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  1. I watched the AAA fancam again. Hehehehe. This just my delululu PMY stealing glances to PSJ like she was abit worried maybe because PSJ didn’t approved how sexy her gown was that time maybe the reason why when she went up the stage she was alittle uncomfortable. Hehehehehe. This just my delulu. Hehehe.
  2. Have you seen dispatch post on IG? I think the more they post PPC they know something and they are just waiting for the right time to expose it. Hehehehehe.
  3. Maybe the reason why PSJ doesn’t post anything yet because he doesn’t want to be too obvious. Fans will die if they post at the same time again maybe he will post later hehehehehehehe. Remember 007 couple they have to be very very careful now. Hehehehe
  4. Let’s give them good karma!!! Positive positive everyone! la la la la! Good karma please they deserve it. Stop with the hate and drama. GOOD KARMA FOR WHAT’S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM!!! AND GOOD KARMA FOR PARK SEO JOON AND PARK MIN YOUNG!!!!!!
  5. Not only us shippers who have to wait but also the both of them. They have to wait for the right time because that’s the perfect time. Let's pray for them that GOD will gift PSJ and PMY the most beautiful present Love & Marriage. Lord God Please make them together in the Future. You brought them together by Fate i know you know that. Thank you. Loveyou goodnight.
  6. This is so funny! Am literally laughing right now. Hahahahahaha. I'll wait PSJ post too. If he updates damn it’s so true! But let’s let them be. Im so happy for both of them. Thank you hyuna and pentagon guy for confirming your private life to divert the tension to you. Hehehehe
  7. Maybe the i don't date him2x and i'm not marrying him was for the who people made attacked them and made up stories that exploded the SNS. I believe that PSJ and PMY are very interested and have feelings for each other. So Seojoonah! Ppalli! Quick get your dream girl!
  8. I like PMY no comment answer about her future relationship with PSJ. It’s the shorter version of PSJ answer from his interview when asked about the possibility of dating each other. Hehehehehehe. PPC answers gives hope in the future. Remember SHK answer about her and SJK noona dongsaeng only but they got married after. Heheheheheheh.
  9. I love how PMY answered savagely the ridiculous “evidences” issue. Hahahahaha. brave and straight forward when she was answering those questions. She has a very real personality and beautiful heart. No wonder PSJ is really smitten when PMY is around. Hehehehe
  10. Sorry but it's IG SHIPPERS fault that things got messed up because they’re forcing things without any decent proof. I know they have similarities and coincidences that excites me and everybody but we really don’t know what's really happening behind it. Only the close people knows the truth between them. Saw this coming and now its happening. I just want PMY to be happy without those negative comments again she deserves better.
  11. See PMY got hurt because of that nonsense posts. Sorry but they need to stop posting cringy photos because SNS is way way different right now compared when she dated LMH. She can fully access and read what knetz are saying to her. So sad that this things happened to her again.
  12. I believe her that IG posts are not true they were just coincidences and we just put malice into it. Let's bring back the hype of WWWSK and not the dating rumors because it deserves more attention so that they will win awards then they will be together receiving it. For what i see they are both interested with each other specially Park Seo Joon. He thinks that fate brought them together and he also saw their similarities.
  13. Omg!!! PPC and WWWSK are both indeed successful yeah! They are making noise and get alot of attention. Good and Bad publicity are both good for them SSC got this attention before right?
  14. For what i observed it became a norm from them because alot of times every couples that were exposed they’re saying super harsh things. Hehehe
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