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  1. wow just watched the new Swoon video and read all the new observations!! HB and SYJ's hands during that Swiss scene made me squeal How am I ever going to get over CLOY and this couple?!! Send help! idk about you guys but I'm already rehearsing my shocked expression for when they announce their marriage gotta convince them that they had us fooled this whole time lol #InGroceryWeTrust #AisleToCheckOut
  2. Hyunbin just donated 200 Million won to help with Coronavirus prevention If we add Yejin's donation, then our BinJin couple donated a total of 300 Million won
  3. Wow I was busy for a few days and I come back to see that this thread has become so active! Finally finished back reading and first things first, I'd like to welcome all the window shopers who have finally decided to enter the grocery happy shopping It's so interesting to hear that HB and YJ have a lot of mutual friends!!! Maybe one of them is a shopper like us (I'm betting Captain Ri's TV that Yoona is one of us loljk) I am so convinced they are seeing each other after reading through people's analysis and, as mentioned by others, let's try to keep this thread positive For newcomers, please make sure to read through the soompi forum rules before you start posting so that the mods don't lock this thread. #InGroceryWeTrust
  4. @Moonstarmagick hi my fellow filipino shopper! Also to add to what you mentioned about filming kiss scenes, I think it's the same in k dramas. I know from interviews with other actors that there are times when the production staff like to play pranks on the leads. I know of one where the director purposefully doesn't say cut so the actors keep kissing and when they realize something is up, they find they're all alone on the set I'm hoping the CLOY production did the same
  5. I love how this thread went from positive to negative then exciting to now just trying to figure out what's in the shopping cart We are living on crumbs but I love it lol #InGroceryWeTrust #WhatsInYourCart
  6. Wow I don't check on the forum for a few hours and we're already over 200 pages!!!! For the new grocery shoppers, remember that this is a shipping thread for Hyunbin and Son Yejin so let's ship them positively and welcome aboard Hidden V*ST agents, please exit the grocery Just a tip for everyone: If you want more info from someone, please just message them directly by clicking on their name/profile instead of commenting. Let's not make this thread into a chat
  7. aigooo what's up with the negativity? This is called "shippers' paradise" for a reason! A place for us shippers to ship in peace! To non-shoppers/hidden V*ST agents, if you're not here to shop, please exit the grocery.
  8. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are not dating................................................. but I'm sure Kim Tae Pyung and Son Eon Jin are Let's try to keep this forum positive, everyone ❤️ #InGroceryWeTrust
  9. I think VAST sent her a DM About the third denial, if it is an official statement from VAST, I'd wait for an official link and an accurate translation before I break my own heart lol allkpop and koreaboo are known to exaggerate and negatively word their articles to get click bait.
  10. Omo omo!!! I'm going to start calling BinJin my parents if they keep acting like they're really married in these new pictures
  11. So this is the first time I'm ever posting on this thread but the finale of CLOY really hit me hard Really really hoping to hear some good news from our BinJin couple