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  1. Hello guys. i am somehow worried about this comeback. At first writer is newcomer and director is not that much talented either. and now his costar is not that much popular. there are so many things to be worry about, even the story doesn't seem that much interesting. the only thing i want for him is success. I'm happy it is not mbc but sbs drama but again there are so many things to be worried about. Sorry for my negative reaction but as we all know his 2 last dramas weren't good enough. BUT ANYWAY I WILL WATCH IT AND WISH IT BECOME HUGE SUCCESS AND SURPRISE ME.
  2. Yes it is not. And dong mae was aware it wasn't good either. But he thought it was the best thing he could do for her even if she hates him. Don't think of dong mae as a normal person like others. For judging him we should see how he grown up. he grown up with hating everybody becuese all people see them as not human but animal and at the end even his family left him to protect him and died. i think sometimes his story was even more sadder than eugene. all good persons he had in his life were hina, that girl and his guys. but after a time being now i can see he is trying to become a better person especially because now he has hee sung and eugene as his friends too. Actually i'm enjoying watching his changing. I LOVE ALL 5 CHARACTER AND THEIR CHANGING IN THIS DRAMA.
  3. @blademan @mistergenie I think he did that to protect her in his own way. And his way for sure is not everybody's taste. But i am pretty sure he did that for her sake. Guys i don't think of dong mae as villain and i am sure he will join the righteous army to protect joseon at the end too.
  4. I'm really in love with this drama. How can their hug scenes looks much more emotional than so many other dramas kiss scenes?! Hope for passing 20 in rating very soon. Lee byung hun was really the best choice for eugene character, i can't imagine any other actor as eugene. Hope for happy ending, but i'm okay with sad ending too.
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