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  1. The reason JG was so embarassed and blushing and that one part is because of this conversation: PS: The translation aren't perfext because she was live tweeting earlier but she promised she will try to sub the whole thing properly later. A huge thank you for having her in the JG Fandom. She translates so much content and so fast too
  2. I actually like that there's none. No scenes of the drama and no stills or BTS photos/videos. I would like it to remain that way but I doubt it. They'll probably give it now that it's July. But like JG said earlier from his Namoo interview, it would be better to watch this drama without any spoilers. I really feel like it would be better watching this drama blind and enjoy its thrills, mysteries and twists along the way. They won't even give extensive info about the other actors and their characters (besides the main 4: LJG, MCW, JHJ, SHW and even then, they only kept repeating and rehashing o
  3. Sorry, that was from his solo photoshoot for GQ magazine last June 6 But I really really reaaaallly hope that him and Moon Chae Won have some magazine photoshoot together too. I hope it's a sexy concept too or better yet, like a mixture of sweet & innocent and then sexy & dangerous to show us some of that sizzling hot chemistry fit for the premise of the show
  4. Airing it at 9pm is still a sweet spot for the show to air even if it's for mature audiences. Also, I don't think there's nothing wrong wanting higher ratings. If the story and performance are great, I don't think getting 1-3% ratings is fair or even justifiable after all that hard work. Sometimes a well thought out timing makes a huge difference and could give a boost.
  5. But you have to consider the day. Yes, the best rated cable dramas you're talking about, "Sky Castle" and "World of the Married", both of which are from JTBC, aired at 11pm BUT they are slotted for FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS. It's actually the perfect sched and time slot for those shows as most people are out or doing something until late at night (#TGIF & #It'sFinallyTheWeekend). Most people have the luxury and attention span to watch and indulge in something even if it's late at night. While for "Flower of Evil" they're slotted for WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY. It's risky airing it at 11pm as m
  6. Looking forward to #1 most of all. With his nuanced micro expressions, versatility and detailed characterization, I'm curious how he'll portay Baek Hee Sung.
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