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  1. I don't know if anyone has posted this but I think this is new Hye Sun was so surprised when the fan wanted to make eye contact with her and not with Myung Soo She didn't expect that at all. I mean if I was that fan girl I would do the same haha
  2. It makes me love her even more haha the best part is that she doesn't try to be someone else or try too hard to make herself look interesting. She is just being herself and being funny in her own way. I hope she will always stay true to herself like that. She is the kind of person that everyone would love to have as a friend. The fact that she can be a shy person and acts completely different in drama proves that she is really good at acting Also, in the Happy Together episode, the MCs said that she kinda doesn't have the look for an actress (implied that she doesn't meet the beauty standard for an actress) but I completely disagree though. Her acting and her personality are not the only charms about her. I always think that she is beautiful. Her smile is what always lights up the whole room. Recently the flashback scenes in ALML (when she dances or smiles beautifully in front of Lee Dong Gun's character) are everything lol I was blown away by her beauty. I think that her beauty allows her to play different characters (from a shy, cute girl in Five Enough to an elegant woman in ALML). It would be fun to see her plays a villain that is pure evil or any role that deals with supernatural (like an angel or a gumiho). Thanks It is so fun to be with you guys
  3. Shin Hye Sun is truly special and yes I am planning to watch Still 17 and My Golden Life after ALML ends. Hopefully I can finish them before summer ends lol I just finished watching the Happy Together episodes that she appeared as a guest. She was hilarious She seems to have the potential to become a great cast member for variety shows. I hope she can appear on as many shows as she can so we can enjoy more of her
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new here lol it is so great to finally find a place where I can share my feelings and thoughts with other SHS's fans. I am currently addicted to ALML. This drama is the first one I watch SHS as a main character. The chemistry between her and Myung Soo is just so crazy (I love it so much). Before this I actually knew about her from her minor roles in Oh My Ghost, Five Enough and She Was Pretty. Even with just such minor roles she got me thinking that oh wow she is really good at acting and she really knows how to make the characters she plays stand out to the audience. At that time I kept wondering why such a wonderful actress hasn't gotten any main roles yet. I am so glad that she became successful in just a few years after that. Some people may say that it is unlucky that her debut is kinda late compared to other actors/actresses because it took away her opportunities to play main role in rom-com dramas (which often requires the actress to be young and beautiful so that it can reach larger audience) and become more popular but I think it doesn't affect her much. Although she is not a superstar or a hallyu star (Not just yet) but she has proved that the audience can trust her acting. She put like 200% efforts in any projects that she does. Btw I really thought that she used to be a ballerina before going to acting before I found out that she had to practice in months to film ALML. Her performances on screen are so convincing and amazing. Also. I just love how every time she is paired with someone the chemistry between them is always so good. And I wish that I could find out about the food truck project earlier so I could make a contribution in showing the love we have for her as international fans
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