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  1. I just want to add a note: the name So Min in korean means "bright sky" (explained in RM ep 495). Maybe that's why Kookmin have been posting pictures about the sky (often clear/blue/bright sky) (credit to IG Kookminrm4)
  2. I think Jongkook made it pretty clear with such obvious protective skinship of his in today ep, especially when he protected her from ... WATER ?
  3. Do you guys think the person wearing the purple shoes is Somin? I remember she wore those before ? Please correct me if I'm wrong .
  4. One of Apink members is looking at Somin book . Seeing Somin book just lying there so comfortably, within reach anytime and (intentionally by JK) shown on MUD, is so heart warming and fluttering. I think Somin should pay JK that he has been doing a great job promoting her book. Even though recently we did not get to see a lot of Kookmin interactions in public but silent actions like this speak louder than most. For the 2nd gif, the colors that caught my attention are pink, red and green .
  5. If you can add some pictures I would really be grateful
  6. Actually I found that hug from Somin to Sechan very funny and interesting. We can see Jongkook's expression a little annoyed but still smiling like "Heol how dare you ? Wait and see how I will teach you a lesson later". And right after Somin hugged SC, for a brief moment on camera Somin turned to look at JK (to see how he reacted ?). Before JK said he likes to tease the one he likes, I think Somin does to. She likes to make JK jealous, not cheating, since Kook-Min-Chan love triangle is just for show. The situation is like, you know, 2 boys and 1 girl are close friends with each other, there's a couple between them, the boyfriend knows there's nothing romantic between the girlfriend and the other boy, but sometimes the girlfriend wants to joke around a bit with the other boy to make the boyfriend jealous. Do I make any sense at all ?
  7. Ok I see, thanks for the correction. Anyway Jongkook butting in Chanmin again and competing with Somin for Sechan is also funny to watch .
  8. Wow really I'm speechless. Monopolize over the youngest brother would make sense to me since Kookchan have a bromance, but monopolize the youngest sister ? I mean really ? Jongkook ah are you finally leading us to the truth ? By the way, anyone notice the guy sit next to Somin in her IG cake cutting video? Based on her clothes that's when she filmed Top Star and kissing scenes with Kim Ji Suk if I'm not mistaken, but the guy in the video had very similar body build as Jongkook, the arm, the fingers, the thigh, even the shorts (they are shorts right) .. Ok I let my delulu mind run once in a while.
  9. Thank you all @kyoko22 @kookminclan RunningMan for replying to me. Rating is not everything for RM, the program survived big thanks to international fanbase with all the fanmeetings abroad so our opinions and critics matter a lot of them I think (Yes I'm not Korean). I never once doubted about Kookmin close relationship growing over the years because that's what made me fall in love with them, they showed me how natural between a man and a woman change from strangers to become closer and (hopefully) in love. I believe their chemistry that made us heart fluttering is 100% real and not scripted at all. It's just that sometimes I feel frustrated with RM's recent strategies with the LL and all the forceful teasing. Sorry if I offended you guys.
  10. Sorry that I have to rant a little bit about my frustration. This episode really twisted my head. It's so confusing to me what is RM's intentions to edit like that. The game was long and not really interesting in my opinion, maybe it's because they had to come up with ideas last minute since the plan to film in Europe was cancelled (such a pity though it seemed like an exciting trip, but it's understandable). So the members tried to make fun through acts and conversations, and most of the time the convos focused around Chanmin loveline which were so weird and uncomfortable for me. Like come on don't they have other interesting topics to discuss and for the guests to participate as well ? When they talked about Chanmin Kang Hanna and Heo Kyeong Hwan did not even say a word, RM members (mostly Haha-Jaesuk-Sukjin-Jongkook) talked with themselves. Haha reacts too much and Jongkook had to say that it was too forced, Sukjin's brutal advice and Jaesuk had to stop him .. I mean ever since Chanmin loveline was brought up, RM dynamic became so weird and awkward for me to watch somehow. I miss the old RM days before the LL. But the biggest question for me is Jongkook and Somin's book. I mean what's the deal of it? I have tons of questions. Why was Jongkook the one to promote it? Why did he keep it throughout the opening part, the guest introduction part, and the game part (even when they ran to the 2nd floor he still kept the book and ran with it, shouldn't he return the book to the staff at that time since he finished promoting it)? During the game part why did he put it in front of him so that he can reach easily to read? Why did he smile while reading it when Somin's talking ? Why did he have to go to such extent ? Also, why did the PD let him do that and why did they choose to show it to us ? I mean WHY WHY WHY? Sometimes I can't help but feeling that RM and all are just messing with our heads and playing with our feelings to keep the show's rating and popularity. They put Chanmin in the front to ease large base of antis/spartace fans, but they also put low-key Kookmin moments to attract shippers like us which are growing in number. What's real, what's fake, what's scripted .. can time tell ? (well during time of doubts like this, I will watch Kookmin performance of confession song and calm down, that is my tranquilizer )
  11. Jongkook tonight on the show "I can see your voice 7", pink again . I never thought JK would go so well with pink color, he looks so lovely.
  12. Oppa ah you live there ? Why you know so well kkk ? (well I think other members were invited to her house as well but Jongkook always blurted out these kinds of info). Bonus from ep 456. Seems like Jongkook is very updated about Somin.
  13. In the end see who kept that T-shirt of Somin ? Oppa ah why you kept that t-shirt for ? Because it will smell like someone ?
  14. I also agree that JK was only whispering something to SM. His mouth was open and lip moving as he's talking. Although I wish so, but let's not delulu on that part.