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  1. All the little future episodes teasers of our couple. So much skinship!!! Cannot wait to see full episodes but sadly it will be ending soon. And watching it raw with no subs is too painful but still enjoyable. The chemistry is absolutely amazing between them.
  2. This is the fluff stuff. Its good. Relaxing..and I have this permanent smile. One of my fave read in novel world in this genre. So no complaints from me. So far...lol
  3. gah cannot wait for their next drama together!
  4. oh no 3 lifetime of suffering together??? Then we shall not be getting a HEA...so tragic, so sad!
  5. Hmmm..I normally try not to watch SE/BE...there is enough tragedy in the real world but this story...it would not feel right if they get a HEA in this lifetime...there is no way love or forgiveness can overcome this type of hatred and betrayal the ML inflicts...Eek! But the recaps and visuals are so stunning and helpful...I will think about watching or not even knowing the end result...Unless script writer and author collab to give fans/viewers a 3rd lifetime in the drama (hey AOL gave us human realm not in novel so why not in this case) that has no vengeance/hatred between the OTP. Really start over with new lives and a blank storyboard/loveline. In the meantime camping out at The Legends forum lol (total opposite of GMP)!
  6. I really hope this gets to air..hope they don't shelf it..one of my most anticipated modern cdrama. So fluffy but endearing. Guess will go read translated novel for 10th time lol
  7. So MQ is still older than ZY...lol? or vice versa...I always get confuses when watching TMOPB when talk about age
  8. My goodness this is such a feel good drama 95% of the time...too bad I don't understand a word. Very thankful we have so many fans of drama to help with translations and recaps! Yet still I ogle the screen as I watch! Definitely watch again when eng subs are fully subbed. In regards to the leads, very rare that they have actually in 2 other dramas together...no wonder they are so comfortable and compatible with each other on screen and off screen!! I am also anticipating the military drama. I like gender bender role but sure there may be less focus on romance...but hopefully they have a HE. any sniff of BE I will have to drop it....lol
  9. Finally caught up to all the spoilers here...onIy at episode 6 on YT...goodness the subs are not great...I love the author's other novel and had no idea about this one. Love these sort of genre. Didn't read the novel so fresh pair of eyes and heart watching this!!! The OTP so cute!!!
  10. They won a Weibo award for HSALF!!!!!...so happy for both of them and their "friendship" so cute! Photos posted in their cdrama forum.
  11. was there or do we know if there were any interactions of our Lunzi? lol
  12. First off! Let's vote on what to call our adorable couple? #YangLun or #DengZi? Fair warning....I Loveeee Them, be it on screen or off screen together. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.
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