frown at that kind of relationship. Even as a possibility. If SK was like Thailand, I bet, it wouldn't end that way
  6. Its called muscle memory I think, once learned cannot be unlearned like riding a bike, you forget for a bit but then its there. The cooking skills were all JBH/SB, the excellent people skills were all him too. His personality is the one the shone through, but the feminine side were all but mere shadows or wisps of recollection. But then, I am not so sure what kind of take would the writers have. The spin offs were to justify the road the story ended, I guess. For me it would have been a better ending, if SY soul had left and eventually met up with BI soul, one who lov
  7. Well I am going to sleep now, I am so upset about this. Not a very happy camper with this ending. For me, it smacks of how backward still they are in societal norms (it is glaringly obvious what they tried to avoid). I guess SK is happy that it is now back to a male -female scenario rather than the heterosexual male wanting to have sex with another heterosexual male. CJ will never again experience the 'aummm' with his queen! After all, I do not think SY has it in her to be the initiator.
  8. What she remembers are the memories that JBH had while he was in her body, but bear in mind that she does not have his knowledge (politics, skills and over all experience). Remember that SB and CJ have their nightly ritual of story telling, so does this mean it does not happen after? SY does not have memories of the future. So she will have nothing to say further about what interests CJ. He is interested in social science, remember as SB said, since he always looked forward to their nightly talks.
  9. Let us see here, the dynamics of the entire palace will change because in the first place SY is not and in no way SB! Kitchen Dynamic - SY does not cook. So the created relationship between the royal chef and the cooks in the kitchen, kaput! The relationship cultivated there will just be a mere fragment of the memory (which we would like to assume that the writers would forget). In reality, those fostered relationship makes a person what he/she is. Will this mean that SY will never set foot in the kitchen, since she really does not have any inclination to cook? Neithe
  10. CJ will never hear the woman he loves call him, oh, Cheoljong! For me that is so sad, after all, he practically lost his identity when he became King and it was only until SB came that he gets to hear his name being called, said or mentioned.
  11. SB was such a challenge for CJ. He learned to over come his prejudice, his fears, he learned to trust and be honest. Let us be honest here, if it was SY, will he be the same? I do not even think, SY will do what SB did to the GDQ and DQ, challenging them on their own turf. Standing up against a literal giant (Kim Clan) abandoning them because they tried to kill her. SY reacted differently to being threatened, she jumped into the lake. The moment she did that, ended it for me on expecting anything from her at all. Her story ended there. That is it. I will vote multiple times!
  12. Somehow I cannot imagine SY slapping the king if he goes and say something stupid, or hit him repeated for being an azz! It is so totally not SB anymore. The writers are trying to make CJ a man, who falls for women just because of her face, meh, I thought CJ was the epitome of a person who doesn't care what kind of person you are, flaws and all. He loved therefore he loved you end of story. So does this mean, he will never meet the woman he fell in love with? He learned to struggle with? The one he learned to be honest with? That makes the ending so sad and pathetic.
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