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  1. Done watching finale episodes...drama still drama ...but i'm happy and enjoy although a bit sad because this drama the end...congratulation for all casts especially Jang Na Ra,Choi Jin Hyuk and Shin Sung Rok cause done play the part of this drama with so great...this first time i watching drama CJH... for forummer in this thread thank you so much share info about TLE..
  2. First thing i watching kdrama must know how many the episodes n when the end...TLE had 48 epi n the end on 7 feb...after that TLE postpone on 16 jan (special episode) and 6 feb...so TLE the end on 14 feb...But this drama extended 4 episodes and the end on 21 feb...if CJH join extended 4 episodes TLE i think CJH had a bit time for the rest...i see schedules event FM at Taiwan and have a rehearsal audience..fans buy a ticket for the FM ...before that CJH need to preparation as practise singing, stamina and other...it just my sense...if wrong i'm so sorry...
  3. I just want speculation Oh Sunny wearing same clothes cause ED ordered catch Sunny and Min Yu ra came safe...after that sunny n yu ra run non stop go the podium.. Don't sad ok...just watching until the end...when this drama the end and sad ending after that can cry...
  4. Wait 3 or 4 days for the last episodes TLE and hope the all casts can join the reward vacation on March 3 ...
  5. After watching epi 47-48 with subs i hope Oh Sunny revealed about imperial family...so Min yu ra know something about Mr. Pyo...i felt so sad cause next week the last episodes for TLE..
  6. Before this preview epi 45-46 so quick released but preview epi 47-48...
  7. Hahaha...i hope Sunny push and fight although Lee Hyuk a her husband ...
  8. After watching epi 45-46 with subs i can't wait character Empress Eun and Sa Goon Ja...ED must be stress with two character that..
  9. Done watching epi 45-46 raw...hahaha i almost open new account cause failed for log in...i remember have make a mistake during key in email or password and i had a new password...
  10. Ost part 6 title 'open ending'...so this drama also open ending the end...hmmm ...ok
  11. One more thing don't sudden a father Lee Hyuk,Yoon n So jin still live...
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