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  1. Missing the most beautiful couple in kdramaland... Jinsoo couple I really love your chemistry so much, I really hope SHK and PBG will work together again
  2. here it is the zoomed out kiss but its so white you cant see their lips
  3. I miss waiting every wed and thu for the livestream, then wait again for the eng sub, reading tweets and rewatching videos from ig and soompi about encounter... miss those days even i dont have enough sleep and definitely miss Jinsoo couple so much... I cant even start watching a new kdrama... thanks for all the wonderful insights here and gifs from our Jinsoo couple...
  4. I cant move on, rewatching the drama then listening to all the ost even reading youtube comments about SHK and PBG great chemistry... most comments are all positive and they want them to work together again just like us... im going crazy i miss Jinsoo couple so much I really want then to win an awards this year so i can see them together again, i love them, what this drama did to me...
  5. Im not ready to let go of this drama, time to rewatched from ep 1 to ep 16 over and over again.. i wished they get an awards for this ...SHK and PBG, the writer and the PD they all deserve it for creating this amazing story, so heartfelt i loved it so much sad that its over...
  6. Looks like it, I hope there’s a video of them cutting the cake and their messages too...
  7. @gumtaek thank you for that picture, I I love it, cutting their cake while smiling and look at their hands together... I hope they are close now like Yoo Ah In and SHK in real life just like a real Noona dongsaeng friendship... will miss both of them as CSH and KJH.. Wishing they can work together again...
  8. @Jemrie wow that kissing gif thank you so much, can’t stop watching it PBG can really kiss, looks so manly the way he holds CSH even when he is holding her head for more deep kissing... kudos to both of them for being so professional and acted being in love really well
  9. @leedonghaek thanks again for those gifs, KJH looking at CSH lips ah why no kiss, I’m just being greedy
  10. I was wondering before why KJH still has CSH shoes, now I know it will be the biggest symbol of her coming back to him, omg just like Cinderella... and the memo Cuba note to be preserved in a glass jar together with the flower when he proposed to her my gosh it’s really so romantic, they will always remember the first time they meet each other looking at that jar...Writernim I salute you, you created a wonderful love story like fairytale but so realistic too.... I will miss CSH and KJH...
  11. Im very satisfied with the ending... officially my favorite kdrama love story, fairy tale like... PBG looks so manly while kissing SHK it was a deep kiss while snowing its so romantic just like their love story, i will miss this show so much, thank you all for the translations and gifs.., And to SHK thank you again for taking this drama and i will wait for your return to kdramaland.. And to PBG im now your fan you are such a good actor.. Wishing that you and SHK will work together again
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