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  1. sorry for late reply :((( agree! right, we feel disconnected. like, i should build new chemistry for their interaction in last minutes. i already guess, from the very first time CJ SY would be end game. it's just, me have not ready yet to face SY all of sudden, with her soft way of speak the transition is too rush for me
  2. i cant believe at the early episodes, i hope SY comeback and justice for SY. when CJ returning the book it should be SY reaction. but after she's comeback, seeing Queen called CJ "Jeonha" softly... i want to cry, i want SB called Cheoljongie i miss her arrogant way of speak, with deep and low, masculine voice. that's how impressive SHS played as SY and SB. makes me think they're 2 different people also when she is recovering and visit GQD, why is there no interaction between CJ and SY constantly? like many days have passed and there is no communication between them
  3. i feel bad and sad for SB after all the developments that she had been through. When watching today's episode, I i wish there would be a scene "tonight in daejeojeon hall" as promised after the tango scene. and finished it hilariously with their kids and that blues BGM. after all the teasing and comedy vibe :'D aah it's just me with my imagination beyond limits. also i don't know the translation yet, maybe it makes me feel unease for the ending :')
  4. no doubt, Jang Bong Hwan's approved. as a womenizer like him can be conquered, that elbow must be something huh? even pretty enough defeat the soft bread moment aaak thank you thank you! gonna make a note of this the way he said what are you doing with that hand. omg omg naughty SB also they solved it with spooning
  5. don't make me imagine it so i read the translation in twitter, she said is that your elbow, stop poking we know what actually it is thank you so much for the translation! i think i need to learn Korean seriously, so if this kind of scene appear, can react immediately. after i read in twitter, SB said is that your elbow, stop poking. and CJ maybe said, her hand in... we know the rest of it XD edit: after read Aisling post, it isn't elbow but sword and my question is, isn't CJ's clothes quite thick, plus
  6. yesterday the king's fake corpse, now her own husband. SB's hobby really likes to touch 'it'
  7. credit to the owner no wonder CJ recorded as sex mania and the trigger, nothing else but, SB. thank you @gglex6275for remind us of this edit: i think the timeline BI in SB's chamber with the squad is when he still a head of justice department before he became minister of war, his last post. cmiiw
  8. i'm still in mourning mood for Byeong In... already guess that this gonna happen but still, even though he has flaws, i'm crying harder than when SB crying for Jeonha even cute and funny Lady court Choi and Manbok interaction cant enlighten my mood uri orabeoni has rested in peace. he had left this world while reminiscing about the woman he loved with Here I am for BGM too, very suitable for Byeong In. dont mind me, it was just me sink in pool of tears
  9. @cenchingomg you're right, why they cut this part when SB disguising as eunuch maybe she told them. we have Lady Court Choi and HY reaction. YP and Hong reaction must be more hilarious and their mind would wandering to nowhere. what an unusual method to identify. I always imagine how their reaction, like when SB and CJ first-real-drunken-destroy-home kiss, tango scene especially when CJ roaring, CJ gets kicked out from SB's chamber, aum CJ in royal kitchen and when going out to royal villa with SB, CJ wants to jump out from 2nd floor when chasing SB, CJ storytelling about their fi
  10. someone and many people already guessing that CJ will be saved by Dam Hyang's father. i think you guys right. isn't he dam hyang father, right?
  11. exactly! my mind suddenly wait what... so that hot night, that we thought she totally not sober... yet she memorizes his body features and 'his size' can't imagine if CJ ask her, how did she found out if the corpse is not him lolololol
  12. Did SB identified CJ's corpse by touch his whole body? Im sorry i should mourning but.... It makes my mind traveling
  13. @Lillybleuethe spin-off starts 13 Feb. aaaaa im not ready to say goodbye to Mr Queen
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