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  1. Seolhyun's motion poster Today is the press conference looking forward to it.
  2. Motion characters' posters of Seo Hwi and SunHo Janghyuk's character doesn't sounds like an antagonist i was confused cause the Soompi article of his casting quoted him saying he was excited to portray different side of the antagonist but they gave him all the excuses to do what he did as his life on stake on the character's description so there's possibility Seo Hwi will join forces with him as LBW goal is to build a country for the abandoned.
  3. Well your feelings were inaccurate dear and be sure i always speak my mind that's why i talked about my disappointment over impression. I indeed think the male leads are promising actors and i want them to get recognition with a good characters and script as they're enlisting next year nothing against Seolhyun. And please ignore my posts in the future cause this thread is being filled with posts that's unrelated to the drama and that's might be annoying for others here and don't worry i promise you it was my decision to not say anything negative about any of the cast including Seolhyun during the drama airing.
  4. And where did i say anything negative or disrespectful about Seolhyun existence in my post? I've just expressed my disappointment on the fact that the scenes gave me the impression that's the drama seemed to be taking the route of the usual love triangle romance based dramas that's i don't like again i could be wrong i was just talking about my impression. And i'm not into bromance either literally nothing related to Seolhyun in my posts. As for the teasers it didn't gave any clue for what the storyline is imo. Maybe you need to be more accepting of others opinions or just ignore them and i'm not gonna criticize Seolhyun's performance either even if i didn't like it cause i understand her fans feeling in this thread.
  5. Nope, I will waste all my breaths for a sageuk with Jang Hyuk in it. Especially when he's playing such an interesting character and the supporting characters too seems interesting doesn't mean i can't voice my disappointment on the writing not keeping their first synopsis you don't say it's about two friends aiming their swords against each other and then turn it into every other drama love triangle. However it's too early to judge maybe my impression will turns out to be wrong and they won't waste the male leads in a repetitive storyline and gives them more interesting character's arcs besides the romance as they're both got so much potential imo. And since i'm quite new for Soompi. Is it against the rules to share a negative opinions or criticism about a drama in its thread?! Just to be in the safe side for future posts . JTBC will air a special episode October 3rd
  6. Yes, it was mentioned earlier but they made it sounds like a side story while the focus would be on the friends turning enemies over difference of opinions and misunderstandings so i thought it would be different drama but those scenes from the first episode made it seems like the usual cliche love triangle dramas. I'm just praying YSJ's character won't fall in love with her cause she hit him Here's a new stills
  7. Well to me the video dropped my excitement as the leads seemed like the typical love triangle trios that's i really don't like nor what i expected from this drama but glad it seems like JH's character has its own arc with the other supporting characters which makes me still look forward to the drama and stick to it if the main characters storyline was too focused in the romance.
  8. New BTS aww Dohwan looks pretty in blue and i really hope they don't keep this crossdressing plot for long time. Wish we could get subs for those vids.
  9. I really despise the real Lee Bang Won but seems like JH is gonna make me fangirl over him. Me too he's with LSG against LBW i doubt he would let him live when he killed his own brothers.
  10. My country's main poster It's so beautiful i really liked all the teasers and posters they put some efforts in it. It's a shame the drama isn't getting enough buzz.
  11. Maybe they're trying to purposely downgrade his looks since his character isn't supposed to be good looking unlike how's that actually a part of WDH's character's description but i would like to tell them that's their attempts has failed cause he looks hotter than ever. I don't know about you all but i'm loving his tan i've been sick of all this pale and white washed young actors lately. YSJ looks especially gorgeous here imo.
  12. YSJ is certainly the protagonist WDH is a good actor but he's not popular enough for protagonist roles imo. I think that's their characters supposed to be teens in the trailer LOL they always make grown up actors play teens in historical dramas that's might be why they appear kind of innocent and immature but they gonna grow up through the show. I think he's gonna be a prince for most of the show. while the cave man look is when he's still a general's son. From the characters' chart i assume WDH is going to be in LSG's side that's how he's gonna lose and has an unrequited love too what a miserable character but what side Sejong is fighting for though and Seolhyun is in the antagonist Jang Hyuk side?! thought she was a good girl.
  13. As much as i know Goryeo is a kingdom's name that's existed in what's called Korea currently. My Country takes place on the time of fallen Goryeo by the hands of the establishers of Joseon dynasty which JH's character and his father are part of. They raised from being warriors family to be kings by taking down Goryeo. While Sageuk is the genre of historical dramas and films.The dramas you mentioned were set in Joseon dynasty not Goryeo. Examples of popular dramas set in Goryeo are Moon lovers, King's love , Empress ki and Faith also My Country seems to follow Goryeo's style. I prefer Goryeo tbh the actors looks more fashionable and gorgeous lol. I'm not sure what type of dramas you prefer but you might want to check Six Flying Dragons which's an awesome drama from the same makers of TWDR where JH's character here is the titular character. My Country as well as all the dramas mentioned in this post are considered fusion Sageuk where they mix real historical events/Figures or simply the timeline with fictional ones. LBW/LSG and his wife/Lee Saek are the real historical figures in this drama the rest are fictional.
  14. I find it funny how every teaser has a shirtless scenes the director is taking full advantage of the cast . And Jang Hyuk is just amazing i love how he sounds like a snake which's my impression of the real LBW. I'm glad he's an antagonist here. It was painful to watch him being glorified and excused in SFX. And got tone of fangirls shielding him cause he was played by an attractive actor with a fictional spin of the history while attacking kind of heroic and Genius figure like JDJ. I think i might find Janghyuk's LBW charming just as a character in a show if he was portrayed as the brutal and greedy person he was. Just my opinion.
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