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  1. Hug back, thank you and I have the same opinion as you, and yeah hopefully kyo will have good rest and we will hear good news about the little kyo soon But, I hope we can meet here again someday somehow. Let's comeback someday.
  2. @bohmi don't said it so I am the same as utkim who only come if kyo has a drama, and I am not the only one who feel that anxiety anyhow. Well, whatever happen.... Happen. Don't feel that guilty. Cheers
  3. I hope there will be skater scene on encounter, we can see her dancing beautifully on ice. Yes let's move on.
  4. Annyeong @bohmi wow that tweet, she does hate our beauty, how can you-know-who become our you-know-what? Wow bohmi, it looks like great movie... Really hope SHK get the offer, please God, I want to see her in a movie, my greed has no limit. @dukesa1122 I miss that post, can sugarbunnies write it here too? Yes I want to see the bts. I have cut my hair like that, if I remember I always cut my hair like kyo's. When she was in ww, dots and encounter minus bangs. How can seeing a ring makes my heart flutter, really. Can't wait for tonight.
  5. It will be satisfying ending for her, but I don't think CSH ever think about that, she is good daughter, she even appologize to her father for telling him about the politics he choose. And I'd love to see KJH's mom, CSH's mother in law treat her, csh will be very happy because finally she feel mother's love. Love your analysis @bebebisous33 keep it coming.
  6. @dukesa1122 so you found something, ah I must be miss something. Yes... It's annoying before but, it doesn't matter now, the crazier they try to stop our beauty the higher place she reach. I don't know whether it is important or not, I also stop visiting any other web, just go to yt, twtter, and ig to left my trace. @caileysmiley it is so sweet, their chemisrty is really And what kind of article is that, the drama is only happend without any other part, yeah let them be.
  7. @dukesa1122 it was on encounter thread, the posters said that she made the account just for telling that some fans visit sjk's parents house to tell them how do they feel for seeing their daughter in law kissing man like that, and scary comment on sjk's brother ig, I don't know if it is true or not, but too bad, it is no longer there, it has been deleted by you-know-who I don't have time to screencaps it. I have been running everywhere to just to push like button and soon, maybe you can visit mydramalist, the rating keep decreasing I love this @caileysmiley and I am waiting for balcony gif lol.
  8. @mellinadear thank you for dropping by. It gives us power, well we have faced worse than this but now they attacking people surrounded her, it's just too much. Thank you very much, happy to have pbg as kyo's co-star. I really can't believe what has happend, they not only attack on her ig but also come to her family, I am afraid that kyo will resist to take another role after this, oh my...... it will sadden me and make those haters happy
  9. @dukesa1122 yes kyo is not afraid of breaking boundaries, if we pay attention to her drama, the formulas will be followed by others, just like full house. Meet, contract marriage, fighting and loving, how many kdramas do we have so far after that? Ah... Many Yes.... Let's ignore haters, ah... Still stuck in encounter 10, that kiss how could it be kyo
  10. Oh my sure it prevents her to get broken back bone, thank god shk was figure skater. @ahdrianaa well beside historian I think we also have detective here, how could you find it, It's just awesome. So we have known where the hotel is, let's find out what happen there. @NongpeeP I just hope everyone in encounter stays healthy and strong, can't imagine if they know how mean people comments out there. I don't know pbg' twitter account, but on shk's ig you will find many many hateful comments towards her, however let's support this drama, as shk's have said " good drama will be watched someday." Maybe they don't want to watch today, but someday they will try to watch it, maybe they say it is boring but this drama will be remembred for next few years because the reverse role, becauce the different character of the male lead who doesn't need money or power to protect the one he loves, because the experienced and brave female character who tell the whole world that they are in "some relationship" because the poetry, the cinematography, the painting, simbolsm, because the love of a friend. So someday if there is another kdrama which has reverse role, which has balance character between the male lead and female lead, which tells you how love comes slowly from the first meeting till hot steamy kissing. You know what drama which start it all. Fighting encounter
  11. @bebebisous33 whoa... I am always amazed by your analysis, the room, oblongs, colour, paintings, poetry and the characters, about the star and JH at the garden, it's really. I imagine someone who really miss his love, want to meet her and tell her that he loves her and latter we see that steamy kiss after all those difficulties. About JWS I do agree that he is stubborn in a negative way, he is too blind to see, too deaf to hear, he only full of himself and I think he underrated JH, I feel throguh the way he look at JH before CSH announce their "some relationship." He should learn how to listen and accept. @leedonghaek keep it coming chingu, I love every gif you post. @shyguitar well maybe that is promise ring, given by JH after that blushing balcony kiss, or before
  12. @redbeanbuns thank you... Thank you very much for reporting it. They are too much, what has kyo done to them till they did it, I think haters will only give nasty comment but making an article, asking others to hate? Wow..... It's just too much. @esophageal14 yes those toxic people, can't they just stop. @dukesa1122 well that something I miss, I don't pay attention to his hand, just focus on his lips oh dear yes his hand right and left, PBG really!!! No burden at all. @caileysmiley woah those gifs,I don't think about 12 ages gap here, and if he is gulping, his hands goes down slightly.... I see his ear are red also?
  13. What is it about? Again? Attacking her and asking people to hate her? Oh my what's on their mind, I can't see the post since it has been remove. I really hope shk never ever read any comment about her just like CSH said... One comment will give deep wound, and it will take long time to heal. Quoting KJH human can be very mean. Being kyo fans really have to be strong. You alright PBG does have no burden at all, and you are good kissing analysing oh my... I watch it over and over and I want more. And @caileysmiley wow you could subtitute the director if he doesn't give us properly angel of kissing scene ah.... That bitting pic help me...... Can you give us their holding hand also, my greed has no limit really. @rainy12 @esophageal14 @redbeanbuns @utkim @gigivillaceran cheers.
  14. @caileysmiley ah that shipwreck kiss gif, really and as @dukesa1122 said there must be something that they don't include it and yes I really want to know what happen before that balcony kiss?. Happy to see this thread heating up.
  15. @dukesa1122 Ah.... That balcony... Will we get to see the clearest version next week? @ahdrianaa really hope kyo will not limit her project after boyfriend but I do agree with utkim that maybe she will take quite long hiatus after this, that's why we have to support boyfriend. @caileysmiley ah... You mention it now @utkim annyeong, happy to see you here Figthing kyo fighting boyfriend.
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