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  1. From my point of view, i think DJ is taken a back because she's being bold and unexpetedly honest toward him. it's like he's attracted to her cause they both in a vulnerable situation but reacting very different, he's trying to close the door even more while she's just swinging her door wide open when he tried to take only a peek look. Like in the 3rd episode, he said to himself that she is so fearless, as if she got nothing to loose, maybe that attract him cause deep down inside he wish he would just be as fearless as her. And so, he's smitten. But in the other hand, he still couldn't trust her a 100% cause it's too risky for him. Unlike SG who has no fear losing anything, he has so much at stake, maybe that's why he's being indifferent, sometimes he's hot and sometimes he's cold. To put it in simple words: it's just basic romance to carry out the story's plot lol.
  2. Ikr! Imho people just anticipating much of this drama cause (duh!) it's Seohyunjin and Leeminki and people never really take the consideration that the drama only got 2 episodes so far. I mean what can we expect from only 2 airing episodes? Both leads haven't got to show their lovey-dovey sizziling love side yet, so the lack of sparks between them is understandable for me. i just hope viewer wont drop this drama too soon, i hope viewer will wait patiently for the love story to bloom. Both hyunjin and minki are known for their great chemistry with their every costar, so i have no doubt that their chemistry will getting better and better by the episodes I did notice that!!! He's already fall for her little by little i guess her sign language really impressed him and charmed him <3 i like it that he comes to like her not because she's pretty, but because he realize that she's a good person and there's more of her than just a famous and pretty face. I really like where this story goes Glad someone also notice a little detail like this i have this weird habit paying to little detail while watching a drama with my fave on it and read into it a little too much, like hand gestures, head movements, gazes, little facial expressions, etc. Can't wait for the next episode~
  3. hello everyone! It feels good to be back I don't know if the hyunjinnies still remember me, since i've been out of the radar for quite long. Thanks to Beauty Inside i decided to log back in here despite my so little free time (I decided to went back to school and everything is so hectic and chaotic rn). I think i need to join the forum to get the most up to date news from this drama. Is it just me or people is actually sleeping on this drama? *i'm talking about the international fan* cause it's pretty hard for me to find people that actually discussing this drama on instagram or twitter . Well, that's the main reason for me to log back in actually, i know soompi forum won't dissapoint me I've watched the first 2 episode, and i gotta say i like it. But to be honest i feel there's something a liiiiiiitle lack of the story, but i don't know what. But still, i don't worry abt it too much (i felt the same abt AOHY in the first 3 episodes, and apparently it is still become my fave kdrama of all time now). I can't wait for the next episodes, can't get enough of the OTP By the way, is there any of you fellow Beauty Inside fan knows what they say in the making clip? I'll be so grateful if anyone would share what they know Since i'm so so so curious abt it. Thanks before *heart heart*
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