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  1. World matters aside, 2020 had been a good year so far with two of JJH's having come out already. However it seems we have a draught approaching until early next year?
  2. Not sure if shared already but our boi Pyo Chi Soo got his own commercial for * drum rolls * a shampoo product
  3. @AnnieCheesecake lol I saw that news article too and had to facepalm myself so many times... What do you mean unknown when the photo was taken and why crop out only GHJ (who btw is awesome too) and HB, leaving out SMA?? What a way to stir some sh** up...
  4. *SPOILER ALERT* There better be a third season. I binge watched the second season today and while I know that zombie stories never have full closures, I could have lived with LC leaving the throne/palace and the kid becoming King. But then the plot thickens in the finale's last minutes with one worm still living inside the King, the appearance of JJH as supposedly the story's final villain as well as the suspicious looking eunuch (is it Ahn Jae Hong?)... They just can't leave us hanging like this.
  5. Yes she finally updated - anyone know Korean? It's kind of cute that she has a mini tangerine plant
  6. Yes, some scenes were cut (short). I can't really point out all differences but every now and then I would suddenly remember some bits from the TvN version which weren't shown in the Netflix version. The scene with CJW was most notably different in both versions - it goes without saying that the original OST really added flavour to the scene while the Netflix version was lacking in this regard.
  7. I am not judging.. ;p I am the same... I have been buying some Swarovski earrings that YSR wore and which I really like as well hahaha
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just think it's sooo hard to tell when exactly they fell for each other. Did she already pique his interest in Switzerland or was it only by the time she crash landed on him? For YSR I think the night at the market (scented candle scene) was probably the moment she officially fell for him.
  9. I'm rewatching CLOY now.. one thing I'm still curious about: when do you guys think RJH fell in love with YSR and vice versa?
  10. Yes that's our star couple's power and it says a lot about their personalities. So proud of them!
  11. I concur. I have meant to say this a couple of pages ago when someone was again escorted out with harsh words. I am a seasoned follower of K-ent and have been a devoted shipper of multiple couples in the past. Never have I encountered a ship where there is so much sensitivity towards different opinions, doubts - mostly from some "OG shippers" against the newer ones. What - why? OG shipper or newbie shipper = still a shipper. Claiming that no day (or page) goes by without drama.. The doubts don't cause the drama, it is the reaction to it. Please take some time to reflect too and become a stronger shipper. You would think that a couple of BinJin's caliber would have a mature following strong enough to stand rocky obstacles on this journey. Where there could be an open attitude towards those still wavering, where people with unpopular or doubtful opinions are still welcome to discuss. *SIGH* But! Glad to see that many people here still carry a mature, strong and most importantly positive attitude This is what we need to keep the ship sailing!
  12. Here's a vlog from someone who visited the NK village before it was removed.
  13. Loool this is causing me to have this deja vu from CLOY. Bodyguard Mr. Ri both consciously and unconsciously protecting YSR