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  1. 1 hour ago, mimixemix said:

    Believe me or not I’m screaming rn... 

    our chief anchor is back after her long break..


    let’s pop the champagne 




    I don't drink....but can I offer some delicious sweets for your eyes to feast one? :yum:




    Hopefully this gifs last for awhile...

    Everyone is wonderful and great in keeping this thread going.

    I am off to my hibernation mode again :blush:




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  2. 22 hours ago, mimixemix said:

    Not only his handsome face but also his “apple” 

    wait , wait, what did you called it again?

    was it apple or peach? @minseojoon



    Apple or Peach, doesn't matter.....

    Describes the same delectable "fruit" 2018new_chigua_thumb.png



    But I would advise not to stare at it too long....

    Somebody might give you the evil glare 2018new_yinxian_org.png



    Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ms. Park.

    We all know it's for your eyes only, but we can't help it 2018new_xiaoerbuyu_org.png

    We are just giving him more of an EGO boost 2018new_xixi_thumb.png


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  3. 1 hour ago, Cheryl295 said:

     Yes, SHK had actor boyfriends before SJK but she did not experience the same kind of hate that PMY experienced because Lee Min Ho was her bf. 

    This is not entirely true. SHK went through two very high profile public relationship with two famous actors. She's been hated for more than 10-15 years by their fans, being called so many names. If anything, she had it just as bad...if not worse than MY (IMO).

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  4. 1 hour ago, mimixemix said:

    Yaasshhh When you tell bout your observation , theory and conclusions every body in this ship will go crazy (because you’re the Chief Anchor of this ship, we believe in every word that coming from you) 

    Come on say something .


    Muahahahahahhaha...I'm not one to diagnose craziness and insanity to others 2018new_yinxian_org.png I am not good with words and cannot put my thoughts in writing, so I'll just keep my observations to myself...thank you very much 2018new_xiaoerbuyu_org.png


    I told you...she's knows nothing 2018new_xu_org.png


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