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  1. I think the PR person is to be blamed. Like he is a rising star and is soo popular and you go and sabotage him by asking him to deliberately not talk to yby. Its like who had this bright idea. We should make cheng yi appear like a jerk to all his new swooning fans. We love cheng yi because we associate him as sifeng who loved xuanji. And now someone made him look like he's a heartless jerk! What a great way to make him August or September boyfriend. OH and this was a LAR event!! Its not an event for a new show???? Im so mad. I can understand the anger on weibo. Im just directing my anger to whoever it is who told him that he has to distance himself from yby. Because that's the most illogical thing imo to do esp when the drama is so popular and esp when u r so popular because you r playing the part of the perfect  boyfriend or husband or man of every girls dreams. And yea this image is shattered literally overnight. 

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  2. Is his agency saying anything ?? I really don't understand what was he trying to achieve ? Its a fan meet! Its not like he's at court or something and has to be honest about if he likes yby. Even u can just fake being friendly loke platonic not like enemies on stage ?. I am so dissapointed tbh. Like I was looking forward to all his moves and dramas and now its just left me very disappointed and so betrayed. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, XxchinesedramacrazexX said:

    I can't get over this drama...really suffering from post drama depression. Even listening to the OST makes me sad. I'm in a constant state of wanting to relive the story = rewatching clips vs rewatching clips = even more sadness.

    Me tooo I'm the same.. i keep re watching the earlier part. Shy sifeng is sooooo cute. Love him so much. I wish there were more scenes of them together..im listening to the ost too.. i hope more people watch this show. Its really the best!!

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  4. 10 hours ago, maryly09 said:

    i decided to watch the RAW episodes because i couldn't wait for the eng subs anymore. i'm happy it's a happy ending, but i still haven't forgiven XJ for how she treated xifeng when she thought he was morsha (or however you spelled it). she was so mean and evil, to me. when she became all sweet and loving again, i just don't take it anymore and i don't believe it anymore. my heart aches because this drama is ending. idk what i'm going to do with my life now. :weary:

    Ya i hated xuanji too. And I can understand sifengs pain as even yanran can love him for who he is why cant xuanji. And also after everything they've been through together to not believe him and just like see the surface of things was so bad.it felt like she never loved him at all. Guess she didn't because if she did the lovers curse would have been already gone right but it was there until epi 52. So it seems like xj is very undeserving of sifeng. Like I dont think she would have stabbed mingyan or even zihu..but she had to stab sifeng 3 times. And even use the poison vial on him. Like come on man.

  5. 13 minutes ago, eclipse02 said:

    So trueee... it is THE best drama indeed... i'm still not ready to move on yet.. still waiting for the subs to finalize till the end, rewatching it and behind the scenes of the drama to fill in.

    Maybe later later later on, i might catch on Cheng Yi's next drama (The Promise of Chang'an). But due to its story, my poor heart can only endure watching the happy moments only episodes :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:

    Too bad his next drama with Ling Long (Zhang Yuxi) is so faraway..:astonished:

    I'm like u.. im not ready to move on too keep watching all the sweet parts and their interactions at the start and bts!! We are obsessed lol. I cant watch promise of chang an too as he love is madame dong fang!!, is his love interest going to be linglong next ?? Oh no. Ok maybe just watch it because of the actor then lolll

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  6. 55 minutes ago, eclipse02 said:

    Woaawww..what an ending.. their happy moments in the ending seem so unreal...like an illusion, because there's so many sad ones before. Finally they're happy at last :flushed::bawling:

    Although there's many details that i still don't understand (like SF's real mother in heaven realms,etc), but i'll wait patiently for the subs. And rewatched it again from the beginning, i still cannot move on yet :bawling: 

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    What a beautiful wedding.. :wub: And i think later on with their kid, SF will be the softy parent and XJ is the hard one :joy: with Tengshe as the babysitter.


    Oh noo I'm going to be like you when its over..cant move on!!! And I'm just at episode 32..im going to binge watch it till the end on sat..then re watch from the beginning. But only sifeng and xuanjis scenes and ffwd everything else lol. I act love the scenes in the beginning when sifeng is pretending to act cool like he isn't bothered by xuanji..but u can tell that he's super flustered by her. Its so damn cute.. aw love sifeng. My fav character of all time. I think he's finally replaced yehua and denglun in ashes of love in my heart as no 1 xianxia husband !! Hehe so glad the ending is a good one. 

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  7. Oh yay good we don't hate the actor. He is like the most handsome villain I've ever seen. Can I say he looks more handsome than yu si feng?? But I love si feng too of course. Si feng is like a poor little boy so deep in love  getting tortured all the time. Loll. Episode 32 now..

    Can I also say I that I lovee teng she!! He is so funny!!!! Esp when he calls dijun a weakling LMAO at hao chens face!

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  8. I've never seen cheng yi before this must say that I lovee him so much now. Good to know his star is rising! Hope he becomes a super star esp in China with tons of endorsements hahaa 

    Anyway i think sifeng has got to be the only character in xian xia history to be


    rejected 9x ( even more in this life )by the woman he loves and also the only lead with the worst amount of injuries inflicted to him and the most number of times a male lead vomits out blood. 


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