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  1. There are so many new names in the forum now, don't you think? More shippers in the prayer circle. Hihi. Dropped @itspeanutbutterjellytimea DM too. Followed @AnnieCheesecakeon twitter but I guess she won't recognize me. Hahaha Missing you guys. Keep the positive vibes and keep pushing the darn cart! *Wink*
  2. Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. The Covid-19 crisis is really something. De-lurking to cheer our new shippers on. Welcome aboard! Don't get discouraged. For one, no news is good news. Also, if you are in doubt or feeling down, you can always feed on the BinJin crumbs from the past years. Like us, that's basically how we live now. Hahaha That video with Korean personalities analyzing the relationship between HB and SYJ? Imagine, that was from some years/months back and was subbed just recently. So SoKor probably has been treating what BinJin has like an open secret. Their insights also make sense, which mostly echo the past discussions in this forum. Backreading is a chore but the conversations among shippers during the months CLOY was airing are interesting and will surely make your shipper heart full. Props to the CFans for that video proving HB is really our kind of sang namja. Oooh la la. Hehehe jk. I'll keep it wholesome. Take care, co-shippers! Stay safe, stay at home, and wash your hands.
  3. This. Thank you, @Annie12 To all shippers, I hope we try to keep it positive here. @cybertron, I'd like to believe, created this to be a fun and safe environment for all fans who are hoping for HB and SYJ to be together. There's no competition here, no question of right or wrong, who's the better fan or whatsoever. I am always thankful to all shippers who are selflessly sharing posts, insights, and even translating them for International fans. Being in this forum makes most of us feel that we are not alone in being fans and that it is not something to be ashamed of. But guys, can we try to avoid making the world harsher than it already is? Newbie shippers, let's just make sure we abide by the rules and avoid speculations which might harm BinJin, ok? If you have some concerns or thoughts which might be unfounded or might put BinJin in a bad light, I believe our resident shippers will be willing to shed some insights. They are one DM away. Back to lurking but please keep those posts coming. The drought is real, y'all. Love and peace!
  4. Daaaayum. I pray that this virus passes soon. Also, more power and strength to the health workers. Thanks for translating @jessyqueue! And yeah, HB and YJ just kinda disappeared after CLOY. Sad. Missing CLOY and missing them too. Are they going to impose a 6-month condolence period as well for BinJin and not for CLOY only? I am more than willing to ship super ultra mega low-key if that means they can continue nurturing their friendship in peace.
  5. There's so much going on and I think I need to backtrack. Whew. Ship responsibly - big words that we have to live by everyday. To those who have been doing this for a very long time, thank you for guiding us. For those who just started shipping, welcome and enjoy. This is seriously not for the faint-hearted and due to differences in culture for us international fans, we always have to keep in mind how K-media would take it. The hand-holding thingie is an example. I would like to believe that no one in this thread and this ship would have wanted the issue to blow up like that. But it's the consequence of CLOY being a massive hit right now. Fans are growing by the day and not all of them are shipping at the same level. The last thing we want is discrimination among fans since the fandom should be united, so I hope we remain calm and respectful at all times. Again, welcome new shippers and thank you, veteran shoppers. We hope we all have a good time and our hearts continue to flutter while we are sailing. Sometimes, I just wonder: would it be better if the hype would die down ASAP? The media, even in my country, is taking on every speculation as news and it's just frustrating. tvN making a news release denying that YS was pregnant in the story is outrageous. Fans do that all the time, imagining that is, that's why we have fanfiction. But with CLOY, they have to deny everything because "speculations" might turn into "scandal". It's just, I dunno. It was a lot more fun when we were freely sharing the delulu among ourselves and the media wasn't even paying attention to us. Now, we always have to be careful and we resort to shutting down new shippers whose delulu might start a huge fire. Everyday, we are walking on eggshells because BinJin is already in the spotlight. I'm happy and proud and sad at the same time. This should be a time to celebrate and revel in the success of CLOY, but our cast and crew could not even do that. No interviews, no specials, nothing. Well, I hope they can rest well to recuperate from the 6-month shoot, at least. I miss those days when we can say #ingrocerywetrust without being afraid that we might have crossed the line because as fans, we never wanted or intended to do that. Ok, perhaps it's better to lurk now and just hit "like". Keep sharing posts, comrades, especially the translated interviews/articles. We international fans truly appreciate it as our knowledge in Korean language is limited. And yes, we hope to keep the thread alive. Thank you, fellow shoppers!
  6. The article is kinda vague. So what was the situation? Is this an outtake, official still, alternate ending? All I can see in my mind is that these are HB and SYJ photos, not RJH and YSR because the poses are out of character. Hihihi
  7. @Nudge makes sense. But good on continuity, tho. HB's body really changed over the course of a few months.
  8. If that's the case, then the continuity must be perfect. I mean, wasn't HB a little lean in Switzerland than during the last few weeks of shooting? He was so bulked up in the last scene so shooting it on the last day made sense. But we have the bts and stills from the mountains for the last scene. Hmmmm.. getting confused here, sorry. Now I wonder how many endings did they shoot if the last day involved YSR's house.
  9. Hihihi right? Having the same circle of friends means that every once in a while, they are bound to meet by chance. Hope they'd surprise us one day saying they will be registering their marriage soon. Let's just pretend we were shocked. Hihihi
  10. The last filming day video from Vast is intriguing. Shots of YSR's house? Hmmm.. what scene could it be/have been? Curious and curiouser. HB is so handsome when his hair is swept up like that. But he's also handsome in MOTA. Heck, he's always handsome he's the only person appearing in all my SNS feed right now. Re: SYJ's interview and her dating style, she's really a private person, yeah? No dating scandal until the grocery photos leaked (and was still denied) - that's a feat. She's the nation's first love after all, so it would be a given that paparazzi would always find a way to catch her especially in her younger days. She ages (a bit) but she does ever so gracefully. She looks most beautiful at the moment (especially while portraying YSR). Thank you for the translation of the interview! I'm also curious if the Cinderella 7 kind of makes her and HB get together or tease them. They have common friends, right? HB watched Hwang Jung Min's play with Lee Jung Hyun and Ko So Young (wife of his buddy and sunbae) one time. I dunno. Makes me wonder.
  11. Good working etiquette, then, among all staff and cast. And yes, not to discredit the respect. They only have good words for both HB and SYJ.
  12. Shoutout to the Filipino shoppers! #TeamPanatag Ahhh.. like some of you, I will also feel bad if HB will bring his thumb movement and squeezing and all to his future dramas. I will only find this acceptable if he does this to his child in the show. I have already casted my doubts away because of you, co-shoppers. I am now just waiting for the confirmation or marriage announcement. It's a pleasure reading your insights, seeing those photos and translated interviews. There is something beautiful between them, something that no denial statement from both agencies can invalidate. Whatever that is, let's pray that it turns out to be a beautiful path to forever. Day by day, I'm loving HB oppa and YJ unnie more. P.S. I just realized also how precious the camaraderie is among CLOY cast and staff. They could have easily shared photos or videos of BinJin because of the hype. Even with gag order, they can do that. They can even give hints in interviews and all. But they didn't. We have few photos bts (except for the breathtaking official stills) and videos during the wrap-up party. Two or three videos in which we can see BinJin. All interviews of co-actors only praise how talented they are and how kind they are to hoobaes. So I would like to believe that they are also shoppers protecting BinJin and whatever is between them.
  13. I was able to read the english message first in twitter. But when I read your posts, I was like "Omoooo that was a close one." At least, it's just him being concerned for our safety and not any dreadful announcement with finality. Let's carry on and keep sailing.
  14. I am not holding my breath anymore for a CLOY special. With everything that's happening, I doubt there will be. BinJin is already in the spotlight and it's a double-edged sword. It's a shame because all other top-raters had it. The hosts in my mind: KJH and SJH. Ahhhhh I can imagine the bickering. KJH is charming both as GSJ and his real life self.
  15. @Chewy Hoe Jerry Yan. My forever crush. Funny how the article implies that HB is doing manner hands all the time but I am seeing otherwise. Hahaha
  16. @pnaysurfer84 I find it cool that shoppers are lurking and de-lurking at times of need. Thank youuuuu! It was a new piece of info for me, tho. Planning to visit the alps as well in the future. #bucketlist
  17. I am invigorated once more by this active thread. Yes shoppers! Let's all unite and avoid judging each other please. I hope everyone is well and happy and #TeamPanatag (In English, #TeamAssured). Hello, Filipino shoppers! Being at work while monitoring the posts is not doing anything good to my time management skills. But, if keeping tabs and reading posts about BinJin are the keys to my sanity, why not? *giggles* I really am amazed at how different HB is with SYJ. Ever since I started shipping, and with all the interviews being translated now, it screams "More Than Friends". @bpwinces!, your fanvid is playing in my mind rn. Seriously, how to move on, huh? How do I move on from these two? They are taking up most of my phone's memory storage. Even my SNS is flooded with BinJin contents. My wallpaper and lockscreen are stills from CLOY. Omooooo.. this post-CLOY period is such a pain. SYJ and HB, please make your presence known even for a li'l bit to help me with the 6-month period. @kriswu I super love that GIF. HB oppa is such an adorable dork. He's just perfect to another dork I know. (YJ unnie, you're also a super cute dork who makes oppa do things out of his character. He doesn't make aegyo, unnie. Now he pouts and you two are the cutest ever!) Looking forward to more updates from you guys. Thanks to everyone who are translating the contents. You guys are the best!
  18. Comrade, if you have observed, oppa was struggling to keep the manner hands consistent. Hahahahahahaha He's like "ok i gotchu" to "ok wait, manner hands" to "ok i gotchu". YJ unnie was really enjoying the koala hug and oppa was just letting her have it her way. Right, @kriswu?
  19. Y'all know what will calm everyone down? A selca of them posted in SYJ's account. Or.. An IG story/video of them goofing around. (YJ unnie, no matter how silly the filter, we'd take it. HB seems to tolerate you so much with this, too.)
  20. Co-shoppers, while we want to be open in expressing our emotions and insights, I hope we don't misunderstand one another. There's so much negativity right now in the real world and at this point (series done, but the hype is just reaching its peak), the media is feasting on all contents - especially fan threads like this. The grocery fandom shouldn't be torn. I trust that everyone in here still supports both HB and SYJ 100%. I was discouraged when Vast issued the recent denial. (Heck, I was devastated! Probably because I was just in my Day 2 of the 6-month condolence period.) But a lot of shoppers have convinced me to keep calm and sail smoothly because we have a lot to look back on and use as source of strength. See my list below: Plus, "grocery boy" and "crossing borders" c/o @cybertron. The fandom must stay strong and hopeful. Likewise, we should protect both HB and SYJ at all costs. Many will try to bring BinJin down at this point post-CLOY so we gotta stay solid. Guys. Please. Remember. #InGroceryWeTrust
  21. Co-shopper, I am also a fan of Brilliant Legacy. Until now, I am still listening to Crazy in Love by Ji Sun and can still recall HHY and LSG's love-hate relationship. Omooooo not so many people I know loved it. Nice meeting one fan here! I haven't watched SeGa (just some clips) and I feel I wouldn't be able to have the urge to see it anymore after CLOY. This drama just set the bar too high and BinJin's chemistry is just the gold standard now. Maybe after my 6-month condolence period. I dunno. Listening to Sigriswil now and all I can picture in my mind is the final scene in the epilogue.
  22. Gosh. I'm amazed how many shoppers are from the Philippines. Even on Twitter. Let's all be strong in this prayer circle. @bpwinces! Hello! I love your More Than Friends video. Fancy seeing you here. That video is the best BinJin video! I watch it every time I need a pick-me-up.