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  1. i think he might be neither.he is artistic,but also someone who knows what he wants in life and works hard to achieve it.and we mostly choosing out of introverted personalities,right?based on how he described himself.but he also someone,who enjoys spotlightsuch an interesting topic,to be honest))) they definitely should
  2. i wonder what kind of demographic that channel hasbased on preferences,i think mostly men.which further proves how big itaewon class was with men of all ages i missed the news about park seojoon being cameo in park bogum’s drama,so i was so surprised to see them together suddenly popping outthat foodtruck from a writer was a hint for us
  3. @serenilmauve @Anjalifairy i saw thread going hot and imagined park seojoon announcing new projector maybe dream promotion suddenly started congrats you and serenilmauve with anniversary on this forum!you girls worked hard!thank you for always updating,translating and sharing everything!i ca
  4. you guys for sure know how too choose hot topics.first his lips,now his money welcome to all new members,that didn’t met.happy joining our small family.i’m the one who frequently disappears,but waiting passionately for dream promotions
  5. @serenilmauve his lipsi feel like fight for my way and secretary kim two works where directors also loved his lips a lot,because they filmed him to well there to highlight his features and especially his full lips
  6. mine too!i was so happy,when it was announced that they will finally work together,that it’s now so hard to wait to see them i hope so!jtbc and netflix did us so dirty!yet dami and seojoon playing jengga now has 6 million views! i’m just curious why suddenly she decided to send him a coffeetruck support... maybe i mistook her name for someone else?
  7. also,guys,i’m desperate!i want to see iu with seojoon!when they will finish filming and start promoting already @PSJLOVER hi!welcome to thread!!!
  8. am i translating it right via google and that truck was actually sent to him by writer ha myunghee?she is writing right now park bogum’s record of youth and wrote before park shinhye’s doctors,right?if so,i remember she wanted park seojoon before for her high society drama with park hyunshik,but he ultimately declined it in favors to play in she was pretty(and made a right choice).why she is sending him support truck?or am i wrong here and mixing something up?
  9. i knew park seojoon would not less us wait longer without announcing his new work soon.he has one addiction and it’s his worksounds very exciting)can’t wait to hear more details.but first we need to prepare ourselves for dream
  10. @Anjalifairy @serenilmauve sorry for so many likes againjust want to show my gratitude for keeping this thread alive and always updating information about park seojoon i loved summer vacation.when choi wooshik and jung yumi mistakenly gave seojoon spicy green pepper,i both laughed and learned,that he don’t like spicy food,can’t handle it and don’t eat it.when wooshik also said,that his father might enjoy it,i’m now 100% sure,that him and seojoon super close.because they know stuff about their friends’ parents.that’s an ultimate close bond here for me. it was also so cute
  11. @serenilmauve i went back to read everything you posted and it’s such a pity,that because of my terrible job I couldn’t join for fun moments
  12. Watch: Jung Yu Mi And Choi Woo Shik Move Into Their “Summer Vacation” Home + Welcome Park Seo Joon As 1st Guest Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and Park Seo Joonshowed off their cute friendship on “Summer Vacation”! While eating dinner, Choi Woo Shik called his friend Park Seo Joon, whom they were preparing to welcome as their first guest. The two are known to be close friends as a part of the “Wooga” friendship squad, which also includes BTS‘s V, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy. Park Seo Joon also appeared on Na Young Suk PD’s “Youn’s Kitchen 2” with Jung Yu Mi Al
  13. dior sent psj new nike sneakers hi everyone!i miss you all too a lot.but I’m a bit busy.i will try to visit more often,when iu and psj start promoting together new soompi terrible.sorry
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