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  1. So agree... I was reading the comments LDW avid fan and its like they are competing like who know him the best or something ... Ckckck ... And i dont get the part of the shipping him with YIN is disrespectful to his acting and his skill as an actor... Like WHAT? I think its just they dont like their beloved actor shipped with actress ... Just be honest rather than calling other fans are fake and disrespecful towards his acting skill
  2. I think JR say that JS should return to her place like her fav movie Roman Holiday which Audrey Hepburn was actually a princess and she return to her palace at the end of the movie.... Its kindda sad but its make sense.. JR witnessing that JS fans wouldn't accept her dating and has a boyfriend (like the CEO always)... She did so much for her return and JR didnt want to destroy all her effort
  3. I thought its good because of the similarity TYH will get more viewers etc but I guess not
  4. I want to watch TYH on instagram but cant log in and error... anyone has this problems?
  5. Yes actually oppa is quite usual in korea... But still I hope it has different meaning hahaha like 'oppa' for boyfriend . Btw in the last bts photo ... The one with outing with always law firm, they took a group photo and... I must be delusional because I think LDW hand is on YIN shoulder hahaha ... I will insert the photo
  6. Watch the new BTS ... So cute... And YIN is more calm in real life.. different than JS and LDW is the one that more active in bts so funny... Really2 wondering because i rarely watch bts .. is that normal to be that close/flirty with your co-star?? Other dramas or other pairs?? Hahaha
  7. The lip balm for men is ok but there is a foundation and eyebrow pensil too woww...
  8. Thats possible... And JR also not born with silver spoon like his best friend SW so for psycho chaebol its quite easy to ruin JR but I still hope OYS rather than stay away ... She will fight together with SW and YR for JR
  9. When the chaebol stalker CEO was in a band I did some research that he is a good actor as well... I haven't watched any of his drama I think a great antagonist character also makes a drama more interesting, dont you think?
  10. I also watch that interview.... YIN is giving hint hahaha and if we considering that LDW said he want 3 or 4 children (I read somewhere .. if I'm not mistaken) so the faster the better hahaha *delulu mind
  11. Considering their age .... They better get married soon hahaha
  12. Its a slight decrease from ep7 ... I didnt know much about the korean drama rating as a whole but if we compare it with WWWSK then it still not good enough ..... WWWSK reached 8% if i'm not mistaken (WWWSK because they have the sama PD) I hope with the conflict and angst starting we might get higher rating ... Hopefully And more romance pleaseee with lots lots kissing scenes
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