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  1. Yes I love this drama my one of the two favorite actors and actress YanYuhao and Son YiRen
  2. Hahaha u me tom and jerry .... I think Chen FeiYu he still young like a little bit childish but cute hahahhaa and because of Song YiRen age gap maybe he act the he act towards her ... sibling skin ship lol
  3. Yay! I love this picture of them I watch some behind the scene they teased each other once.
  4. @Ayu Rashid the picture is even more exciting hahahaha ... but I have to wait till 2020
  5. @epinklyn hahaha I tried to post the pics but I couldn’t thanks for posting it. It’s exciting how it goes between NQ and SS
  6. @nbula that’s a fan made. I have the pics from Weibo but I couldn’t attach the link. Song YiRen and Dylan Wang Floating and chaotic, the world is in danger. The swords and knives are full of smoke, and Chang’an is full of disputes. Mr. Thirteen’s “Ning lacks” to return to the home @王鹤棣_Dylan; where is the body of Mo, where is the life, the encounter with the light is longevity, the light passer "Sang Sang" is based on @宋伊人The two joined hands to fight against the rivers and lakes. #将夜2# The wind is falling and the night is approaching, the curtain will start.
  7. Yes Sang Sang died in Season 1 but season 2 she will reincarnate just like the novel. I am thinking Sang Sang will be more power because she bring light for everyone. I can’t wait for that it will be my hope this coming 2020. It sad Che Fei Yu is not there anymore but Dylan Wang will be there which is more exciting for me . I can wait how it be this two lovelable pairs.
  8. Song Yiren's "The Night" is burning and the wild smart acting is recognized. In recent years, there have been more and more TV dramas adapted from IP, and the quality requirements for the final film and television dramas have become more stringent. The "Night", which was adapted from the original article, has caused widespread debate in the industry. . The play was directed by Yang Yang, Chen Feiyu, Song Yiren, Guo Pinchao, Chen Zhen, Hu Yuxuan and others co-starred. As of the closing date, the net broadcast volume was nearly 5 billion, and it was rated 7.4 points by Douban 30,000+ people, ushered in word of mouth. Popular double harvest. In the play, the female sang Sang Sang, played by the Song Yi people, finally broke out of the power of "Shen Tian Shen Hui" on the occasion of a thousand miles.I still remember that when "The Night" was just launched, Sang Sang (Song Yiren) was squandered on the line. The fans thought that Sang Sang was "black and short, and it didn't look like the female owner." It is believed that Sang Sang is short enough to be short enough. In the face of the ensuing doubts, Song Yi people sent a processed black photo on Weibo, and generously interacted with netizens. The fans of Shaoshu Fan have re-recognized the cute "Sang Sang". With the development of the plot, the Song Yi people used the wild and powerful acting skills to make Sansang's interpretation into a three-pointed. More and more people liked a girl who smiled and bent her eyes through Sang Sang. Her name was Song Yiren.Referring to his acting career, Song Yiren mentioned in an interview that he ran through many dragons. "It's very difficult to be an actor. I ran a lot of dragons and tried a lot of dramas. There was a special anxiety for a while, and I was worried that I didn't play after graduation." The girl who ran the dragon set at first, if she saw many of the current dramas, praise Constant Song Yi people, my heart will be more gratified, less uneasy. Being an actor has always been a flower with thorns. The Song Yi people are not coming as lightly as she laughs. Fortunately, she understands that this actress is never just glamorous. She has been working hard and diligently. "The night" ended in the first quarter, director Yang Yang sent a warm message to the Song Yiren: "She is a very rich girl, her road is still very long, Sang Sang is her beginning." Sansang goodbye The Iraqis are cheering. I got this news from my Weibo.
  9. Oh yeah And I like Yan YuHao he can speak English fluently too compared to some chinese actors. He is very tall same height with Chen FeiYu. In there’s drama of Song YiRen and Yan YuHao looks like they are real couple and slots of skin ship too, love it .
  10. Yes it is intimate and I love watching till now even no English sub yet hahahaha. I hope someone can do English sub
  11. I love the poster .... one of my favorite actress ... merry Christmas to all
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