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  1. also,not sure why they just don’t openly announce something.if it’s not true someone should already come out with statement.if it’s true then what the point to hide the cat,when it’s out of box.every international news site already reported,that psj either considering or confirmed to star in mount jiri.no idea what they’re doing i made mistake here,sorry.thought i’m writing in my old comment window
  2. budget for mount jiri 32 billion won?it’s even more than mr.sunshine budged or kingdom,if i’m not wrong.what is the studio and channel?and why do they really need so much money to film a drama about park rangers?no overseas locations,not a historical drama,are we sure it’s not a drama with fantasy elements? such big budget for a drama makes me anxious.i always worry about stars,that involved.because of high risk situation...
  3. just heard the news and came to share my opinion.i think people generally excited about idea of them working together.seojoon is a strong actor.and he proved,that he looks good in serious roles as well as comedy.same with jun ji hyun.and both exceptional in action. the site that broke the news had an information about characters and details about the theme of drama,so i don’t think it’s fake news,but they probably still in negations.so let’s hope everything sticks together. i’m glad,that park seojoon one of those actors,that don’t hide after successful project,because he likes acting and he is hungry for roles and work.i think he is one of those people,who is genuinely in love with his craft and what he is doing. @Anjalifairy why they make us work more from home? i love how random he can be
  4. me too. situation in my country with coronavirus is turning uglyplease,take good care of yourself everyone. he likes teasing people around himself a lot i noticed.and jokes a lot tooi said that he is quite in real life,and he probably is,but i also love his positive and playful attitude so much
  5. seeing kim dami and park seojoon ig followers grow like crazy was a sight to be hold.especially with dami.in two months she gained 1.1m followers like nothing plus all those posts under ig tag,parody and prank videos,their fashion being hot topic,osts slowly crawling to top 10 on charts,even now on naver 9 out of 10 most searched characters still itaewon class characters.all cast members were able to feel itaewon class’s popularity.and i’m truly happy for themcomments from k-drama watchers in my country also positive and for some my friends itaewon class was the first k-drama they could actually watch and enjoy @Luz while it’s pretty disturbing scene,i doubt they let any harm happen to the bird.i’m no animal expert,but i think they had people to take care of those kind of things.there probably was an owner of that chicken somewhere nearby,because it looked they filmed in proper farm.
  6. @serenilmauve it’s really just funny)like most jo yiseo and park saeroy supporters happy with finale,while most oh sooah supporters finding faults since episode 10(?).implying,that she is the final winner.i mean...did others lose something?are they not happy,in love and rich?)but still,good for her for doing something once in 15 years.it wasn’t her plan from the start.but at least seeing accident happening again made her wake uplol
  7. for some peculiar and funny reason any negative,that i read comes straight from then revealed oh sooah supportersfrom people,who cant accept that their beloved”realistic”character,because of her own flaws,spent 15 years doing nothing.she needed to see park saeroy almost die,to actually remember mr.park.winner?i hope so.that she will not waste another 15 years by using a guy to make herself feel better about who she is and what she is doing.i hope she will not waste another 15 years by not helping people around herself,because she is so concerned only about herself and her wellbeing.next time someone deserves better from her. i do hope though,that oh sooah supporters will”let it go” jo yiseo and park saeroy had plenty of chemistry.jusy like park seojoon and kim dami one the best acting duo out there.while romance wasn’t the focus of drama,love was.and i never even for a moment doubted,that for park saeroy and jo yiseo,they’re the most important people on this planet.and it didn’t happen sudden.it happened gradually over the years and hours of episodes,where jo yiseo was with park saeroy and always with him.she never left his side.she never made him suffer alone.she never made him feel obligated to return something to her.while park saeroy received it with opening heart and slowly growing affection.love didn’t happen sudden.but realization comes sudden.that’s why it’s called realization i’m glad,that foundation for love bloomed from meeting a person,seeing how good his is,accepting your heart and wanting to be there for a person and make him happy.and nothing about meeting him/her in the past and in childhood lol
  8. this kind of comments not cute in my book.not because it’s criticism,that’s okay,i first wanted to comment properly, but the more i read it the more it sound like it will be a bit useless.because it’s hard to have proper conversation,when person tries to criticize the drama,but also not even trying to show an inch of real understanding of the plot and characters.also criticizing writer and yet asking why policeman should have any role by basically giving him ill advise to forget your own character and small plotline,that you build,made me laugh,sorry.just like asking about purpose of characters,when it’s was even explained in actual dialogues...and that tony’s granny’ showed interest in psr even before she knew about her grandson.because she is here ultimately to challenge saeroy’s principles and her close connections was needed to criticize park saeroy’s world view in one way by showing that his stubbornness is not an answer to everything,just like she is also a reward to our hero for not giving up on his way to success.and ignoring,that mafia-boss is not really just only related to park saeroy’s past,but also csk.and what kind of message he portrays by showing us changed to the better man vs man that never thought about changing his view on crime and money.denying csk to close his own character arc.guess not all criticism from viewers can be in practice any good thank you for your opinion.but considering that ic was a hit and created heated discussion and made you come all the way to write lengthy post it had something definitely memorable going on.i personally either drop or totally forget to watch new episodes or give any kind of attention to truly”nothing memorable”dramas in my list last episode today,can’t believe.it was such an enjoyable ride.i had a lot of fun watching the show and enjoyed the quality character study it presented by making each major character flawed individual,with their strong view on a world,either with positive or negative impact.allegories that this show presented were good as well.proud of whole team.ratings were spectacular for all the right reasons.i’m going to miss this”war of ideology”drama)
  9. want to see example of how opinion about character can be different vastly from viewer to viewer?i never saw oh sooah as a “strong woman”,for me in my own perspective she always was a more of a weak one.if anything the only true strong woman in my eyes is ma hyunyi because she wasn’t afraid to be herself in very close minded society and was rewarded for her boldness.while being”silent endurer”can be a strong trait,oh sooah don’t fall into that category.she never even once suffered in jangga for her work,just like she never suffered for love with park saeroy. as for his declaration on bus station,which also partially happened with his inner hate for jangga(because he thought she is suffering because of him),4 years passed since then.he experienced some stuff,grew up,developed diffirent kind of bond and feeling with another woman(which didn’t happen 7 years ago).and let me point out it all happened on screen.overall he hold his wishes for almost 15 years and never heard anything from her except”say you still like me”.i do think he deserves to move on from that kind of relationship to someone who treasures him and openly expresses her emotions and adoration,without putting him”on pause”.is it sexual harassment?probably.but then sae roy does have a power and choice to fire her any moment.she doesn’t hold power over him in anyway.she is competent worker,but that is not why he holds her tight.he used to hold people that were even less competent,but who means a lot to him.and on the rooftop they had verbal agreement,that the moment he gets to uncomfortable with her feelings,he can fire her.the thing is he never come to that point in their life,because he secretly felt good about it.just didn’t know how to react and run from his own emotions due to restrictions society and his own principles put on him.she is younger(age),she is his employee(job,partner),he declared his love for someone else(don’t break your first love’s heart) and someone else likes her(and maybe one day she will like him back too/gunsoo). her real sexual harassment moment was when she kissed him drunk.which is also a point.she was drunk,young,she made mistake.and then writer even put exactly same words with a law quote in her mouth as a hardcore irony.
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