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  1. 2 hours ago, kboramint said:

    So wait... how can Kim Joon-Ha register the baby under his family name without the guardian's permission? That doesn't manke any sense. The baby should already be under mother's family registry on the day she was born. You can't really change that. He also technically abandoned the baby and should have no rights of the child under Korean law. 


    YD is the rightful guardian of the child. You can't change that if that guardian is still alive. 


    Yeah, i find this ridiculous too. The baby is already registered by her mom when she was born.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, yoyo_icecube said:


    I don't know how they gonna find ddalgi in 10 episodes, is it possible?

    now that someone (probably JH's mom) suddenly appeared, its remind me of the theory about JH's mom being ddalgi in few pages back. if writer want to put such villains in main family, they might need another 10~20 episodes for redemption arc.. its doesn't make sense to me if they try to clear things up in 5 minutes scene again. 




    I hope not, writer nim please let Bong Nim be strawberry :cry:

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  3. 2 hours ago, yoyo_icecube said:


    they didn't kiss before? isn't that they kissed during the camp scene?

    sorry, my memory is bad bad.


    about oh surname, i guess because they haven't register their  marriage and Gong family reaction. They can't accept jinjja is not TK's child, so maybe it is safer to avoid future conflict if they register the kid as Gongs.


    I hate JSJ, damn... she act like she's part of Gong family... 

    I kinda glad that at least YD's mom realised YD lied because she didn't allow YD's keep the baby.


    As far as I remember they only hold hands during the camp scene right?

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  4. 3 hours ago, yoyo_icecube said:

    i hope i get this right, YD ask TK if he ever regret meeting her, he doesn’t answer so she assume he did regret it a some point n she told him she never regret it, YD said TK should tell her if he do regret it n TK kiss her!!! tomorrow’s episode seems to be even more fun with time jump, i can’t wait!!


    ps: they talk about jinjja’s name n decide to go with oh haneul.. because TK said he like the sky colour.. i like it





    Finally we have their first kiss :kiss_wink:



    One question tho, if TK has decided to become jinjja's father then why is jinjja's surname oh and not gong?

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  5. On 7/10/2023 at 11:01 PM, mirandanator said:

    People are saying maybe Yeon Doo's mom is Strawberry, but that would make the Chairman her bio uncle and TaeGyeong her adopted cousin.


    If Bong Nim is Dalgi then YD will be the real grand daughter and TK the adopted grandson. They are non blood related cousin. What a complicated relationship. Its funny that in kdrama the world is so small and everyone seems to be related to each other. :happydance:

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  6. 37 minutes ago, yoyo_icecube said:

    sub for ep32 is late compared to previous episodes, no?

    i already watch the episode twice, raw and with indonesian subtitle (thx god, as a malaysian, i do understand indonesian). glad that YD is close to JM now, plus grandma patch things up with taekyung (n yay, she can read now, they can really do book club activities soon) before the chaos happen, or not, it would be difficult for them to get support from other family members. i do hope CM n wife would be understanding as they are also planning of getting a sperm donor, to me they don’t have the right to judge TK n YD’s decision.


    i thought this story won’t have secret birth plot, xD silly me, of course they won’t missed out the classic plotline. 


    i hate JSJ, imhope she won’t end with happy ending. no, not her!


    Malaysian here too. Nice to meet you. I used to watch chinese sub version in the midnight or early morning.:heartxoxo:

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  7. 1 hour ago, panappuru said:

    It’s soooo entertaining, the marriage registration scene made me laugh so hard. I’m excited for the preview: I wonder what kind of contract TK wrote. I was hoping he would keep being sweet to YD even when they’re alone. YD doesn’t know what she’s stepped into between the sister in laws, one can’t get pregnant, and the other is secretly pregnant. :heart2:


    I'm also hoping that TK will treat YD well despite its a 'contract marriage'. She will be having a hard time dealing with all his family members.


    Looking forward for the romance to begin.:heartxoxo:

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