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  1. Yea forget about the conference. Anyway cheng yi has a new drama promise of chang an!! R u guys watching it??
  2. I think the PR person is to be blamed. Like he is a rising star and is soo popular and you go and sabotage him by asking him to deliberately not talk to yby. Its like who had this bright idea. We should make cheng yi appear like a jerk to all his new swooning fans. We love cheng yi because we associate him as sifeng who loved xuanji. And now someone made him look like he's a heartless jerk! What a great way to make him August or September boyfriend. OH and this was a LAR event!! Its not an event for a new show???? Im so mad. I can understand the anger on weibo. Im just directing my anger to wh
  3. Is his agency saying anything ?? I really don't understand what was he trying to achieve ? Its a fan meet! Its not like he's at court or something and has to be honest about if he likes yby. Even u can just fake being friendly loke platonic not like enemies on stage ?. I am so dissapointed tbh. Like I was looking forward to all his moves and dramas and now its just left me very disappointed and so betrayed.
  4. Me tooo I'm the same.. i keep re watching the earlier part. Shy sifeng is sooooo cute. Love him so much. I wish there were more scenes of them together..im listening to the ost too.. i hope more people watch this show. Its really the best!!
  5. Me too i wanted to learn more.. but seems like he was friend zoned in heaven..and then 9x in mortal realm hahaa
  6. Ya i hated xuanji too. And I can understand sifengs pain as even yanran can love him for who he is why cant xuanji. And also after everything they've been through together to not believe him and just like see the surface of things was so bad.it felt like she never loved him at all. Guess she didn't because if she did the lovers curse would have been already gone right but it was there until epi 52. So it seems like xj is very undeserving of sifeng. Like I dont think she would have stabbed mingyan or even zihu..but she had to stab sifeng 3 times. And even use the poison vial on him. Like come o
  7. I've read so many good reviews of this drama..but i am not into BL. Is there anyone out there who loves this drama even though they weren't exactly into BL stuff from the get go?
  8. I'm like u.. im not ready to move on too keep watching all the sweet parts and their interactions at the start and bts!! We are obsessed lol. I cant watch promise of chang an too as he love is madame dong fang!!, is his love interest going to be linglong next ?? Oh no. Ok maybe just watch it because of the actor then lolll
  9. Finally finished! This has got to be one of the best dramas I've watched in a long long time. Hope to see more of all of them!! Now what to watch next...hmm.. very hard to find another drama to top this..sadly
  10. Omg the pain watching epi 40 to 48..each episode I feel like vomiting blood like sifeng. Finally im at 55.. im sad it will be over soon. I literally
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