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  1. dunno, but for me, just because they're really close, that doesn't mean they always hang around regularly. it's really hard to catch up with your friends if all of them were very busy with their works. and i always believe in saying "if you don't know, you don't have to lie if someone ask you". the bros are really close, but i think there's still something that they hold for themself and not shared it to the others. in kjk case, that would be his relationship with sjh.
  2. can i add just one more ? it would be ep 440. when hh call sjh as "sister in law" and sjh responded by calling hh "brother in law", as always kjk just keep silent and smile. but then, when sjh won the game and hh and ysc asking for money from sjh, suddenly kjk say "yeobo" to sjh and surprised everyone. it's really uncommon that kjk joining the teased. and eventhough it's just for the game, i still found it really sweet. sjh laughing and drop to her knee, so does hh who keep pushing kjk, and off ysc too.
  3. i have to add something about sbs award moments. when the members were gonna enter the building, kjk seems really heartbroken and didn't enter the building. he instead go to a corner almost like cried. it is sjh and hh who came to his side and calm him. btw, the news about the show continuation was in january 24, 2017 here you go
  4. 1. the show is not just about kjk and sjh, or just about the members, but the staff too. i don't know exactly how many, but the staff numbers are around 100 or more. imagine if SA being selfish and annouced without any consideration, thus lead to the show being stopped earlier than it should be, how many person lost their jobs ? knowing both person are really humble and nice, i don't think they would want to take that risk. i dunno for how long, but many speculated that the show will ended near the future, maybe 1 or 2 more year. we just have to wait and see. 2. i won't really worried about what would they say to the public though. they could always came up with many stories or excuses. just wanna add this, but we should take into account that both of them are celebrities. there are so many things they should consider when they want to do or say something, or else it would end up in a scandal. different from us common people who could say or do something and it wouldn't gain many that much attention from other people.
  5. just wanna add to what @Adora Dark have said about JH attending JK concert. first of all, just because noone saw her in many of kjk's concert, doesn't mean she didn't attend it. maybe she's in the backstage, avoiding unnecessary publicity. second, her schedule is really tight. i think she really wanted to go to kjk concerts to support him, but her schedule prevent her. the one moment she does that, kjk look very worried, kinda apologetic because it took around 2 hours for her go to to the venue. i think kjk would rather to see her rest at home, taking care of her health. beside, support could come in many ways, right ?
  6. yup, way too healty dunno much about how friends from opposite gender act in SK, but in my country, if two people from opposite gender behave like KJK to SJH and vice versa, they are most likely dating
  7. for me, if by any chance they're dating, the reasons why they postponed their marriage came from both person. SJH. she once said that she really wanted to try to play different character or role on her drama/movies. KJK. it's more about being the head of the family one he get married, specially if sjh would focus more on their family and lessen her showbiz activity. he wanted to be financially secured first, coz nobody could make sure he will still be this famous once he gets older and older. showbiz world is a small world with so many people in it. if you remember when his friend (hong kyung min) guested, hkm suggested that kjk should married, which kjk replied by saying he have to work. i don't want to push them by saying they should get married soon, coz it's their life, they know the best time, and we should support them.
  8. back to topic pls, which if any of us forget, is about kjk-sjh. why we think that they are real ? what sweet moments that makes us remember them ? those kind of things be positive guys, and be respectful, to kjk and sjh, to other rm members, to the staff, and ofc towards forum members
  9. @Adora Dark can't wait for your writings about seoul fm, specially those "non-existence" evidence
  10. i hope so since all the preview for next week ep is about the fan meet
  11. @Adora Dark thank you so much for sharing your "discussion" with your friend and i really agree that many people focusing too much on what happened on the show, that they forgot what really happened irl.
  12. @cho2 i have quite a few actually, and since i don't remember which one is the first, then i would say the beast ep when tuna noona was one of the guest. at the end of the ep, kjk kneel down and give the beast nametag to sjh
  13. agree. it's okay if anyone wanna stop shipping SA, but keep it by yourself, or talk about it with any active forum members. but, i don't think it's wise enough to show your "concern" here. not only it's like feeding the troller and the haters, but also ruining the mood. some of us came to the forum to smile, laugh or having a good time talking and discussing the sweet moment about SA. reading a negative thought would only ruined it......
  14. yup, it's really confusing...... well, whatever that is, it's just a matter of "when" and not "if" we just have to enjoy watching RM while we can, right ? unless our SA have another plan to do a show together, RM is our only hope
  15. one of many reasons why i love our SA @linzer03 there are many possibilties behind the reasoning for the SK FM. you've mentioned two of them and i totally agree with you. you just cannot fool age. RM will end sooner or later. but making it to season 2 with mostly younger and new casts is not a good idea. FO season 2 would be a good example. but maybe, and just maybe, they're making SK FM to gain more popularity in SK ? RM is very famous abroad, but not that much in SK.
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