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  1. There is a big difference: to hurt a bad person because you can't restrain yourself seeing what a horror this person made (acting under affect) and to torture this person just because you enjoy the pain of others and the justice - this is only a cover for your sadism. Do you remember what Chief Na said? "What's the most terrifying abt DKW? Even if he does crazy things he sounds pretty plausible if he speaks with a serious look. He has a good brain but it's of no use, it's useless if he's not a human being but a monster" Seems, all them (and Chief Na) forget abt it. And it begins to be dangerous...
  2. I think so. BJS looks like an esthete in some way, but not Kouske (in spite of his thirst for beautiful ears). And although BJS thinks that... I begin to think that BJS is mistaken considering Kousuke as be driven by hatred. Kousuke likes a pain, just fond of pain, as a real sadist. "I'll make this painful. Don't move." - "nice" proposition Even the serial murderer called Kouske "you, psychopath!" He was stopped one time else in V2 - when hit on the head of the criminal with the brick and his teammate stopped him. And yes, it's interesting, why he prefers bad guys?
  3. Also he licks his lips and his eyes become as if about to smile, but instead of he starts beating. Bloody ears, 'smiling' eyes, to lick lips, to tie around the neck, drag away and strangle - this is the Kouske's "belongings"? And, of course, 'daddy's' smile over the shoulder. I am not sure that DKW still controls Kosuke. I remembered his smile (while Big Boss was sinking) when he said to Song Soo Cheol 'I am only curious abt what you will say when you die.' Kouske likes watching dying ppl - what they say, how they are dying... And just for relax
  4. It looks almost like a jealousy! As if BJS's thoughts are like this: "Why was DKW allowed to get a tattoo? KW is recognized as the best (potential) criminal, better than me? Ok, I'll show you WHO is the best!" His words to KKJ (that she should be worry about herself because DKW is next to her) seem like a warning "you have a real criminal very close but you worry abt me!" Poor KKJ, this is the only thing I can say If these two (Kosuke&BJS) will begin to find out who is the best...
  5. Policeman DKW has his right for day-off (on Sunday) Kouske takes his place, like a friend. Teammates (There was a mistake with the body of the dead girl in the fridge, After death (after a while) the human body stiffens and becomes hard. It can not be straightened. That is why dead ppl are fixed straight after death. The girl's body would keep its crooked position (the same as she was in the fridge) and her fingers couldn't be bent, they would stay firm as a stone.)
  6. There are pics&posters (nice smile )
  7. "I like to be mysterious one..." © Black Golden Ears
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