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  1. Just had time to read your reply chingu Woah..i think it's very nice to see the filming directly. Is DM's house open for public? Hope you once pass by another filming when the main leads involved
  2. Shi An goes back to his apartment with his mom. they talk. not sure what they talk about. DM comforts Ryan again. Ryan holds DM's hand. he put his head on DM's shoulder. the episode ends here. no next episode preview
  3. my stream stops again. ugh... i missed some scenes here i saw a woman crying. like in the preview. oh that's Shi An's mom. is that Lee Seol? missed a scene again. that woman comes to Shi An's studio. Shi An hugs her. Ryan is looking at Lee Seol's bubble painting. DM comes. they talk. i think Ryan tells her about the first time he saw that painting at New York. they talk heart to heart.
  4. at the gallery, DM gets a phone call from someone (didn't pay attention here. sorry) and she said to her co-workers that she wants to meet Ryan. the female co-worker says that she must really like Ryan. haha.. DM smiles. when she's on her way to Ryan's office, Director Eom is coming. Ryan gets out from his office. Eom wants to say something to him. Eom and Ryan talk, Eom wants to cancel the artist exhibition. but Sindy enters the room and show her mom the miniature. she told her about their hardwork include DM i think.
  5. i missed a scene again about DI and EG at the bar. but when DI arrives at her studio, she finds a note stick on her bag from EG i think.
  6. Ryans sends DM home. they want to bake a cake i think. DM takes the flour, then pours it to the bowl. Ryan wants to kiss her but she puts the flour to Ryan's mouth. Lol...but they kiss at the end my stream is not really friendly today Ryan is his house looking at his hand picture. DM sitting in front of her computer looking at their photos in the orphanage. she search about something from the browser and she says Ryan's name. EG got a call from DI. she asks him to meet her at the bar.
  7. Yeo Seob wants to drive but Sindy is opening the car door, she wants to drive the car. Ryan and DM in the car talking happily and laugh together. they go somewhere. Ryan tells DM his real name in korean. "Ho Yeon Jae"
  8. inside, DM gives Ryan a sketch book and crayon, ask him to draw. DM asks him to draw her hand. but he hesitates to draw and recalls the moment when whe wanted to paint last time in his apartment. perhaps he thinks he cannot draw again? but then DM holds his hand and draw together with him. she then draws Ryan's hand a little girl comes and shows him a picture of Ryan's face. she asks him his name and (i didn't see who writes Ryan's name beside that picture) they are leaving and a girl gives a lollipop to Ryan.
  9. DM is looking at Ryan playing outside with the kids. all the staffs are playing like rock paper scissors and Dm lose to them. she must sits in front of the kids and they need to draw her. Yeo Seob offers Ryan the paper and crayons, but Ryan puts them down. he just looks at the kids drawing. DM sees this and moves, but one of the kids tells her not to move. a girl shows Ryan her DM picture. it's beautiful. haha.. all of the kids gathering outside and Sindy takes their photos with their own DM pic. they are good in drawing.
  10. at the orphanage, DM's female co-worker is showing a picture. Sindy is taking picture of them. Ryan and DM are sitting together watching them happily. it is outside, the kids are playing ball happily with Yeo Seob. Ryans is sitting remembering about his childhood moment playing together with a red sweater girl. Yeo Seob is calling him to play too i think. DM and Sindy inside are talking about Shi An. they are like friends now. i dont find Sindy annoying now
  11. EG at his dojo, his mom is visiting him. they go out and have a talk. i think his mom talks about EG likes DM. about one-sided love. i think his mom tells him that DM likes Ryan? DM and her co workers are in front of the gallery. they are going somewhere. Ryan comes and DM gets into Ryan's car. another staffs are going by Sindy's car. the staffs are leaving first. Ryan and DM are still there in the car talking happily. oh they go to the orphanage.
  12. at the cafe, JH told SJ to have a performance at the park. he prepares a standing mic, a guitar, he gives SJ a piece of paper. it a his song's lyric. JH asks her to sing and he plays the guitar. SJ'd husband is looking at them from far. he remembers when they first met. it is quite sad to see him like this although he is smiling seeing SJ being happy doing what she likes hope they can reconcile soon.
  13. i think DM's leaving to go to the gallery, she goes to Ryan's office and found Ryan was listening to something? like the preview (is it scam?) --- sorry i missed this scene they then have a meeting with other staffs include Sindy. Sindy is showing them the souvenir that she mentioned before. the miniature one. all the staffs are talking but Ryan leaves frst. at DM's mom's house, DM's mom is talking to EG's mom.
  14. at the cafe, SJ talks to JH, but JH drops an empty cup again. DM comes and brings a red paper bag. Lol.. PPL is here it is kind of vitamin maybe. they then talk. (my phone keeps on ringing tsk) EG comes and they talk awkwardly. (i stop for a while because somebody's calling)
  15. DM falls asleep, Ryan carries her to her bed and kisses her forehead. he then sleeps beside DM. Ryan finally falls asleep and DM wakes up staring at him and remembering when Ryan came to her house and she comforted him (when Ryan was crying)
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