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  1. Sorry to cut, i don't know how to quote without including the images, since images not allowed to be quote and i've been read the rule and googling it but still there's no information T.T sorry maybe I miss it or not fully searching it But anyway, you are so lucky ever since i read your story in her private life's forum. Aaa so envy with you, i hope we can see Jaeuck Oppa wearing the hat. If he did, we impatiently waiting your update about it here
  2. Omg that's what i thought when watched eps 9 in scene both of them are in cold war, quarrel. What should it called? It would be fun.. thought about biggest enemy, spontaneously i thought about Mr and Mrs Smith. Eeh, then, that story would be a love story I thought about Han Hyo Joo is because Jaeuck had a scene when he slapped Han Hyo Joo character in C'est si bon, i was so shock when watched it. Would be nice if both of them having another project again with comedy or something else genre I'm so craving Jaeuck oppa in comedy genre
  3. if can, I wish he can be paired with Yoon Eun Hye as my long time-wish ever since they're together in coffee prince. I wanna see them together as a couple, brother-sister, best friend, just for cf, in an interview together, etc, I don't mind if they're just together in one frame just in a short time or even if they're just run into each other and say hi at that moment. how hopeless I am Kim Jae Wook and Yoon Eun Hye are my first actor crush, been fond of them since Princess Hours and Coffee Prince. my other option would be Han Hyo Joo and Shin Min Ah
  4. I hope there will be a scene DM impress RG with her photographing ability and photoshop like showing the process and of course her collection of high tech lens to RG. take his portrait pictures and showing his pictures she photoshopped before they're in a relationship. Or there's a scene of pillow-talk to talk about everything, maybe about when did their heart start to flutter to each other, their future, their past or whatever. Anything that makes them talk in low intonation
  5. She always wants to hit Mo Tae Goo, maybe. It must be satisfied since she and Jin Joo said when Kim Jae Wook glare to the camera, it reminds them with Mo Tae Goo expression. Lol
  6. Thank you so much much for the live recaps . Omg, it seems like Si an already knows, he has hyung and suspects Ryan because of his interest in Lee Sol Painting? :O. Sorry if someone has mentioned it. I think someone has already told but this forum's page is adding significantly. I'm on page 119 of the last time I read. Hopefully, this week can catch up to the last page. There're so many my favorite moment from today's episode. I believe Ryan's first stay overnight and cook together in Deok Mi place would be other's favorite too, lol. their relationship develops very well. Aaa I have to get something to eat since Ryan and Deok mi made me hungry when they cooked together and of course their lovey-dovey moment drain my energy because I grinned a lot
  7. couldn't agree with you more his jawline and nose are still my favorite ever since in coffee prince, especially his side looks. top of the top so far wow, you're right, we miss that part, that couch which suddenly appear. haha maybe we're focusing with their 'pillowtalk' and their natural intonation voice. how am I supposed to say, i find it hard to distinguish between film or bts "I'm having a serious STS today..damnnn i don't know how long gonna take for me to move on after this drama end.. " you're not alone, count me in! seriously, after w two world I never being active like this, my mind is easily distracted with Ryan gold and Deok Mi. I rewatch every episode, every bts while waiting with new ost, again and again, every time there is free time and of course, lurking in here. you guys are awesome with every live recap comment, picture, story, theory, gif, other information. this is my happy pills, i don't mind if people thought I was crazy from laughing and grinning alone. thank you so much, i really do appreciate it, you guys are heroes
  8. wow you're right, when I open IG, there's someone share that HPL is number 1, but i'm not sure about what, sorry I don't understand about korean. me too, this is the drama that I have been waiting for even since the teaser was published. what I look forward to is being able to chat with all of you in this forum, because only on going drama we can feel that hype. a week of waiting and torture, admiring kjw dan pmy, share and read all of the theories that might happen in hpl. since this forum was created I just became a silent reader just like other dramas before. but for this time I am very happy if I can participate and comments in this forum. i'm so happy to be here <3
  9. omg so do I. been hiatus from kdrama almost 2 years. yes, i still watch drama but not as excited as HPL especially KJW. the last time i'm so excited was BTMFL but I watched it after 6 months when I have spare time. Kim Jae Wook makes me like a teenager again just like when I fell in love with him in the drama Coffee Prince, haha I mean He's my first actor crush though I've been watched Korean drama since 2000. "YES PLEASE HOW BOUT ONE LION PER FAN GIRL" so agree with you
  10. Hi hello I'm new in this forum, all this time i just being a silent reader of many forum in soompi. You're right, it's so hard to find eng sub relate with Kim Jae Wook, and yeah till now i cant find sub for lifebar episode 60
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