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  1. He remembered that cameras are all over. They can't be seen too comfortable with each other. But I'm sure he remembers what she said. ahh, it's withdrawal syndrome from the character that he loved so much! He has been so into his character for few months already so he is also struggling inside.
  2. I saw the bracelets at the arrival pictures... to keep my faith that their friendship lasts longer than the 30 years anniversary
  3. I like to imagine that at the wrap up party, one of the 3 bracelets Shin Hye Sun is wearing is similar to what Kim Myung Soo is wearing.
  4. I might have just over analyzed because the guy behind suk jin looks like Jae suk with front side of shirt white and back side black with hat same as Jae suk when he was paying in the inta gram video.Then I saw a portion of the striped top Somin is wearing and the smile of Kwang soo who was wearing jeans. Though kjk is wearing hat on the picture, he was wearing black top. I must be my wishful thinking. I'll do a better job next time.
  5. As I reviewed Soompi's article about kjk drawing of ji suk jin , I see ji hyo photobombed one of the pictures. So please check if i am right. Suk jin seems to be wearing same shirt. Is it same venue as the insta post and jsk's pictures or I'm just dreaming? Credit to the owner of the instagram post. Thanks!
  6. Me too. Still waiting. But I found BTS of the kissing scene on instagram. I don't know how to bring it here.
  7. I read the recap/unrecap. That was so fast. I watched livestream earlier when I woke up . But only watched the latter half of it and I only understand oppa. You made me laugh with the meaning of S and M. Thank you so much! Thanks to all who did the recap here!
  8. Glad to see YEH on TV again. She is my first favorite kdrama actress via Goong/Princess Hours. I watched it several times. I watched Coffee Prince, Lie to Me several times(with my son), too coz I've watched all her dramas and I patiently waited for her return. Her chemistry with Chun Jung Myung is amazing. I agree with all that both leads are very good actors. My husband even laughed at the dating scenes. Love, love, love them! I watched episodes without sub on different websites including navertv even if I only know very few Korean words. And watched the subbed episodes.
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