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  1. I support and love SHK since the beginning (Autumn in my heart) I saw her beautiful face, jolly personality and heartfelt acting. Kept on chasing her projects and enjoy watching it all again, again and again. I am very much excited and delighted when new project of her comes and don’t care whose her partner will be. It doesn’t matter to me who ever the man that she will choose as long as she is happy, I am always hoping for her happiness. But at times like this I can no longer be quiet, I want to at least grief with her. It doesn’t matter to me whose fault, its none of my business, it’s her private life. SHK I know you can overcome every trial in life. I know someday in perfect time you will meet the best man for you. No matter what we will support you and never leave you. Just relax, enjoy your day keep the peace and we, your fans will pray for your happiness and success. Always! Fighting!
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