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  1. Hi guys! Missed all of you SA loyal fans I won't add much since most of the points were answered in above posts. I want to talk about SJH's letter in the latest episode. As a long term SA shipper, I don't pay much attention into screen display moments even if they are natural. For me, the most interesting moments are those in the background, those that are not directed for the camera, instead I prefer and I find more meaning in those moments where the camera always shift away from SA to the point where sometimes, it results in an unbalanced/unprofessional cuts done by the editing team. @mn0096 's shared video above is one of the honest moments coming from the member's mouths. In no way was YJS trying to inflect more pain to the already wounded SA after the firing incident or even worse spreading rumors about the "why those two?", for those who didn't know or new shippers, in the early year of 2016, SA were engolfed in dating rumors, some news even talked about them visiting wedding halls and it was a huge scandal especially in south korea, so would YJS add fuel to the gas by displaying his support to SA asking them to get married especially under those circumtances??. Also, that episode was shot with 80% confirmation that RM will end soon, it was an episode where members and PDs apologized to SA and to the viewers. So apart from that one direct moment of honesty coming from the wise and veteran YJS, all other on screen moments don't ring a bell on me and they are not the reason why I ship KJK nad SJH together. And so back with the letter case, be it because the sitting arrangement was scripted, the content of the letter (which I highly doubt) was also scripted is not the main reason people ship those two together. I don't have access to many SA moments in hand right now so I want to share a one moment here with you that really means a lot to me, because however you look at it, it's just supicious. The footage that the editing team used was not a convenient one, knowing that there were lots of cameras that definitely shot all the members from different angles. The two talking were JSJ and LKS however the angle cut KJK-SJH-LKS-JSJ and only showed a shy/speechless HAHA, a teasing YJS pointing to SA while asking for a cut, with a "pick a boo" YSC, LOL.
  2. Hey guys! It's been a while . I wanted to share this but didn't have the time that's why I waited for someone to share the clip so thanks for the owner It's not very clear in the video below, but if you guys watch the whole moment in the original video you can notice that everyone glanced toward KJK. First of all the way JSJ told SJH to kiss the dices sounded like he asked her to kiss him instead, so knowing this I can understand why everyone seemed confused/shocked, but then why glance toward KJK ? If you you play the segment in slow motion you can clearly see that all the members checked on KJK's reaction. First it was HAHA and YSC then LKS and YJS, JSM went as far as mentioning how shocked she was mishearing JSJ's words. Also during the opening segment I love how KJK defended SJH after JSJ attacking her way of always putting a cap during filming. Actually JSJ wanted to ask SJH to let her hair down since it makes her way more beautiful than tying it up, so instead he ended up telling her that her face is not that pretty and that her hair takes up 70% of her beauty. LOL JSJ is really funny especially when he is cornered or flustered. Anyway, if you guys hear KJK's tone when asking JSJ how much hair he still own, you can notice he was like "mocking" JSJ. After watching RM for the past 9 years I'm pretty sure KJK don't like others teasing or complementing SJH in front of him, he sometimes just agree but most of the times he has something to add. For example, if a guest/member compliment SJH he will try to tease her instead and if someone is teasing her he will either mercilessly rip his nametag later on or just verbally mock him instead while staying professional and respectful of course. He is like "only "I (KJK)" have the right to tease and compliment SJH".
  3. No matter what relationship SA holds up right now, I believe that SJH was really happy to be on stage today in her hometown Pohang. I don't like to be a delusional fool but for an unknown reason , I felt like KJK was more daring toward SJH on stage this time around. We can clearly notice that he was thinking before taking actions which means it wasn't "mostly" natural interactions. He was like "this is my woman" and I want to show it to her hometown. His eyes were basically following her every steps during the brief moments they shared the stage together. @elzy Well at this point, there is no doubt that HAHA is being supportive of the SA equation (if SA are just friends he really wish for them to turn into a real couple and if they are already dating he sure is pushing for a revelation or a soon to be announced marriage). Regarding today's event, I hope some backstage moments to show up either on MUD or BP (I prefer the latest since I don't like SBS's ways of taking advantage of any KJK-female interaction to create chaos). As for SA sharing clothes I believe this is not the first time they did so. I still remember SJH's pants in episode 187 when she crossed the Han river with the university students. Her pants were really baggy (especially around the hip-thigh area) and with the same patern KJK used to wear back then. (it was a discussed topic here before on the SA soompi thread). Also I believe SA are really into those (most koreans do) sort of things like wearing/having couple items, it's been like this for ages. You can check all the matched clothes or couple shoes SA wore during fan meentings or RM openings, the recent one for me was the Adidas shoes (the black and fluo one that KJK wore during his filming in China and SJH wore it when they met HJY at her CF shooting). @Adora Dark I share the same opinion as you since I don't like to be on the delusional side, but I'm kind of convinced that those were the same shorts KJK wore before. I always tell myself "oh please don't start your delusions now" but those two really push you to your limits. LOL
  4. Hi guys it's been a long time It's true that I didn't post for a long time but I always read your posts here and I really enjoy it By the way, I think the dancer/friend of KJK pointed at SJH and looked at KJK when the song's lyrics were about "my woman". cr as indicated
  5. It is already mentioned above but SJH replied by saying "yeobo, let's go/let's form a team". I think HJY supported them after SJH said "yeobo let's go" but in this clip it is not showing because of the cuts. I didn't watch the live so I don't know much about the whole situation.
  6. When I watched jchengggg's shared clips on IG, something picked my curiosity, KJK's somehow annoyed face when HAHA brought up the rumors between him and SJH in BP was almost the same face when HAHA asked SJH for more details about SJH's Christmas story about her "ex" in RM episode. So to put things in a simpler way, if we consider KJK's annoyed face in BP as a sign of discontent about bringing up some old rumors which makes him uncomfortable, then why would KJK make the same face when HAHA brought up SJH's ex bf story??!! If there is nothing going on between KJK and SJH, why is KJK so annoyed/uncomfortable about this topic??!! Some haters will say that KJK felt bad for SJH. As if! YJS is a very attentive man, so if the jokes goes overboard, he sure would have stepped in and protected SJH (like he has been doing for the past years) instead of joining in the teasing and naughtily glancing toward KJK. Now let's suppose that SA is a real life couple, and the story told by SJH was really about an ex, do you think HAHA would be bringing up the story that implies "mature content LOL" in front of the current bf, cameras and staffs ??? Also HAHA saying "I bet it's a new one", doesn't seem like" it's a new bf", but more like "it's a new story" (a recent one) I still remember that most of us agreed that the Christmas story couldn't be from very far away because SJH seemed shy and happy while telling it (also kind of bragging about it), KJK assisting her while all of the other members were in the "listners to the story" mode. I don't know but it feels like there is a link between everything but we can't get the whole picture since we only get what the PDs, SA and the members let it slip from time to time. I will share those two moments in here for you guys to compare the two "fake/annoyed" smile put on KJK's face in different shows but concerning the same person. the second one is from RM : cr as indicated Btw, can someone share a clear picture of SA's recent couple shoes?? I think that it wasn't highlighted enough on IG and in here, when it's really suspicious because those shoes aren't your typical ones. Like "oh it's a trend or everyone is wearing it and we find them nice so it's not strange to have the same model", however having the same model with the same color is really SUSPICIOUS, right?
  7. @sofiemarz Yeah in their naver page video, they put "KJK, SJH's husband" on the hashtags but in their YT page they put it as the title of the video. (지효 남편 꾹이 ...) When I saw this on the YT video, I thought to myself that the one who is responsible for managing RM's videos sharing is a SA shipper LOL. Anyway, labelling SJH as KJK's wife is really heartwarming. I really appreciate that the only one considered as KJK's wife is SJH.
  8. Actually, I know that many are admiring LKS's braveness for announcing his relationship with LSB and most of the fans believe that he did so because he was uncomfortable with the kwangmin LL and when the teasing went "overboard" he protected LSB's pride by announcing their relationship. All of this seems romantic but life is not a drama. Unlike his character in RM, LKS is very mature, at least this was the most remarquable feature his closest friends shared about him. So I don't believe LKS would deliberately announce his relationship to the public because some korean fans (RM fans, not the majority of korean viewers) think that kwangmin is a real couple. Also let's suppose that his realtionship with LSB really started seven months ago, would that make him announce his relationship to the public?? A five months relationship is not a solid/sure relationship. I'm sorry but possibilities of breaking up is not improbable. So what would make LKS announce his relationship with LSB when they are at the begining of their relationship. ?? Usually celebrities announce their dating news when they are planning to get married. Nowadays, announcing dating news and then breaking up news within a month or two just to create the buzz is becoming a new trend in SK (it is usually done by young celebs). However, LKS is not the type of celebs who will make use of a girl just for the buzz. He has been dating secretely for the past years, because he likes to keep his personal life off camera, like most of RM members. I brought up LeeLee couple because I think LKS and LSB has been dating for more than 5 months when they announced their dating news. And I share @linzer03's perception about SA sticking to a near past as a start of their relationship. They might even tell people that it all started after the firing incident while emphasizing the "what doesn't kill you makes you closer". Whatever SA might tell people, I will accept it as the truth but I think deep down I won't be able to ignore the 2013 theory that even HAHA mentioned on BP. As much as I wish that they tell us the truth about when they really started dating, eventhough telling the truth might be harder than we think, I also believe in their reasons/decisions of telling the public what might be the best for their careers and perception by the korean audiences. Yeah they might get some backlash if they tell people that they have ben dating for almost six years but kept it a secret even denying rumors about it. But if the audience get to love and accept SA as a couple through this loveline, I think that they will turn on a blind eye about the past. I think koreans has been opening up to different situations regarding celebrities's dating news compared to 4/5 years ago. As example, SongSong couple denied their relationship all the time they were asked by fans and journalists. But the truth was that they started dating during the filming of dots drama. No one complained about it or labelled them as liars because first of all, they were the protagonists of one of the most successful drama in SK's recent history, then the public's love and prayers for this couple to turn real was bigger than anything else. That's why I hope that turning SA into a LL in RM has its positive intention of getting the public's approval before proceeding with any official announcement by the end of 2019 or the begining of 2020.
  9. @Francess00 Welcome to SA's shipping family. And btw welcome to all the new members here. Regarding KJK's concert when he introduced SJH as a fan of Turbo, yes that was true, we shared the audio to that moment here on the thread before, and KJK said that SJH is a fan of Turbo. I also agree with you regarding KJK in term of hiding his feelings, but if you observe him closely there is some actions and facial expressions that he makes only when he is flustered or even jealous. Actually in KJK's previous LLs (I don't want to include the one episode LL), when he feels that the fandom is growing, he always try to stop it by pushing/encouraging his partner to be in another relationship with another partner (it happened with HJY in Switzerland and JSM in almost every episode although she is not a LL partner), it's his way of implying that he don't harbor any romantic feelings for his LL partner. Some will say he did the same thing with SJH and KG. But the difference here is that MC was the official loveline and everyone knows that there is nothing between KG and SJH, also KJK pushed this loveline when people started to blame him for the growth of SA fandom at that time by saying he is stealing his brother's gf by sticking and being very touchy with her. So it would be strange if he is the only RM member who don't push for the loveline. And everytime MC was highlighted in the episodes or in FMs, especially if KJK was the one who pushed for it, seconds later you can notice the change in KJK's facial expression and a continuous check of SJH's reaction. If this happened like once of twice we could say shippers have been delusional but it happened almost everytime there is an INTENSE push for the loveline. I love KG and despite his facial features that makes him look like a bad*ss, he is a naive little boy (even RM members agree to that). So I take some faith in his impulsive actions, like liking SA's pictures one month before his marriage news. And like everyone else here YJS is the reflection of the true equation of SA (to a certain extent).
  10. That's true. And in that same episode (the jail one), there was a moment when the members had to walk in a chain while crouched. HAHA was behind SJH, JSJ asked the members to put their hands on each other's waists, at first HAHA put his hands on SJH waist, but it only took him a second before realizing that it was SJH in front of him so he immediately changed his hands from on her waist to her shoulders. Which means, no matter how close a male and a female are, deepdown in their minds they know that they are of opposite sexes. And they know what's supposed/considered to be normal skinship and couple-like skinship.
  11. @spartaceluv98 Oh really, thanks for the info! I didn't pay attention to which niece's IG account that post belongs to (I don't follow either one of them). Also it's been like three years ago and we discussed more about the content rather than the owner. Once again thanks for clarifying things
  12. Actually I meant that I like the fact that the LL (naming it a loveline is the safest way for SA at the moment) is heading toward a husband and a wife combination rather than an unrequired love like most of the lovelines in SK variety shows. Having a combination of a hasband/wife doesn't eliminate the fact that they have to compete against each other when needed. They are SA and they are both competitive persons especially if they are in different teams. They are very professional and they know that they can't lose because of their affection/softness toward each other because they don't want to be the reason their team loses the games. And it has been like this for years now. And yeah just like you, I want to see them in different teams while competing against each other after the LL. Will they give in to their affection of stick to their Ace and Commander characters.
  13. I don't know but I don't think KJK entrusting Soya to SJH is really something you only entrust to someone who is more than a very close friend. If we put aside the possibility of SA being a couple, SJH is still one of KJK's closest friends and Soya is a grown up woman so there's no harm in SJH dropping her home. They are both women and as celebrities they understand each other's needs in term of securities and shifting from one place to another. However, I think the fact that KJK, SJH and Soya meeting each other off camera is the fishy thing in here. I don't know if the story shared by Soya goes back to the same discussion we shared back in 2015/2016 around episode 309. Because we had an off cam picture of SJH, KJK and Myuk PD with a fan, and on that same day, Soya shared a picture and said she met with her uncle and his friends (the picture showed the same table and restaurant pattern). However, Soya avoided mentioning SJH as one of the friends she met with her uncle. Soya is a celebrity so she knows perfectly how rumors spreeds faster than the wind itself. I believe if there was nothing between KJK and SJH, Soya would definitely tag SJH and mention that it was a RM members and staff meeting. This way, it wouldn't be strange if she tagged SJH or even mentioned her name, since even the PD was there. No one is going to say, it was a date between KJK nad SJH. But once you are trying to hide something you lose the ability to distinguish between what's normal and what's fishy because you become nervous while trying to hide something you think should be protected and hiden no matter what. It's true that Soya meeting SJH wouldn't be a once in a life time thing to happen, she could have met her many times before. Just like KJK (and RM members) meeting SJH's bother many times before it was revealed on RM. But the context of the story told by Soya, seems to fall in piece with that particular moment. I remember that KJK was wearing his top tank which he has been wearing for his gym sessions during that period of time. He wore it during RM's video rec, then later on the fan tagged KJK and SJH, and KJK was wearing that tank top, and then Soya posted on her IG telling her fans that she met her uncle and his friends without precising the names of those friends, however in her picture KJk was wearing the same watch he was wearing with SJH and the fan in the picture and we all know how rare it is for KJK to wear a watch (he do more recently but in the past it was like 5/6 times/year). Those same things happened the same day and judging by KJK's clothes, it was probably a day in which he hits the gym. Also, as the fan and Soya mentioned in their IG posts, it was very late during the night. So I suppose if KJK needed to hit the gym, SJH would definitly propose to give a ride to Soya as she is a very considerate person especially toward women so what would she do if the woman in question is KJK's niece.
  14. Hi guys, it's been a while, life is not an easy thing LOL Anyway, I was really stressed because I wasn't able to write here for the past weeks, so I'm pretty sure this post is going to be a mess, pls be comprehensive. First of all, I agree with most of the comments here about SA's behaviour during last week's episode. I think KJK took part in the teasing not because of the money (ofc) unlike what PDs tried to imply through captions (which I find it strange, since they are promoting the LL), but mainly because of two reasons, the first one might be because of certain comments from knets and ifans regarding his response to the LL, which made SJH fans enraged and thought that SJH was put into a bad position, so he could have took part in the teasing to "defend" SJH and indirectly say that he is not against SJH as his partner in the LL (which is not KJK's style of responding to viewers's complaints, but it could be a possibility). The second reason is related more to the context of the moment. SJH and HAHA were indirectly teasing KJK by playing the SIL-BIL roles, HAHA wasn't playing this role to tease SJH (because she was okay with it) he was more like teasing KJK who wasn't responding as he wished to the teasing. So I believe KJK's response came from his "do you want to play, then I will show you how I play". If it was a simple LL like any other LL KJK took part in, his smiling face would be a typical KJk reaction and it would be enough for PDs to put a cheesy bgm and some misleading captions to fuel the LL. However, the surprise was that KJK for the first time (after x-man), took part in the teasing even initiating it. And this moment shows KJK's power. The video went viral on sm and naver. On RM naver page, the "yeobo" video reached more than 500k views after only three days and it's still increasing. KJK is a man who knows perfectly how to manage anger and frustration while on TV which's something he has been doing with all his past LLs. He won't answer back because he respects the woman who is just like him is playing a role and that's it. So he will put a simle on his face, for it to be easier for himself and his partner. However he would never initiate things with his LL partner because he knows the impact that it might bring for both parties. Actually when this LL started, I didn't know on which base they are building it. You know that a loveline needs a story behind it. Just like in MC LL, it was the ugly guy who fell for the beauty who is unwilling to return his love. Indeed, SA LL need a concept too, and I think it has been leaning toward the "marriage", "husband" and "wife" direction. If we ignore the last year's fortune telling moment and only take into consideration the recent episodes, I think it all started with KJK talking about marriage in 2020, SJH offering herself as a "bride" possibility, then in Go Ara-JIL episode, KJK was wondering if there is a diffrence between a "girl" and a "dongseang/little sister" which is a subject we talked about a lot in the past, then SJH implying that if he really met his destined one from his past relationships, he would be married by now, and the members focused on the marriage word as if all of them think of marriage when it's a SA related thing. Then we got the family formation in last sunday's episode. KJK the husband, SJH the wife and HAHA the BIL. I think giving viewers this kind of indirect message, will be helpful if SA have plans to announce their relationship later on this year. I know that it only happend in episode 440, but I hope they lead this LL into that direction and bring up the BIL, SIL, "husband and wife" terms to adress each other from time time so that viewers get to accept the possibility of them turning real in the future. Actually after last week's episode, some articles even stated that how possible is turning a 9 years friendship into a special relationship. They brought up Kwangmong and stated that they can't turn into anything more than close siblings and then they brought up KJk and SJH saying that they look so good together and they have a distinguished relationship so why not. S.N: I had a problem with my phone so I had to rewrite everythinhg LOL.
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