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  1. Maybe this is the KES revenge event for the drama audience, the female character she always made looks weak now she makes a brave Aeshin character, then people say before 'Mr. Sunshine' she doesn't dare to kill his own character, now she prove the sadistic slaughter in Mr. Sunshine So now be careful if you want to watch the drama she made XD
  2. Correction if I'm wrong, isn't that what Eugune meant because he complained to God? From his words 'Where You there for each and every step I took the reason you cause such tumult in my life is there a reason?'
  3. Yap From what I've seen, only a few members here are a little disappointed, and some disappointed people on Instagram, on Twitter as far as I know nobody regrets the end of the story, only people who can't sleep until they fall ill see the main character's slaughter KoalaPlayground, Mydramalist, Asianwiki, hancinema, Especially annoying sites like Dramabeans I have never seen reviews there seriously
  4. Many blame Aeshin here, I think if watched until the 20th episode I thought everyone knew what was prioritized for this drama was patriotism, romance was only the second, 'Aeshin' was a very cruel woman, but she also often asked Eugune Choi to end their relationship because it will only cause suffering, for his love for 'Eugune Choi' has been shown in the train scene she told the train to run first because the information has leaked, she did it because she wanted Eugene choi to be safe, I thought she was doing it because she felt Eugune choi not supposed fight for Joseon's independence, because the country itself which makes 'Eugune choi' suffer so much I think 'Aeshin' feels guilty for the actions of this beloved country to the son of a slave who escaped Joseon, who in the end he could got into the train and his life disappeared to protect the woman he loved and made I got sick in these two days because of a painful ending, If I remember the comment here there was someone who said when Aeshin thought of she to America with Eugune choi that it turned out that only AeShin imagination had protested the members here because the woman only thought about her love story and didn't care about her country, but after she fought so hard for his country now people say as if he doesn't care about his love, that is to Eugune choi, for me I can't blame 'Aeshin or Eugene' in this case, if anyone is blamed, blame the condition of those who live the age of war where it is very difficult to unite love and a sense of patriotism.
  5. Oh come on, DB always gives one-sided reviews, not just for this drama, talking about 'bias' they like to maintain their opinions and like to drop the opinions of others, I have long since left the Dramabeans
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