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  1. i don't know why all misfortunes that happen to FL's sister and concubine Qiao caused by SYN. Unbelievable... all their sorrowfulness caused by their karma, greediness, jealousy. still they blame SYN
  2. @miaka fyhi...i don't like the fact that FL already had wifes hiksss.... I hope that in the end, he will release or divorce all his concubines and only has 1 wife what episode is it?? Hohohoho...i can't wait to see this sweet scene....
  3. hello, i watched special episodes too but it's quite complicated for me. too rush to understand the flow of the story. it looks like preview for some episodes. i don't know maybe i am slow response or slow to grab the story. i also feel that the whole story missing something. sure..it's rush enough to make me feel uneasy. maybe due to their cut episodes from 48 to 40.
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