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  1. What Perth said is not wrong. The wrong thing is that the terrible translation is wrong. The contents of that translation is different from what Perth said.
  2. I'm mad with this translation. It is totally nonsense. It's so wrong on so many levels. I assure all of you that the translation in the link (in the quote) is trash. Just look at the grammar and the writing style of the English part. I have never seen such a terrible translation like this in my entire life. The contents is totally different from what Perth said in the interview.
  3. Did you guys see this? Someone puts a bit censorship on the pic.
  4. For myself, I like the scenes the way they are now. I wouldn't want the director to change anything. I don't want anything to be fixed either. Maybe it's just my taste, but I think they're perfect. For me, Ae is not a polite person since the beginning. His language is very rough, maybe a little bit gentler with Pete, but still very rough. The way he chooses the pronouns to talk with friends, even a newly-met person like Pete, says many things about his characters. If you compare Ae's language with Tin's language, you would realize that Tin is super polite, and super well-mannered. I bet a typical person (except for Pete and Chompoo) would never fall for a guy like Ae in real life. Actually, Ae in the series is already much cuter and much more polite than Ae in the novel. His language contains full of swear words, even when speaking with his brother Oh (in the novel).
  5. Look like someone is really excited and looking forward to his first time!
  6. Ae in the novel is about 168cm, tanned, muscled, and a face with somewhat scary/fierce expression. The soccer team don't dare to joke around with Ae like they do with Can. Perth is about 176-178cm. He has beautiful and expressive eyes. Perth's also very handsome. So, he's not the exact Ae in the novel, but I believe he has certain parts of Ae's charisma.
  7. Actually, it doesn't matter which country nor culture, Ae is kinda slow. Both of them could have had sex right after the kissing in the car. I was like ... what you guys are waiting for?
  8. Actually, based on the trailer, next episode is N'Yim's birthday, not Ae's.
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