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  1. @Anjalifairy they have big cast and all should join promotion!it will be so much fun! i’m so excited about chef-seojoon,i can’t focus on my work properly
  2. https://youtu.be/F_JKyt4mN6Y i’m here to wash out what was done by bad applescan’t wait for dream promotion.because it would add on seojoon-praise list massive amount from his co-starsso excited
  3. happy new year!!! i wish you all the best luck, happiness and health in 2021! let’s pray,that it will be another successful year for us all! and for our dear park seojoon and pray it will be year of new heights in his career and for dream and concrete utopia to hit 10 million viewers each! youn’s kitchen and park manager, let’s go to another 15% ratings! new drama announced too hopefully! i also promise to be more active in 2021 again
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