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  1. She is better in ditzy and comedy characters than serious one.
  2. Just wondering did anyone know about her drama Once Young is still going to be film? Actually looking forward to see her with DL beside variety shows.
  3. I had tried that but didn’t work. Maybe will try again. Thanks
  4. I watch prod the first two episodes raw and like the old fading coloring too, it really brings out the feel of the time period. Really can’t wait until it sub. Wondering why Viki doesn’t sub it.
  5. Want to see thus but Viki region restricted. Anyone have a Link where it can be watch? Thanks in advance
  6. Same here. Nothing against her..just don’t feel the click or interest in her dramas.
  7. Just afraid her anti fans will go there just to trash her, but we do need one.
  8. Yes, I totally agreed. Many believed that he did cheated. You can tell he went into the hotel room and it was light when he left the room inside was dark. That drama was a flop, because it created too many negatively and both stars HL and WO went downhill from there. Regardless it us plan wrong to go into a girl room in the middle of the night. They only got divorce two month ago, that video was two years ago. on negatively toward YG it created to blamed her from anti fan and HL fan. We deserve better period. Even the one claiming she had something with LLF and the photo are those from set and at time she was filming Ancient sword with him she was pregnant. So those made up rumors are so dumb and groundless. Gold will always shine. Dine on this topic. No worries.
  9. I don't care how you look at it, a marry man in a room with a girl a lone at night for hours is not right. After that incident YM and he never appear in public again. It oblivious h cheated. He always insecure about not making as much as she doesn't in quite a few comments. I would say that he ever insecure and childish. I really man never put his spouse down to better himself. I know she can do better. Yes, mostly his fan always blaming her she not a good mom for all her hard works no family time. Did they forgot that before he cheated he was popular after marrying her and work back to back drama, while YM the one off of projects. Now she hot and he not he becomes the victim, please. With a husband like that I work hard to secure my future too. Who say girl have to be anything less than a guy. I like get strong and not deteriorate from a broken heart. totally support her!
  10. Here the link to Fuyao novel https://www.webnovel.com/rssbook/11410939405364905/33153789213071842 So you. translated Thai to English? is the one on Webnovel not your?
  11. It was something that bound to happen after Hawick hotel scandal it went down hill from there. I feel sorry for their daughter, but it best for both of them. Now they can have a chance to meet a better person in their life. Always felt she too good for him since the beginning. I wonder whom she be with now that she single. I am sure she not lacking admirers, hoping it be someone who really cherishes her this time around. Wishing for all the happiness for her... btw are yo7 the one translating the novel Fuyao right now? I am ready it too..let’s support it.
  12. I think Ethan have a very charming boyish personality in a flirtatious way.
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