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  1. Seriously, I was like damn she must’ve been damn exhausted from those scenes...she literally owned her character. The scene when her dad died and she ran away with the folder she literally became a small, selfish, narcissistic, evil child in a woman’s body. Short hair, dark sleeves could also be Seok Hoon...right? Would make sense to be him as he is his father’s child and has trauma from being abused by him! I really don’t want YH to be the killer but I don’t want it to be SH either...I’d rather it be one of DT’s minions... I really think the writer is tr
  2. Hi everyone, I just joined the fun with this show...I haven’t posted on here in forever but I had to come and post something. I just started watching a few days ago and have caught up to ep11 all I want to say is I wish I was watching with a bunch of friends and we can have a shot for every time a character on the show gets so angry and trashes everything... we’d be drunk before the show ends... The theatrics and dramatics are on another level but I can’t stop watching
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